The Time Tunnel

Season 1 Episode 2

One Way to the Moon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Beard seemingly hears Doug coming toward him in the fuel dump, in the vacuum of space.

    • For some reason the astronaut life-support backpacks vary. Some are two sets of bottles - the other are a single box with a decal/picture of two bottles on them.

    • When the Time Tunnel pulls out Doug and Tony at the end of the episode, their spacesuits vanish though they're still on the airless moon for at least a couple of seconds. Even in that short amount of time, their lungs should have exploded from being caught in the vacuum of space, yet we don't see them desperately gasping for oxygen.

    • The rocket that takes off from the launch pad at the beginning of the episode bears no resemblance at all to the one that arrives in space.

    • The moon has no atmosphere and therefore no oxygen to sustain a fire of the kind that rages following the explosion at the storage facility.

    • The fight between Beard and Doug at the fuel dump looks perfectly normal, despite the fact their supposed to be in a 1/6ths gravity on the moon.

    • When Doug goes to investigate Beard at the fuel dump, his suit is a very white white in the long shots, but orange in the close shot. It was orange when he took it from Beard in the ship.

    • There's not much of a breeze, much less the kind of explosive decompression you'd see from a hole that size, when the ship's hull is breached by the meteroid.

    • Almost all of the early shots of the MEM show it in a blue-sky atmosphere, even after they announce they are heading for the Moon.

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  • Notes

    • The patches on the MEM crew members are also the patches used for the Spindrift crew uniforms from Land of the Giants.

    • For the first but not last time, some kind of advisor is brought in to the "top secret" project.

    • For the first and only time we see the guy's current-era outfits disappear on-screen before they go plunging through time in their original clothing. In subsequent episodes the guys simply disappear and the camera cuts to them floating through time in their original clothing.

    • Was part of the compilation movie "Raiders From the Moon."

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