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  • Kathie Lee

    I am totally disgusted with Kathie Lee's comments about Bill Cosby. What did that prove and why would a Christian say that except for ratings. Totally uncalled for. I stopped watching all of the Today show except their hour. Done. Completely done.
  • I can't take it any more

    I can't take it anymore! The 9:00 . hour of this show SUCKS. I've had it with this group of people constantly talking over each other. I like Willie but the rest of them have become very annoying. I used to like Al but now he seems to have become bitter and grumpy all of the time. I don't blame him though because this show used to be good. I grew up watching The Today Show and it was just a regular part of my morning. They seriously need to re-do everything but the 10:00 . KLG and Hoda show. I love them! In fact, Hoda should be on all 4 hours. She was great when she replaced Savannah on maternity leave. I'm pretty much done with The Today Show. I may mosey on over and check out GMA like everyone else.
  • Tamron

    Much like these have been a fan of the Today show for years, but since the addition of simply annoying. She lacks professionalism and class. Hoping the producers are reading these reviews.
  • Tamron Hall Sucks

    I wish the Today show would can her. She's annoying, loud, talks over the co hosts, making stupid jokes. She lacks professionalism. It's like she's a dumb blond trapped in a black woman's body. Fire her already.
  • It's so nice when Tamron is not on the air!

    Almost like a real news/information show! Even with 4 people at the desk as I am watching now (Natalie, Savannah, Matt, Al) it is quiet & no one is talking over anyone. Not sure why Al has to be there either, but at least he isn't as annoying as Tamron. And while you are at it, please get rid of the orange room & what's trending. I can go online & see for myself!!

    Ive never really liked matt Lauer-but the comment he made toward a guest on the show took the cake! he was talking to Rebel Wilson-ok she as we all seen-she was i little on the heavy side-but when she was talking to matt ,in their conversation she mentioned herself exercising-matt rudely said "on the couch" that right right there at least to me was him saying to her-ur fat & lazy! that ticked me off. matts nothing to me but just plain unfeeling , rude cocky,& self centered off a wanna be human being! I would proudly say something to matt-but im keeping it clean 4u viewers- ill say SHAME ON U MATT!!!!!! U need to really think first of what ur gonna say to people before u open that hole in your head! KLD
  • GMA fan

    Not sure how to get the folks at NBC to read the eye-opening comments on this site, but they certainly need to hear the fans who are RUNNING to ABC in the morning. I'm sure she is a nice person, but Tamron's frenetic, self-absorbed chatter has pushed me from NBC, which I have watched all of my life. What a shame.
  • Tamron Shut the heck Up

    Take a cue from Natalie, she does very little that is "showy" and earns adorable, charming, smart and savvy - stop trying so hard to be all of those things they are natural traits not performances - so annoying I have been turning to GMA which I really don't like as much but it is really bothersome to just watch the "Tamron look at me show"
  • Please please remove Tamron Hall!!

    Tamron was so rude and condescending to Willie and Al this morning that I will not watch the third hour again. She talks over the others and tries to be cute and coy. You can feel the friction amongst the group. The Today show has changed and I've been a fan for years. Trust me, Tamron is just not working!
  • Tamron Hall

    I have been a loyal Today show viewer for almost 10 years, however, if they continue to allow Tamron Hall to report, I am afraid I will become a loyal GMA viewer. She is so unprofessional, lacks any common sense, and quite frankly I believe her coworkers have a hard time trying to make her look better after her continuous stupid remarks. This is the worst decision the Today show has made in my opinion, I can't stomach her.
  • tamron hall

    she is so ignorant. STFU Tamron!

  • tamron hall

    I'm disappointed in her lack of professionalism. I used to enjoy her contributions. Now I find her annoying and somewhat self-serving.
  • Looking for a new show.

    I use to love watching the Today Show. But with the addition of Tamron Hall, I will have to find a new morning show to watch... Trying to relax with a morning cup of coffee and listening to her be rude, talk over everyone and just plain unprofessional and argumentative at times has done it in for me. Sorry to see you go Today show...
  • Regarding Tamron Hall: What did I miss?...

    I watched the Today Show for years and I remember when Tamron first joined. She was very delightful to watch. I've been busy with work projects for a while, only catching the show periodically. Recently, I've noticed that Tamron seems to have an attitude. What happened? I like Tamron, but I'm not sure she likes her co-hosts. I feel the tension between the hosts when I'm watching. I hope things get better because it is a good program.

