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  • Today is NOT a Narcissistic Reality Show so Please Stop

    I have watched and preferred NBC News and Programs My entire life

    Now, I along with many, many others cringe and have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al makes rude, racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card to veil his comments as 'humor' He is not funny. He bashes people from the UK , Asia and the Middle East. HOW is this allowed?!?!

    Tamron makes it hard to watch as well. No one really wants to see immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts I was shocked to find out her age! She acts very immature, "like like like for sure and fur real"

    It is cringe worthy

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    They are using the beloved Today Show as if it is their reality show

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • stop the noise

    You guys all talk at the same time. I tune out the content because it becomes just noise. Reduce the silly stuff and focus on the message.
  • I am outta here.

    That's it. This latest display at 9:33AM between Tamron and Al just totally soured me on this hour. Time to change the channel.
  • TODAY is just one big farce!

    Like many others I've been watching for many years, but I'm close to quitting. Today Show used to be a serious show with a little humor thrown in. Now it's just the opposite. It has become nothing more than one big giggle fest -- over things that are marginally humorous. Tamron is the worst offender. She comes off as a narcissist who overdoes the grinning, laughing & attention seeking. I'd take 10 Ann Curry's to one Tamron. Natalie's professional, so is Savannah, but the producers seem to want her to be uber-cutesy. She's good when discussing foreign affairs & they should allow her more of that. Matt Lauer seems to have been minimized -- he seems almost invisible these days. Al Roker is just plain silly most of the time. Is this change in the Today Show only reflecting the "dumbing down" of America?
  • Today show hosts

    Today I googled to see if Miss Hal gets a clothes allowance as she obviously tries to out dress all other women on the show. Subsequently I was brought to this site and was not surprised that so many other viewers felt the same way about her as my husband and I do

    She is very annoying with her constant need to focus attention on herself both with her clothes and her annoying body language and silly giggling. It is painful to watch. My husband constantly asks why we continue to watch. I guess it is something to do with the old dogs new tricks thing....... NBC wake up Tamryn is getting lots of attention but it is all negative. BTW this is the first time I have ever been compelled to write a negative comment regarding tany show.
  • After 20 years...

    I have stopped watching the Today Show. The commercial content and lack of real news reporting has left me listless. It's obvious they're pandering to the bored, uneducated housebound that prefers mindless banter and commercials to supplement they're bonbon diet.. Good bye Today Show.
  • Loud Mouth and Self Absorbed!

    Tamron Hall is NOT helping the Today Show's ratings! I want to Gag every time I see her on the Today Show because her behavior is just ridiculous. She seems to crave attention and her juvenile behavior is simply a turn off.

    I have now made another Network's Morning show my go-to because of Tamron. I thought her need for attention and giggly behavior would stop after a few weeks on the show but instead she wants to be the center of every topic and conversation . No more Today Show for me; I will miss the rest of the cast with their professional and entertaining delivery of the day's news and current events.
  • Today Show has eroded

    Ever since they fired Ann Curry, the show has gone juvenile. It's obvious that the boss at NBC has decided to give an older audience the finger. It's embarrassing to see 40 somethings constantly giggling like teenagers. Oh well... fluff rules there. And I'm so excited about what's trending on Twitter! :>)
  • Savannah's a terrible interviewer

    I saw Savannah's interview with Dwayne Johnson yesterday and compared it to Dwayne Johnson's interview with Kelly and Michael and it was night and day. Today Savannah was interviewing the lead actors for 50 Shades of Grey and she was acting like a giggly teenager. Nothing worse than a 40-something trying to be cool or young. Savannah is such a terrible interviewer. Why do they keep giving her these interview segments. Al Roker will probably do a better job, or just try someone else and see how they do. I'm done watching this show unless they stop having Savannah do this terrible interviews.
  • talk over queens

    The Today Show is inundated with talk over Queens god forbid you have Natalie tameron and Savannah on the same panel the staff should try to remember it is a news show not a comedy show they think their jokes are so funny constantly laugh at themselves would it really take that much effort to make this small change
  • Save the "cutesy-cutesy" for the 4th hour of Today

    The Today Show has become so very shallow that I now avoid the third hour with "Today's Not only is the chit-chat empty, superficial, and annoying, but it also encourages Tamron Hall and Jenna Bush Hager to act even more like adolescent teens than they already do. I love the 4th hour -- it actually has substance (and not just what is in the wine). I do not understand how Tamron and Jenna ever were installed in their positions at NBC and the Today Show. They are not natural and their lack of understanding about what constitutes cleverness negatively influences even the "class acts" of Al, Matt, Natalie, and Savannah. I am on the fence about Willie and Carson, because I see them mostly on that 3rd segment, which could not bring out the best in anyone as far as I can tell. I think they need better producers and I think that both Tamron and Jenna need to leave the show entirely.
  • Today was the worst!!!

