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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Devil's Island

  • Devil's Island appears to have the exact same beach and coastline as Krakatoa from "Crack of Doom". However they cannot possibly be the same, as Krakatoa's 1883 eruption destroyed most of the island, which would still have been the case at the time this episode was set (1895).

  • Season 1 Episode 8: Massacre

  • In the scene where Doug pretends to have something wrong with his horse so he and Tony can jump their guards, Tony goes to punch one of them, but clearly misses by several inches. However, the punch sound effect is still heard and the guard is knocked out.

  • In the scene where Tony fights Yellow Elk, near the end of the battle Tony kicks Yellow Elk in the long shot, knocking the knife out of Elk's left hand. In the close shot that follows Elk's left hand is empty. Then the camera cuts back to another long shot and Elk is holding the knife again.

  • I'm told by several folks that the scenes purporting to be of the Little Big Horn bear very little resemblence to that area of South Dakota.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Revenge of the Gods

  • When Tony and Doug are captured in the beginning of the episode, the Greek soldiers tell the two travelers they are outside the city of Troy, motioning to a view of it. The camera shows a city. It is a modern day picture of the famous Acropolis in Athens, Greece. The structures are in obvious ruin except for a modern building not very noticeable in the lower portion of the view. The city of Troy of the Trojan War is generally believed to have been located in Northwest Turkey, nowhere in Greece.

  • They call the gods Venus, Juno, Minerva and Jupiter by their Roman names rather than their Greek names (Aphrodite, Hera, Athena and Zeus.)

  • For the first, but not the last time, the guys arrive in a place and time where they can't possibly know the language (Greek), but have no problem with translation.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Crack of Doom

  • During this episode, there are regular very heavy tremors from the volcano. The travelers are often at a camp that is next to the ocean's edge. The water is very calm, no beach waves, not even with the very heavy tremors occurring regularly. The water is completely still in most scenes.

  • Trivia: First time that the Project establishes voice contact with Doug and Tony.

  • In a scene about 18:00 min into the story, Eve Holland addresses Tony as Phillips. Throughout the rest of the scene, she refers to him as Doctor Newman.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Last Patrol

  • In most, if not all, instances, Tony and Doug arrive at their new destination by rolling and tumbling to the ground. When the project sends back General Southall, he conveniently lands on his feet.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: The Day the Sky Fell In

  • Tony says he was seven during the attack of Pearl Harbor, but in the pilot episode he said he was born in 1938, which would make him three.

  • Tony states that his father was a Lieutenant Commander. Yet the shoulder bars on his naval uniform are those of a Commander.

  • Some of the images we see the scientists observing are in black and white (probably from stock footage) which makes no sense considering--as they are so inclined to explain to us in this episode--they are apparently watching the real thing.

  • When the base personnel are watching a captured Tony and Doug at night, the footage they see suddenly changes to daytime footage of the Japanese fleet. Kirk specifically says that it is the fleet heading for Pearl Harbor, so there's every indication they are seeking the fleet at the same time that Tony and Doug are captured.

  • When Tony and Doug enter the naval communications center for the emotional scene with Tony's dying father, all outside noise of the bombing raid suddenly stops and there's no background noise at all throughout the scene. As soon as they leave the building, the background noise starts up again.

  • When the Japanese bomb detonates in the naval communications center with Doug & Tony watching, we see stock footage of what looks like a farm building blowing up - a building which bears absolutely no resemblance to the building we saw earlier serving as the naval communications center.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: End of the World

  • So why don't Jiggs and the present-Doug remember meeting Tony 10 years in the past?

  • When Tony chases after Doug in the desert, he gets sent on to the next episode...but the 10-years-past Doug and his car vanish too.

  • The general talks about how Ray has risked his life on many occasions...when? It's only been three episodes, and there's never been anytime before or after that Ray was in danger.

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