  • Tamron Hall Hour

    I use to look forward to watching the 9:00 hour and since Tamron Hall has joined the team of the today show, I find myself watching how rude she can be. She interrupts other people including guests. She laughs at the most inappropriate times. She is always looking at the camera. I don't think she is entertaining but she is more irritating. Maybe you should consider Jenna as the 4th 9:00 hour and not use Tamron. She is definitely not adding enjoyment to your show. She is the one that makes me want to walk away from the television and most of the time I do. I love watching Willie and Natalie interact. They are a very good match. They compliment each other. I used the rating 1 thinking it would be the worst rating. Not sure what number to use but it would not be the best.
  • I'm for Real with a Real Issue

    I've been watching this show for years and Like the cast and content of the show!! I have a serious problem I know that you can hear me and that you take some of the statements I make to heart when commenting on many subjects!! It hurts me deeply that I can't prove this and that there are other people who not only hear me but memick what I say in the form of a question to guest on occasion I'm not crazy and I need closure!! I've already confronted Tyler Perry on his page several times, He's made a fortune on many personal private subjects too many!! I want you to know this hurts me dearly!! HOW COME I CAN"T GET JUSTICE!! I AM NOT CRAZY!! NEITHER ARE MY CHILDREN !!! I've said this for many year and need closure!!!

    Beachykeen1 got it dead on -- talk over. I had to quit watching The Today Show because I CAN'T STAND that repulsive Tamron Hall. It wasn't so bad when she was on once in a while but when you made her in charge of the 9:00 hour it was too much for me. I keep thinking that she's going to split her clothes down the middle because they are so tight. Not only that they talk over each other so much that if they actually did have something I wanted to hear I can't because they are constantly talking at the same time. But, all of that is tolerable -- Tamron Hall is not!!! Katie and Ann, where are you?????
  • Today is NOT a Narcissistic Reality Show so Please Stop or Rename it the...... "The Talk OVER Show"


    UGH with ugh on top and both sides

    Painful to watch interviews now

    Excruciating to hear hosts give their personal opinions about EVERYTHING!

    WHY do producers think they need to have 5 or 6 hosts?!?!?

    I am beyond disgusted by the unprofessional behavior on The Today Show

    Al and Tamron have ruined this otherwise very good program

    I can not begin to fathom other professionals wanting to steal the attention, SING along with famous singers/bands and constantly talk about themselves.

    Narcissistic Network

    One day Management will realize this as well

    I wish they would WATCH the would hear the constant interruptions and over talk.

    The hosts do not respect their guests

    I feel as if I am watching a slumber party or study hall gathering

    I have watched and preferred NBC News and Programs My entire life.

    Now, I along with many, many others cringe and have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al makes rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card to veil his comments as 'humor' He is not funny. He bashes people from the UK , Asia and the Middle East. HOW is this allowed?!?!?!?!? This week Al said a BABY "looks like a Japanense" something and laugh. NO one wants anyone to make fun of their baby or children. IF someone said Al or anyone else children looks "like a "BLACK" or "African" anything, THEY would be very appropriately called out and fired if in this position.

    Tamron makes it hard to watch as well. No one really wants to see immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts I was shocked to find out her age! She acts very immature. She kicks her legs out, squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or in cafeteria

    It is cringe worthy!

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    They are using the beloved Today Show as if it is their Reality show

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    People who think they are a laugh a minute belong on auditions for Stand Up and Comedy Channel

    I love humor. They are NOT funny. It is beyond ridiculous.

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now all about the anchors

    If not for the the luck of al matching need to hire certain people many years ago, he would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh at his silly self for most older people are annoyed by him. Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself and try on items instead of helping customers.

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • hello, anyone out there?

    I've read almost every comment on this site and have contributed my views. It doesn't seem like any of the of the producers of the Today show are reading any of this!!! Today, when Tameron was sitting at the table, I wanted to reach into the TV and throw a blanket over her exposed thighs!! Come on, wear something a little more professional or at least sit that way!!! I don't have enough finger and toes to count how many times she interrupted the other cast members and guests with her jibber jabber!! No wonder the show is slipping in ratings!! If I wanted to watch a "kiddy" show I'd watch Seasame Street - oh wait, the puppets have more manners and are more professional!!
  • Producer's need to make a change!!!