    Tamron Natalie and Jenna talking at the same time made most of the show unintelligible. Even Al had to ask them to take numbers and speak one at a time. The poor chef on the segment couldn't get a word in edgewise.
  • Get rid of Tamron and Willie!!

    I am so sick of Tamron's loud schoolgirl antics. The incessant laughing and acting as though she is at a slumber party is getting so tiring and very out of place. She tries too hard to be entertaining. She needs to remember she is not on "Saturday Night What happened to a classy morning news about Willie, I think he comes across as smug, pompous and arrogant. He does not have a friendly demeanor that people relate too very well. He seems to constantly be looking down his nose at his coworkers and guest. As far as Al, Natalie and Matt, I think they are great!!
  • Becoming unwatchable; thanks Tamron Hall.

    She is so far beneath what I THOUGHT were the Today's show standards. I watched GMA for over 30 years, and when they brought Lara Spencer over from Inside Edition, she ruined the show with the loud, rude, unprofessional and attention seeking behavior. I moved to the Today Show and was impressed with a more dignified show and intelligence of Matt, Savannah and Natalie, and Al's humor and charm. Now Tamron has come along and is ruining the Today Show, just like another Lara Spencer. Oh well, moving on to CBS I guess.
  • Today Show Bomb

    Have to agree with all the negative reviews on addition of Tamaron Hall to the Today Show cast. Her incessant loud laughter and obnoxious behavior is more than annoying. I switch channels during her segment, and if she continues on the show, I'll say adios to Today altogether. I WILL check back at 10 for Kathie Lee and Hoda, as they happy up my day!!! Love those two ladies.
  • What's happened to TODAY?

    We have to agree with the opinions below regarding Tamron Hall. Tamron Hall's addition to the cast is a BIG mistake. The other talented, congenial hosts seem they are ignoring her or barely able to tolerate her "bimboness". She is totally miscast on this show. We now turn it off when the segment with her is on.
  • the Today Show has lost its way

    I've been watching The Today Show since the 80's. It's how I started the day and found out what happened overnight. The last couple of years, there's no real news. There's nothing but annoying chatter - useless chatter - not even entertaining chatter. Once in blue moon they cover a subject that I might be interested in - and they cut it short to switch to some other mindless, useless subject. The segments are too short. Half the time they don't even finish covering the smidgeon of information that they are trying to dispense. Usually the segment that they rush is completely vapid and not worth watching. What are the producers thinking? They hire intelligent, qualified people and then give them nothing to talk about. It's embarrassing.
  • Tamron - pls get some class back

    I used to like Tamron Hall and I thought she had a great future. That certainly has changed. I don't know if she is being told to act like a loud-mouthed laughing egotistical person or if her personality has actually changed, but I can't stand watching her anymore. Her laughter is getting louder and more obnoxious and she talking over everyone. She hurts my ears. How can anyone want to work with her. The whole Today show seems to have dropped in class. I find myself watching our local programming over the national shows more and more.
  • Tamron's TOO MUCH !!!

    Please Today Show producers, executives is too over the top. She needs to be OFF camera (she spends too much time posing, modeling, and back behind the scenes reporting. If you could watch the show from our point of view, you would certainly feel our pain ! Listen to your viewers.

    Now back to GMA.

    I love the Today Show and I watch it everyday,but please tell Tamera Hall to quit talking over everybody.
  • Today show ruined

    Tamron Hall has ruined the today show. Tamron is so animated and phoney I can't stand watching her. These are suppose to be professionals not giggly school girls worried about how they look on camera. Where ever you found her, send her back.

  • Tamron Hall has to go!!

