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  • This show stinks!

    4/1/16 -- Tamara needs to zip her lips. No one gets a chance to speak. What a glory freak.

    And....... It's become a failed comedy hour. Sad, sad, sad. The phony belly laughing amidst stupid rhetoric is enough to make me puke my morning breakfast. They emulate Saturday Night Live cast members.

  • Take Tamron out of Today!!!!!

    i cannot watch the today show anymore. TAMRON HALL has no idea the show IS NOT all ABOUT talks over everyone, she is very poised and phony. not at all like Natalie or Savana. When she acts like she can relate to something such as being a mom, she is so fake. she tries to dominate the table. and comes out with some really off the wall remarks to get could not stand to hear one more remark about pink or swim bathing suits for al and that picture she had put up of willie in some weird looking bathing suit. willie did not look happy. he said its about raising money not the bathing suit.
  • Time to remove Tamron Hall

    I used to watch the Today show all the time, but over the past year I find myself constantly flipping to GMA instead when Tamron is on the show. She consistently talks over people, interrupts people and wears a forced smile (smirk) so much of the time. She seems to speak just to be heard and sometimes makes no sense at all or talks about personal issues/events that no one is really interested in. There seems to be a displayed discomfort at times by fellow co-hosts on the show which makes it even more difficult to watch the show. PLEASE move her to some other show or remove her and maybe the ratings will go back up.


  • savanah, you ignorant nbc slut.

    moving to GMA for sure!
  • Media Biased & taking $$

    Why don't you quit picking on Trump and look at ALL the Lies, Deceit, Murders, . etc. of Hitlary Clinton, and also the taking down of America by our Muslim president?????? This so called reporter had an agenda and she got what she has cried wolf several times before, media are bought to say whatever their rich owners pay them to say and do, without any feelings of we wonder why this country is going to hell in a handbasket.
  • This is not news

    First 20 minutes today was replaying a video and interviewing Trump about a reporter getting jostled while a herd of people were leaving a Trump event. Terrible interview by Matt and Savanah and complete waste of time listening to this when serious news is happening in our country and around the world
  • Revamp morning program

    It's time for NBC executives to revamp the morning program. It is preferable to have non-biased reporters. It is very clear that Matt and Savannah are unable to be non-biased. Their attitudes when interviewing politicians are highly offensive. I am not interested in their opinions.
  • Today Show or Trump Show?

    I don't know exactly when the Today Show turned into a news-free infotainment crapfest, but the point at which I couldn't watch anymore was when it turned into the Trump Show. Is there another presidential candidate? Is there a democratic party? I wouldn't know if I just watched the Today Show. Every single day that loser is allowed to spew ignorant nonsense upon this show's viewers, and if he becomes the republican nominee, this show will bear a huge responsibility for it. The anchors seem uncomfortable with it, and seem occasionally to be allowed to take a shot at him, but, really, does that make a difference? Has anyone uttered the words Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, let alone have them on the show ONE TIME? Are ratings really the only thing the producers of this low-brow Shlockfest give a crap about? Its so horrid to watch the show slide lower and lower, especially for those of us who were once fans. Will Jills Steals and Deals become the main daily segment soon? Will Jenna Bush, who sounds perpetually congested and simultaneously holding marbles in her mouth, soon become a main anchor? Will someone go on a murderous rampage if she does one more sickening overwrought story on her family? And Tamron Hall's complete inability to stop herself from talking or complete one succinct point is a train wreck that never improves. These bizarre casting choices are of course small affairs in contrast to the political one-sidedness that should not be allowed. All candidates should be given even CLOSE to the same coverage if this is to be considered anything near to a network news show and not just pure propaganda at this point. It disgusts me to watch it, and I've had to switch to CBS, which I don't like, but at least there's a less biased approach. I am furious at the producers of this show, it is a shameful travesty, and someone somewhere will call these jokers out at some point.
  • tamron hall

    Hi am new to this site in my own personal opinion about tamron hall she had always make me feels real good also i what a tough background she is i have learn so much about her even know she is a beauitful female i do get little be fresh rated at time i can be little bit shy at time i don't have any friends only just a few of them i can relate to tamron hall like trying to fit in with other i ever had anything nataive say about her like about she make me feel real good about myself even if it about herself i learn little bit about her were she come from i know she might not be as open i an't perfect i know she an't eather not even all those other cast does morning news even the weekend news is all goods too one things i don't ever care for all this donald Trump stuff he had be getting kinda old after longs while seen like he is hinding something also be little be of a broken record after a while i don't think unversal media family need him phone in every weekdays not even with morning joe he bearly ever had anything goods say other than make remark after remark he can't even keep a straight face i think this donald Trump remarkis ways too ooverrated it had to go always for goods let those other candidates have there airtime he not only one trying get elect not going to happen from what i know there is a rumor that someone might be able beats the donald Trump himself need worry about cleaning up his mess and quit annoy all those fraud charge i know he had two fraud charge in two different state one in calforina other in new jersey he need clean up his mess and pay the penalty i know i an't lying about this i am well educate been thought 16 years of experience also i use goods judgements when i comments on this i am well educate and spoken if i didn't understand something always take the time to google it before I make a statement ........
  • Nothing news worthy