    I absolutely love the today show.. however this week I have became some what annoyed. Why do they all have to speak at once?!? I understand that they are vibing off eachother, but this show is for the people.. not the Co host's and anchors social hour. You can not understand a word they are trying to say... surely they are aware that speaking over one who is currently speaking is considered rude! It's a jumbled mess of a show and I am sincerely disappointed! I hope the producer's of the show will see this post and make some changes. I watch the today show EVERY morning, it's a part of my daily routine. #dissapointedviewer
  • Disparity

    Tamron Hall is giddy however I disagree she add nothing to the show; however, my main reason for this post is to say Natalie Morales needs to stop throwing sarcastic innuendos to Tamron it make her look

    unprofessional and she comes off as bitter and revengeful, She does it quite often and I have yet to see Tamron do that to her. As far as the ratings the powers that be including Mat Lauer, did that to the show by practicing favoritism, being cut throat's and not utilizing the best people. I am not sure if they realize it but the chemistry comes through to the public we can sense the atmosphere. Just because it's TV the old proverbial phrase "if you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind" still holds true
  • Tamron Hall

    I just can't take her anymore. She has to go. She does not contribute anything of quality to your show. SHE is why you are losing viewers.
  • Thanks for reminding me of why I no longer watch TODAY!!!

    The comment about the calorie content of the meals from Olive Garden that were given to the homeless shows how seriously out of touch with reality these vain little people really are. I was done after the Ann Curry mistake. Savannah is a brainless bit of fluff. Matt has an ego the size of Texas, an Roker is a clown.
  • Get Rid of TAMRON!!!!!!

    I cannot stand Tamron. She's self absorbed and I cannot bear to listen to her cackling laughter any more.

    I do not watch the third hour anymore because of her!!! They all talk over each other in that hour and its soooo annoying and distracting.

    I'm not a big fan of Savannah either, but she's a nice person.

    Give Willie Matt's job!!!

  • Michael Brown story

    It is unbelievable that the Today Show and most of the media on TV can demonize and demoralize a police officer that clearly was doing his job to protect himself and others, including the store owner that just got robbed, from a clearly aggressive and low life thug. How can they even give one minute of air time to his family that refuses to see what their son was which is a common criminal that deserved what he got and every person that supports and flames the fire for this unjust cause should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What about the life of the officer that has been ruined by the actions of Brown and his Family!!
  • Get rid of the "Older non funnies" Please - too hard to watch them anymore!

    First time I post any comment on any site but I can't stand it anymore!!!! I get that Al Rocker is a staple of weather? I guess:?/ however he is NOT funny, NOT entertaining, NOT easy to watch. I hate how Tamron seems to think all that comes out of Al's mouth_no matter how ridiculous or unfunny_is the best thing she's ever heard!!

    Keep Hoda at all hours :) Love Willie - I think they don't acknowledge his very witty and funny comments since Natalie, Al and Tamron are too busy making noise of their non funny and senseless complete nonsense"/ What about Jenna Bush-Hager?!?!? Please stop with her on everything... NO MORE Natalie and Jenna segments and please stop using Maria Shriver IT IS SO PAINFUL TO WATCH THEM+UNBEARABLE!!!

    Love the ease of watching Carson on anything, he keeps it real and fresh, want more of Matt-even my 11yo likes watching when he's on, I like corky Savannah, Natalie, Tamron = doing the news and some comments only and Have Jenna Bush may be Wolf on more--not sure of her last name but she's the always pregnant one now, from the weekend edition you know not Bush-Hager haha -- Love Shanielle Jones from the weekends more than Tamron I think she would be a perfect fit. Def keep Willie, Carson and Hoda doing the more relaxed segments, that is my humble opinion;) And for all that is kind in the world!!!!! please keep Al on the weather channel ONLY and keep Dylan full time, she doesn't make me ignore the always cringe worthy weather segment until my local forecast... PLEEEEEASE! Thank you:)
  • tamaron hall

    I cant believe her first comment regarding the guys playing ping pong in London subway was that she was afraid for them! HOW RIDICULOUS!! She doesnt know how to be a commentator! She is so annoying - get rid of her!!!!!! And cut out one of the segments each day so you have more time for the other segments so they dont have to say over and over... sorry we're running out of time!! How rude that is to the guests!!!!!
  • Seriously--time for a change

    Ok, I'm a long time viewer of Today show--usually don't make comments, but I googled "chatter on the Today show" and came up with this website ---the senseless chatter, banter, talking over one another about NOTHING is leading me to just turn off the Today show and turn on the radio. Keep Natalie, Hoda, Kathie Lee and love Jenna Bush--Time for a revamp producers--
  • Time to go

    Natalie is stuffy and boring. Tamron is the woman we will all love to hate.
  • The 3rd hour is unbearable.

    Enough with the talking over one another and the incessant school girl giggling! I have long admired Tamron Hall - but this may not be the best fit for her. It is uncomfortable to watch her competition for air time and talking constantly.

    The 3rd hour could be better utilized with more in-depth stories, rather than the silly, inane babble that is currently taking place.
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