    I have been a viewer of the Today Show 9:00 hour for many years. I love the banter and connection between Willie, Natalie and Al. The addition of Tamron Hall has ruined it for me! Her giddiness and eye blinking is so annoying! She acts so surprised of everything that happens and doesn't get the jokes, etc. I never write on these forums, but can't stand it anymore! She's no dummy, but acts like an idiot. I get aggravated every morning with her responses and cluelessness. She has to go!!!
  • Bland Natalie

    I've been watching the Today Show as a part of my morning routine. Everyone is natural and quite entertaining except for Natalie. She comes across insecure, stuffy, and quite honestly not funny. She doesn"t have have funny or NATURAL spontaneity. Its really hard to watch knowing that others can do the job better. Jenna B. is likeable and can probably fill these shoes effortlessly. I'm close to switching to Fox but most definitely will continue to change the channel during the boring Natalie hour. Love Kathie Lee and Hoda!
  • Today Show needs to be Yesterday's Show

    I have been a fan of the Today show for many years I am not sure who picks the personalities on this show but they all appear to be like nails on a chalk board. Is it me or does Tamron Hall just act too cutesy and annoying, I adjusted to Willy but the rest other than Natalie and Al can be a thing of yesterday's show.
  • Enough with the cuteness!

    I have also been a faithful viewer of the Today Show, but lately it is driving me crazy! I would prefer a better balance of hard news and silliness. Tamron's giddy laughing is too much. The banter between Matt and Savannah is annoying too! I miss Ann Curry and Meredith. They were so much better. I think Today is worried about ratings and the fact that Good Morning America's ratings are higher. I hope the producers wake up soon or the ratings will continue to slide.
  • Today Show transforms from enjoyment to a punishment

    My wife and I have been watching the Today Show every morning since the mid 1980s. Over the years, it became a regular part of our week day morning, get ready for work ritual. We enjoyed learning what was going on in the world and hearing the weather both nationally and locally. Unfortunately, the current Today Show drives me crazy. There is little hard news, too many hosts talking over each other, and way too many shots of screaming fans. The show now makes me cringe but I am like a prisoner in my own house because my wife can't break the addiction.
  • Snot Tamron and Dull Dylan

    Love the Today Show, however, I wish Tamron and Dylan were replaced. Tamron is such a snot and a doesn't seem to have a clue on the real world and Dylan has no personality, she is dull and drab.

    Just watch Tamron today about deals on clothing and the look that Tamron was giving because, Yes, Tamron in the real world things can be on clearance for under 10 dollars!! Dylan I just can't listen too, her voice is drab as well as her fake smile. I often wonder if Jenna ever wants to just smack her. LOL.
  • Tamron Hall Trying to be "Cutesy" & Too Much Drinking On Hoda & Kathie Lee

    I was so glad to find this site and read that I'm not alone in thinking that there's way too much of this giggling and fake "Oh did I really say that?" BS on The Today Show. Tamron Hall lacks the chops for a news desk and even when she skips over to that waste they call The Orange Room.

    Tamron makes comments -- maybe scripted, I'm not sure -- and then tries to act naive and cutesy by covering her mouth, giggling, and acting surprised as if, "OMG! Did I really say that?" This may be appealing to tweens. But it isn't appealing to adults who've watched The Today Show for decades and have seen it go downhill, especially after the hideous remodel. She needs to stop it with the quasi-blooper, followed by the hand-over-mouth fake look of surprise. It isn't funny. It isn't cute. Grow up and act like you're in the big league. It's been sad to see the degradation of The Today Show.

    Initially when I wrote this review, I intended to limit my comments to how irritating Tamron Hall is. But since I'm on a roll, I'll keep going. This is directed to Hoda & Kathie Lee: On what planet do you think it is OK to drink alcohol while hosting a MORNING talk show? I am not some religious fanatic who is anti alcohol. And I do enjoy an occasional mimosa with brunch on Christmas morning. But, every blasted morning you two have to drink either wine or mixed drinks with hard alcohol? What a horrible example both of you are setting! Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I realize that your "day" often starts several hours earlier than the average person's, but seriously ... What is with the daily booze ladies? Can't you see what a bad example it is?

    Note to Hoda: I love you on Dateline, and I respect the professionalism you exhibit when delivering hard news or narrating a human-interest story. You would do well to dissect yourself from the 4th hour of Today and move on with Dateline. Leave the alcohol to Kathie Lee who often acts as though she needs a drink just to be civil. She can marinate in her red-wine induced rhetoric and eye-rolling, along with her good buddy, Kris Jenner -- both of whom are completely irrelevant. Or better yet, Hoda Kotb should be moved to the anchor desk where her professionalism, compassion, and classy image would be better used.
  • Get rid of her....

