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Season 57 Episode 147

July 22, 2008

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Jul 22, 2008 on NBC



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    • (Following the Lion Reunion Youtube clip)
      Meredith: (tearing up) I'm crying.
      David: It is…you're crying, uh, which is disturbing.
      (Meredith and studio laugh.)
      Meredith: It is so sweet.
      David: What is so sweet about that is the sequel where he realizes in fact those men are not lions and he eats them all.
      (Meredith laughs.)

    • Ann: The (Olympic) games are in 16 days. We better get packin'.
      (Everyone laughs.)
      Meredith: 16 days!
      David: You know all this talk about Olympic gear. How about Al's new specs this morning? I think they are very fetching.
      Meredith: Very nice.
      Al: I try to make a spectacle of myself.
      (Everyone laughs and David groans.)
      Meredith: You look smart.
      Al: Wow, well that, these are thick glasses. That's amazing. When I take them off, I jump in a phone booth. (makes takeoff gesture with hands)

  • Notes

    • Additional Guests
      Dr. Clyde Yancy - President, American Heart Association
      Anthony Dickey - celebrity hairstylist, author of Hair Rules!
      Nicole de Borde - defense attorney
      Ray Isle - Food & Wine magazine
      Xavier Lewis - America's Got Talent contestant

    • Today's Hosts
      Matt Lauer is out today. David Gregory hosts with Meredith.

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