Today Show

Season 56 Episode 208

October 17, 2007

Aired Weekdays 7:00 AM Oct 17, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer are in studio. Ann Curry is doing news. Al is not doing the weather. Exclusive Larry Craig interview Camry v6 no longer on top with reliability according to Consumer Reports so it might not get a free pass like it might have been in previous issues. Behind Scion and Subaru. Ford has improved. Train track – police guy pulled over and rescued the woman just in time before the train smashed into her car. Ellen Degeneres adopted a dog but then gave it to her hairdresser's kid. The agency took it back. Michael Murphy gets a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor since he sacrificed life for his Navy Seals troop in Afghanistan. His family are in studio with a book they wrote called Lone Survivor. President Bush's press conference – good 45 minutes or so live during the 1st hour (Pacific Time) including questions. News - Ricky Martin gets a Hollywood walk of fame Treasure on a ship Matt's interview with Larry Craig's wife. She felt it was like going down the drain, since he didn't tell her until months later. Larry responds that he is "no to both" on being bisexual or homosexual. Tweens are more stressed out than ever. One person has developed a yoga class for kids. Ryan Cohen Sanders, author of Stressed out Girls, and Denise Pope of Stanford University, interview via satellite. Girls are usually more stressed out than boys. Fashionable wear without paying big bucks. Some women come in and model the clothes. It looks like a lot of black dresses and skirts, including the hosts. Maria Shriver talks about the Minerva Awards which are given to women for their achievements. Winners this year include Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a military gal, a childcare mom, and Maria's mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Ceremony to be held in California in November. Halloween party outside on the plaza. A siren blares in the distance muffling out most of the conversation as they talk about getting ready for Halloween parties. Tiki Barber and Hota Kolb join Ann and Natalie in the fourth hour. They recap the Ellen Degeneres story. Apparently she now had a breakdown on camera over the dog adoption mess. Also a bit on Donald Trump. Other topics The missing billionaire Steve Fossett. Teenagers aren't getting enough sleep Sexual problems among partners Martha Stewart Cheat sheet on five things you should know by this stage of life.

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