The Tick

Season 1 Episode 4

The License

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 06, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

On a mission with his team-mates (Captain liberty, Arthur and Batmanuel), Tick is asked by an on scene officer for his super hero license and registration, to which he raises an eyebrow to. It turns out that Tick never had one to Arthur's surprise, as the rest of the group provide the necessary ID requirements upon inspection. Arthur takes it into his own hands to assist Tick in getting one at the DMV.

Unfortunately for Thelma, it turns out the Tick cannot recall any form of his origin, including his name, date of birth and address and so he's rejected. This baffles Arthur and so he sets out to investigate big blue's background, using any form of medium he can get his tiny little moth hands on. After some hard work, and several snazzy quick cuts, a woman calls informing Arthur and Tick that she happens to be his grieving wife who has the documentation to prove they are betrothed. Arthur is puzzled by this, but even more so by Tick's sudden "double life" - he lied to Arthur all along. Tick leaves his super hero antics and hit's the road with his misses.

Meanwhile, Captain Liberty bumps into an attractive man at the dry cleaners, who sweeps her off her feet (figuratively), and so she pretends to be just your average Jane so the man in her life doesn't cower at the prospect of a strong woman. And Batmanuel is suffering at the hands of jealousy and wants nothing more than a picture of himself in the newspaper and so he sets out to bribe the 'right' people in order to get that done.

Arthur, too, disowns his costume due to the suffering blow of betrayal on Ticks behalf.

But things are not what they seem. After a little investigating by Arthur, and an accidental mishap unveiling Captain Liberty's true identity, the crime fighting duo uncover that Tick's new wife is in fact a fraud. Knocking lightly on the door and saving the day, Tick leaves his wife with a letter saying his goodbyes. Although he doesn't find out who he really is and doesn't receive a license, all is well once again.
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