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After deciding to quit his job as an accountant, Arthur, a wannabe super hero, bumps into "The Tick", the city's excuse for a super hero. Taking Arthur under his wing The Tick begins to teach Arthur the ropes of how to become a super hero, which proves to be one giant disillusion as it turns out The Tick isn't so "super" as he first thought.

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Sep 23, 2018
The first episode of the short-lived first live-action series of The Tick starring Patrick Warburton as the title character.
Enjoyable beginning to the series and how it culminates with the Tick and Arthur thwarting an assassination attempt on former President Jimmy Carter.
Saw this just after finishing the 1994-96 animated series of The Tick and was disappointed that rights to Die Fledermaus and American Maid could not be secured and therefore were renamed as Batmanuel and Captain Liberty respectively and it did not feel quite the same to me.

Matthew See
Spocksoc Vice President

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