The Time Tunnel

Season 1 Episode 28

The Kidnappers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1967 on ABC

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  • Repetitive, out-of-character, and really cliched - these episodes drag down the better stories that are thoughtful and fresh.

    The series takes a turn and becomes involved with silver-skinned aliens from another planet.

    Yikes, whatever the series had going for it totally goes down the drain with episodes like this. It is often bad enough in "Time Tunnel" when monsters from other worlds show up in history, but in this case, there is no Earth time dimension at all. Just people versus aliens.

    The complex is disabled by an all-powerful space visitor and Anne is taken to a planet along with the guys. What proceeds from there is a lot of lumbering scene-by-scene formula as the aliens try to stop Tony and Doug from spoiling their grand kidnapping plot. The aliens attempt a poorly-scripted device of making sure Doug and Tony are asleep at nightfall, because they themselves are powerless in the dark. Creaking along, one alien can stay active in the evening, lending for some low-speed chases on a cheap soundstage.

    Small positive points are that Lee Meriwether gets to share the set with the main protagonists and some might enjoy seeing Michael Ansara (often remembered as Kang in "Star Trek" or as Barbara Eden's husband) in silver pancake make-up. Small points indeed, this is a true turkey.