The Time Tunnel

Season 1 Episode 6

Crack of Doom

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1966 on ABC

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    Tony and Doug arrive at Krakatoa a few hours before it explodes and has to convince the inhabitants that its time to leave. Only most of the inhabitants think the volcano god is just angry and will get over itself. OH and there is a scientist and his daughter that are boring and mess up the dates in a journal.
  • Crack of Doom recaps the final moments of the island of Krakatoa before becoming histories largest natural explosion, which just happens to find Doug and Tony landing.

    As a active volcano for years prior to the actual explosion, Krakatoa as depicted shows a lush tropical rain forest which in actual fact was long burned away by the volcanic build up in the months prior to the final August explosion. As the island continues to bellow out, there isn't one sign of debris falling around in any of the scenes, leaving one with the sense maybe it isn't quite so bad. Looking at the instruments the British scientist is utilizing, you have to ask what the heck he's trying to measure with the ground shaking so bad. And typical with volcanic activity, there is a emensely strong smell of sulphur dioxide, commonly giving the "rotte egg" oder, yet surprising enough, neither time traveler or inhabitant smells. And finally, the Tunnel crew informs us indirectly that Doug has written a few papers on the subject of volcanoes, but you would never know this listening to his comments on Krakatoa
  • Our two time travellers land on the volcanic island of Krakatoa the day before it explodes.

    Perhaps the worst episode of the entire series. Horrible dialogue, rotten acting and cheap sets make this laughable. I chuckled through the whole thing. I believe I spotted Ed Wood Jr. as a native. If it wasn't him, I'm sure he must have written and directed this clunker.