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Season 57 Episode 212

October 21, 2008

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    • Ann: And scientists are excited about a discovery along the Arizona / Utah border. They have found more than a thousand prehistoric animal tracks packed into a three-quarter acre site. It is so densely crowded with footprints, they're calling it a dinosaur dance floor. They also found a T-Rex album (Everyone laughs.) Some uh empty plastic beer cups. It is now 7:40; let's now go back to Meredith, Matt, and Al. (giggles)
      (Meredith, Matt, and Al applaud.)
      Al: Ann Curry everyone, Ann Curry.
      Matt: Wow, strong finish there, Ann.
      Al: Wow.
      Matt: Way to go.
      Meredith: Try to top that, Al.
      Al: Uh-unh.
      Meredith: That's a tough act to follow.
      Al: Nooo. As you've learned in comedy, and Ann has too, you leave a good line.
      Ann: Al Roker gets some credit for that one.
      Al: Anyway…
      Matt: Where's Bob Yeager?
      Al: Bob Yeager, our cameraman? That's the other rule of comedy. Don't give credit to him.
      Ann: I always give credit.
      Al: Unless it bombs.

    • Meredith: Coming up in the next hour we have a whole segment on sex after 50.
      (Matt and Meredith stare at each other briefly. Meredith cracks up while Ann pats Matt's back.)
      Ann: You need to watch that, don't ya, Matt?
      Meredith: Why'd you give me that look?
      Matt: By the way, we're all in that category, right?
      Meredith: And it means a lot of people are having it, but a lot of people are struggling, and they're not having it and (cracks up again) What are you looking at?
      Matt: Just listening to you.
      Ann: I'm interested; does it get better?
      Meredith: It can be better.
      Ann: Yes!
      Meredith: You have to communicate with your partner and be willing to try crazy stuff.
      Ann: Yes.
      Meredith: If that's what it takes.
      Matt: Crazy stuff?
      Meredith: Yeah, experiment. I don't know, exactly.
      Ann: Oh!
      Al: Suddenly I feel like I'm Joey Behar.

    • (The hosts talk about the upcoming sex after 50 segment.)
      Meredith: But the whole empty nest, when the kids leave, you think that you'd be getting more, but a lot of people that doesn't happen.
      Al: Yeah, but guess what? Some of us have small children still. So…
      Meredith: Well I'm going the other way. So I'm just saying, I would have assumed you'd have more but not necessarily.
      Matt: By the way, "getting more" makes it sound so romantic.
      (everyone laughs)

  • Notes

    • Today's guests
      Ahmed Hassan - host, DIY's Yard Crashers
      Cassandra Davis - police spokeswoman
      Mallory Hardin - friend of Anne Pressly
      Julie Valiese - US Consumer Product Safety Commission
      Dr. Kate Cronan - emergency room pediatrician
      Dr. Marisa Weiss - breast cancer oncologist
      Nicolle Wallace - McCain adviser
      Robert Gibbs - Obama adviser
      Jeffrey Kluger - Time magazine
      Shellay Cremen - Biggest Loser contestant
      Susan Westmoreland - Good Housekeeping magazine

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