Today Show

Season 56 Episode 129

June 28, 2007

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Jun 28, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Matt Lauer was out with a cold but he will be in London tomorrow. Dave Gregory subbed. Al Roker and Ann Curry were also out.

This is mostly from the second hour of the Today show:

Meredith interviews Robin Williams out in the plaza about his family life and topics from the new movie License to Wed.

Actress and activist Marlo Thomas talks with women on living life after a divorce with the challenges of being single moms and keeping a happy attitude.

The world's largest horse makes an appearance at the plaza. Radar is 6'7" not including neck and head, and 2400 pounds.

Smucker's birthday segment with photos of people who celebrated their 100-106 years of life recently.

Tiki Barber, the Today National Correspondent, interviews Shamsoun Dikori, a young soccer player who was a refugee from the Sudan civil war in 2000. Four of his family members died in a car crash in Atlanta in 2002. He joined a soccer team for refugees under Coach Luma and became a student-athlete. He is now a college student-athlete at Pfeiffer University.

Meredith has an exclusive interview with WWE's Vince McMahon about the Chris Benoit double murder. Meredith confronts Vince about his previous quote about steroids, but Vince refuted the allegations of steroids, saying it was more a deliberate act than 'roid rage'. He also mentions that the wrestlers are performers and family people hoping to get on with their jobs of entertaining the people. Highlights and analysis of Paris Hilton's first interview after her prison term of 23 days. Paris interviewed with Larry King and mentioned she would try to take her time in prison as a learning experience and use her celebrity time to take up some causes. The analyst afterwards thought Paris was still inexperienced with interviews longer than a red carpet walk, and could have taken such an opportunity to pitch some actual causes. Other segments include: Fireworks safety, Remembering John Lennon, fish grilling, Eco-friendly tips for the July 4th holiday, Elizabeth Edwards on her confrontation with Ann Coulter, Iphone preview, staying fit, travel tips, American idol contestant, doctor's tips, helping children, and singer Jon McLaughlin.

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