The Tick

Season 1 Episode 9

The Terror

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • An unaired episode that was actually worth airing.

    It is too bad that "The Tick" was cancelled before this episode could air. It was an effective flashback story detailing the group's reaction to the Tick's introduction to the City. I liked that Captain America really wasn't into him at first. That seemed to fit her character well. Batmanuel acted indifferent to the new big blue superhero. That makes sense too since the Tick is not a girl.

    The Terror made for a silly and funny villain. Armin Shimerman gave the character a great cantankerous demeanor. He joins a sizeable list of good guest stars this show managed to feature during its incredibly short run.
  • the last episode?

    The terror- The Ticks last episode?
    well, the episode see's our heros celebrate their one year anniversery of being toghter as a crime fighting group. The episode then continues to pick off where the pilot left off, just after the events of apocalypse cow.The tick wants a new nemisis and so goes on the hunt for the infamous terror. i have to say that this episodes villian- the terror- reminded me of a klingon from star trek. anyhow this is a good entertaining episode, as with all the episodes of the tick and once again is too short.
    very funny and good
  • My favorite episode of The Tick.

    "It's all happening so fast.. I quit my job.. that may have been a mistake.. then Boom - I'm burned by a giant cow.." - Arthur. Hahahah. This episode was rockin, which should come as no surpise since it was penned by Tick creator Ben Edlund. As a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, it was nice to see a couple connections to the Buffyverse in this ep - firstly we have Angel's Season 5 "Smile Time" ep writer Ben Edlund writing the ep, and secondly we have the awesome Armin "Principal Snyder" Shimmerman from Buffy doing an incredible job as The Terror. This ep has it all - action, humor, and drunk superheros! Thanks for a great ep Ben. Until next time... SPOOOOOON!!!
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