    Nothing on the show is newsworthy or original and even covered thoroughly like it used to be, before Matt ,Savannah, and Tamron Hall. Obviously the producer of the show, is from outer space if you can't see that he is facilitating The destruction of a legacy of what was an excellent informative news show. The news that comes out of the today show now, is nothing original or "breaking", this already repeat of what we've heard on our local news channels and hour before the today show. They focus on garbage and Goss up and teen trendy crap. Tom Brokaw, has been on the recent today show several times, I'm sure he believes the same and more about the quality of the show now, but won't say it may be afraid he won't be asked back; Too bad. Tameron hall, The most irritating individual that could be on any show, anywhere. the self proclaimed "journalist", who looks like a ugly version of "Prince", is obnoxious, as she is ignorant and the college she went to should have there hands slapped for ever issuing her a degree, that allowed her to get a gig like the today show. The fact that she doesn't know the answers to anything, even The remotely obvious even to a third grader is sickening to watch along with the way she laughs off her ignorance, like it's normal and a big joke. Don't get me started on how when she does comment on something, it's like she feels she's come up with something very profound, in reality she becomes "Captain obvious". She constantly is cutting off her cohost, her guest, and irritating the today shows viewers and audience. The whole group is constantly Focusing, on how to look "hip", and trendy, which is obviously forced, and preplanned and looks dorky as hell and is not what a person looks for in a "news" show. I could go on about savanna, who in my opinion, is another waste of and unwarranted college degree. In my book she's only one step above Tamron Hall. And either the today show, producers do not see any of these comments, or they just don't care, which is par for the course for this generation.
  • enough already!!

    Enough with the Trump bashing, Savannah! I realize that you are not a TRUE journalist (fair and unbiased) but, please, show a little CLASS!! This is getting old! Where is Anne??
  • High School Clique

    Watching the current Today Show weekday cast reminds me of my high school days. Bad "A List" clique chatter. Who can overtalk who? Who likes who? Who looks the best? Who 's personal life is more important than any others? What ever happened to reporting the news? I don' t ever remember Walter Cronkite ever talking about his family life or what cute pants his camera man had on. Can we possibly dumb down the news anymore? Wait a . I forgot about the Weekend Today cast.
  • Who should stay and who should go.

    It is easy to see that Savannah Guthry needs to be replaced with Natalie Morales. Savannah casts a very condescending glance to people who threaten her ability as a co-host. Savannah appears to have been a spoiled sheltered brat her whole life (I am saying this as she seems unable to cook, clean or even pack a suitcase according to her interact with Natalie is don't think I have ever experienced a woman like this except for the one time in my life I dated a model. I am pretty sure that America would feel better listening to someone that has a little more in common with the everyday person as opposed to a person coddled her whole life.

    I do not understand people who dis Tamron, she seems so pleasant on the short time she gets on the air I really question any hate going her way.

    I am right there though with people on Jenna Bush Hager. If you want to know why refer to my comments on Savannah, with the exception that she did learn to cook at the Gwyneth Paltrow spend till it hurts school of cooking (what that means is take the most expensive things you can find and mix them together and they usually taste good). Not cooking for the average American so why air it ?

    As for my case with Natalie, I enjoy listening to her. She is one that grabs me like Morgan Freeman (he is the top however) for narrating. Perhaps she is to busy in other endeavors to take this on, but they should make it her choice. Savannah can go back to the news channel she came from.

    Yeah and we all know what opinions can be compared to, but that is mine.


    I have been watching the Today Show for 50 years and the quality of the show has gone downhill since Ann Curry left. It looks more like a class reunion than a credible news show. Matt and his harem are the most annoying people I have ever seen. All they do is talk to each other and talk over each other. Why have a audience is my thought. With all of them talking at once no one can understand a thing that anyone is saying. I can only watch about 45min. before I have to change the channel to Dr. Phil reruns. News flash producers who do you think is watching the show. Retired people. We don't care about the Kardashians or Katlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Get rid of the Gigglie Girls and get a credible news person. There is so many great stories out there, do a little digging and you may come up with a better show.
  • Today shows past

    I have recently been able to watch morning tv again after years away from morning tv. While I very much enjoy Tamron, Natalie, Al and Willie (who is one of the nicest and most talented people on the show), I do not like the present format of the show. Having grown up watching Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley, Tom Brocaw, and Hugh Downs, I am appalled by the lack of objective and serious journalism, while there is a dramatic increase in fluff and journalism with agendas. The segments are too short with the hosts interrupting each other and the guests. Matt is condescending and rude, while Savannah . . . . well . . . cannot begin to hold a candle to Ann Curry or Katie Couric. It is sad to see such an iconic show follow trends instead of continuing to lead by example, with integrity and objectivity.
  • Cannot stand Tamron!