    Savannah talks over everyone way to much. She is so annoying.

    Also not the discussing winter when she said, "let's all agree that ice is the worst".

  • Girl meets World: Nostalgia and Current television fuse or blows?

    As a 17 year old who grew up watching "Boy Meets World" on tv, recently got the collection on DVD, and dedicates the time to re-watching the entire series at least once a year for the past 5 or 6 years, I was pretty damn excited when i heard about "Girl Meets World". My obsession with the original series made me extremely ready for the new series, but it also generated my concerns for the show. So how did the pilot turn out? Without getting too caught up in the plot, I'm going to talk about what i think our the positives and negatives about the show.

    First of all, the show knows it's roots. It has not forgotten about Boy meets world at all and instead embraces off the show addresses the fact that its a show while introducing the two new main characters, Riley (Cory and Topanga's daughter) and her shawn like best-friend Maya. Cory introduces the show by basically saying how its still all about him and his world as a jokey reference to the original series, this starts the transition to it going from cory's world to the opening theme you can see many references to the original series such as the paper planes flying around like in the original opening theme, and the spinning globe in the world in the title "Girl meets World". All of the returning characters introduced are pretty much the same but an older, more grown-up version of themselves. Cory still seems just as neurotic and loving as he always was, but he is also developed into being more of a Feeny like character with his teachings and life lessons both inside and outside the classroom. Topanga is not introduced too much in this episode but from what it does show off her its still the same old topanga just grown into a motherly show has a lot of parallel characters to the original series, some being Riley as the Cory, Maya as Shawn, Lucas and topanga, Farkle the new Minkus (wonder if he'll be in more than one season), and Cory as the new Feeny, and well the same old cory. It has new characters with similar traits to that of the original cast, but are far from copies of them by adding new flares and qualities to them. It has also been announced that Shawn and Feeny will appear as recurring characters throughout the show also has various events in the first episode relating to some of the original series, like how Maya started the riot against homework in Cory's class is a parallel to Shawn doing the same thing in Mr. Feeny's class. Later on in the episode Cory gets angry with Maya and tells her how she "goes too far" and how a friend needs to get their friends out of trouble and not into it. This scene is a lot like when Alan told the same thing to Shawn in the original, both ending with Cory and Riley respectively standing up for their friend and going against their fathers. These tie in events really develop who each of the characters are suppose to represent.

    Now, my biggest concern. Looking past all of the nostalgia and the fact that this is a sequel series, is it a good show? Well my answer is yes. It does have flaws (even though if you asked me, i would tell you the original series hardly has any) but these flaws are due to it being in a completely different time when television shows directed towards kids are cheesy and usually substitutes the real issues for some lame jokes and out of the normal characters. I have watched a lot of the new disney shows and most suck but i can honestly say this one is a million times better than the rest. It does have flaws in the corny jokes and the over-dramatic teaching, but i mean it is still just the pilot episode. The shows doing what most shows now-a-days don't do and that is the episode does have some real lessons, like to be yourself, and to stick with your friends no matter what. It does come across as preachy and a little too obvious but thats just the way childhood television is today, but in that sense it's still a lot better than most. Going back to what I said about the unusual characters, the main example being Farkle. Farkle is over the top, but all of the current disney shows have a character or multiple characters like this, and it was to be expected, although he is one of these characters, i don't think it comes across as too bad because he does provide a lot of comic relief at times.

    Last of all, what can you expect from the shows future episodes? Well you can expect the lame corny jokes, the unusual and sometimes annoying characters, and the over-obvious lessons. But along with that comes a show that expands on the basis that has touched and taught many kids, teenagers, and adults throughout the year. It takes the concept of Boy meets world's coming of age story and twists it to fit a new audience while still bringing back all those memories and nostalgia of the original series. As a huge fan of the original, I personally think Girl meets world had a great first episode. My advice to the writers is to keep doing what you're doing with the references and parallels to original but try and make the lessons less preachy and cut out a few more of those fast-paced lame jokes for a few genuine ones. My advice to the audience, if you're running on nostalgia just try to remember this show is written for kids TODAY and has a lot of things applying to them. If you aren't running on nostalgia and haven't seen the original series, go watch it! you'll love it and you'll love this show even more because of it.

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