Today Show

Season 56 Episode 143

July 18, 2007

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Jul 18, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

The regular hosts (Meredith, Matt, Al, and Ann) are back in full force! (mostly the second hour) Interview with Mark Bittman, the author of a book called How to Cook Everything. Mark shows the audience some ways to stock up a kitchen for under 200 dollars. You can find things like cutting boards for 6 bucks at restaurant supply stores. Or a salad spinner for about 15. Today's guest stars are the kids from the new Hairspray movie remake. They include Nikki Blonsky, Elijah Kelley, Amanda Bynes and Zac Efron. Amanda is wearing some high heels as she is a half-head taller than Meredith! This is Nikki's big break into show business as they have footage of her at Cold Stone Creamery, where she worked, reacting to getting the part as she reads her video mail. They talk with the other kids as well; Amanda and Zac have lots of show biz experience from being child stars. Smuckers segment showing more 100-108 year olds. It is a real School of Rock in Portland, Oregon, where folks have put together an all-girls rock and roll camp! From as young as 8 years old to teens, the girls learn what it is like to be in a rock band. They have to deal with working together even when they didn't choose their bandmates, deal with artistic differences and group dynamics that would usually break up real bands, getting to shout and scream as loud as they want, and prepare to play a concert set in front of 900 people. Meredith and Matt hype up some upcoming segments. Next week Al Roker is traveling to Las Vegas (7/24), Miami (7/25), Chicago (7/26), and New York (7/27) to audition folks for Today hosting a Martha Stewart Wedding contest. Some participants have a chance to win a free wedding gown. In News, Ann Curry shares the usual information where the Democrats had a Senate all-nighter to come up with legislation to stop the war effort. They also covered the Tour de France incident where a dog ran onto the roadway and got hit by a cyclist whose wheel took the brunt of the damage. A segment on Aggressive Drivers, citing Miami as the city having the worst road rage in the country. Home Call Therapy – Following the trend of shows like Nanny 911, people are hiring consultants to come to their houses and help them with parenting skills and coaching them on things. Al also interviews Clinical Psychologist Tracy Dennis on some things to watch for. Tracy warns that although some folks might not even be licensed counselors, but they can learn some new ways of parenting. Other segments include: (third hour) Beach swimsuits for teenage girls that won't have their parents freaking out. Turning a backyard into a beauty without blowing your budget. (unknown hour) Matt interviews Paula Abdul on the subject of painkillers and alcohol in a Truth or Dare type of segment. Mostly Truth though. Paula denied being addicted to painkillers or ever being drunk in her life, but that the slurred speech she had done on American Idol was her just getting excited about having something to say. She did have a neck injury from a plane crash in 1992 and had to deal with constant pain from that and the surgeries following, but drugs didn't relieve her of that. The net has leaked some information on Harry Potter but what is correct? There is an increase of the number of obese kids who are getting bullied or stigmatized by student peers, teachers, and parents. That is leading to low self-esteem and health issues. Tips on how to help your child cope with such issues. Other topics on the website include: Boy gets a new lease on life. A gadget for Backing up your cell phone. Photos from viewers for their America The Beautiful series. Fighting the health insurance system.

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