The Time Tunnel

Season 1 Episode 17

Kill Two by Two

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1967 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Phillip Ahn is Korean, but portrays the Japanese father of Lt. Nakamura (Mako, who is Japanese). Itsugi, supposedly a veteran Japanese soldier, is played by the Chinese actor Kam Tong.

    • When Doug breaks in to the storeroom he throws the crowbar he uses to open the padlock to the floor. The next shot is from inside the storeroom and when Doug walks in, he puts the crowbar on a crate.

  • Quotes

    • Lt. Nakamura: You bluff too easily, Joe. But then I never saw an American who didn't. Too much imagination, that's your trouble. Captured by a stick of wood. You can explain that to your superiors, can you, Joe? But you Joes are lucky. You won't have to explain anything to anybody. And imagination is good. I like that. We're going to have some interesting times together... before I kill you.

    • Lt. Nakamura: What kind of soldier are you? You're supposed to like killing, the smell of battle.
      Itsugi: If necessary, I kill.
      Lt. Nakamura: But you don't like it.
      Itsugi: No.
      Lt. Nakamura: Go on back to the shed, old man. You don't belong here.

    • General Kirk: Dr. Nakamura, I'm going to ask you to reconsider. Even if we do bring your son back here, the psychological problems he'll face will be almost insurmountable. There'll be a twenty-three-year gap in his life, a void.
      Dr. Nakamura: The only insurmountable thing in this world is death, General. I will not reconsider.

    • Doug: Why didn't you give up when you had the chance?
      Lt. Nakamura: I'm Japanese... Joe. I forgot that... but only for a while.

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