The Time Tunnel

Season 1 Episode 1

Rendezvous with Yesterday

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 09, 1966 on ABC

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  • Times up

    The government wants to shut down the Time Tunnel experiment. Thankfully they didn't or else we wouldn't have Lee Meriwether and her clipboard to look at.

    Tony and Doug get lost in a time machine and its up to the supporting cast to try and lead them home through a series of time jumping adventures.

    There are actually some pretty impressive set and effects in the first episode. after that they start to taper off and just become reused stock footage. Despite the historical inaccuracies and silliness its OK show to watch on a rainy day or late night
  • Senator Clark investigates the Project to find out where the $7B has gone, challenging them to produce results. A desperate Tony Newman sends himself into time and lands aboard the Titanic. Doug Phillips must go in to help him....beginning their journey

    Loved it! The first one is always the best. I kinda have to take some issues with the accuracy of it historically. After all, one of the radio operators did survive and told no tale of two madmen taking them prisoner and sending out a distress call before the real disaster.
    In this, the inaugural episode, one fact was established that pretty much held true for the whole series.....that is when they were dealing with historical events, and not with the "Alien of the week" ......that nothing Doug or Tony could do would alter the final outcome of history. It would happen as history recorded it......perhaps even as a result of Tony and Doug being there.