The Time Tunnel

ABC (ended 1967)





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  • One of the first, and best, time travel shows of all time.

    It always amazes me how great the story telling was in the early years of TV. This is one of the earliest time travel shows. The great thing about this show was not only did they go into the past but they also went to the future. Even though I'm a huge critic of time travel this show had some great plots. I was always amazed at how much actual science this show had in it and it taught me a lot about history. I was also really surprised at how great the special effects were for their time, especially the lab scenes and the future scenes. One of the best looking episodes was the space craft that is on its way to Mars and had to go to the moon. My favorite episode has to be the Pearl Harbor episode. Such great acting and action for a show so "old". I love having the DVD collection and watch it whenever the mood strikes me.