    Tamron is a very immature little girl and is distracting from the show. I tune out when she is on. Also, the segments are too short and rushed. When there is a guest demonstrating something, they have to speak so fast to get in their info and most times, they get cut off anyway. Slow it down. Stop trying to cramp 500 things into one show. I would rather see quality pieces than a 30 second, harried demonstration.
  • Savannah Guthrie remains horrible and I will return to other morning shows

    I stopped watching the Today show because of the poor ability of Savannah Guthrie to interview .

    I happened to have the tv on NBC this morning and went ahead and watched.

    Her interview of Trump was no better than months is like a 13 yo girl arguing her points by talking over the guests. She has demonstrated no growth of her skills.

    I find it hard to believe that Today cannot find a better female host. I'll be more aware of what station my TV is on at bedtime.

    Also Willie Geist is being sucked in by Savannah and has lost his charm. His father needs to redirect him before he looses his good points

  • Jenna

    Please bring Kathy back. I can't watch that Jenna, she's terrible. I used to watch all the time but as soon as I see Jenna I change the channel.
  • Tamron talking!!

    Tamron Hall seems to be under the impresson that the 3rd hr of the Today Show is the "Tamron Hour".

    Let your co-hosts talk too! And quit being combative. Just love Willie, Natalie, and Al. Today Show Execs, shame on you for letting any one co-host dominate. I start off everyday trying to tolerate Tamron Hall, and I ALWAYS end up switching to Kelly and Michael; who by the way have great chemistry and share airtime. Come on Today Show get your house in order!

  • Today Show more annoying

    I've watched for many, many years. It's become a clack fest with all these women who all talk over each other. Every time I DO find a segment I'm interested in, I can't hear the guest because they talk over them and don't let them present their information. This "roundtable" stuff too - we don't need 5 people sitting at the table giving their opinions. We don't CARE about THEIR opinions. I'm not sure when the execs thought we the people wanted this crap. So between the constant talking over each other, cackling amongst the women and finding things that are not hilarious, extremely hilarious and laughing uncontrollably, I just can't watch anymore. Remember the Today show with Dave Garrison and how it was news focused, not opinion focused? You have strayed SO far off that course. Finally, these "perfect" looking women in their perfect outfits and perfect hair and layers and layers of makeup. Do you ever hire any woman who is not perfect looking? All with fake eyelashes; certainly not a representative of most women. Can't we just look normal? Why do we have to look like dolls? I see they have now added yet another cutesy woman, Dylan, who apparently did weather but now is a pretty regular host? In addition to Jenna, Tamron, Natalie and Savannah? Do we need this many doll women hosts? I love when they show them on location doing something where they are not all dolled up; they look just like you and I. Stop with all this fakery and talking, talking, talking. Look at some old Today Show eps from the 50's and 60's for real journalism, morning show and reporting.
  • Please No More Jenna Bush Hager

    I used to love the Today Show. I've been a loyal viewer for over 15 years. No one has ever made me change the channel, until Jenna Bush Hager. I can't stand watching her. She's not well spoken or well mannered. She hasn't improved, if anything she's gotten conceited and worse. I can't believe they let her fill in for Kathy Lee. KLG is one Classy Lady and regardless of her upbringing JBH comes off as Ill Mannered, Trashy, Fake and Petulant. Jenna Bush Hager is Not TV material, Sadly she's been on & off Today for years & has not improved, it's painful to watch her on air she Still stumbles & stutters & acts like her stuff doesn't stink, when actually she's the stinkiest. I change the channel and end up missing the rest of the show. I am trying Not to be mean, however JBH is a TV personality & as I'm the one "paying" to watch her, it's my right to voice my opinion, and in my opinion it's like NBC is trying to put lipstick on a pig!! She sucks and only has this job because of her family.
  • Companion Dogs

    For 16 years, I have suffered with debilitating panic disorder. When I want to go see my daughter and family, I have to fly. I use to have a Springer Spaniel who passed and now have a small lap dog. My dogs feel my fears, emotions and anxiety. Immediately cover my body and cuddle. Its what they do naturally. I received a letter from my attending Physician who has treated me for this disorder for years. The letter stated I needed this dog to act as a calming agent. I have flown recently and when I got to the airport the panic started when I walked through the door. My dog laid her chest against mine and cuddled while I started the checkin process. Although I let the airlines know I would be bringing a companion dog, I had to show all paperwork to show my I needed her for support. When I got to the counter I was told the letter was outdated and I needed to have my Doctor update the letter. Understand. I have panic disorder, so I immediately fall apart in public because I can't get organized. They were kind at the counter, let me fly but made sure I understood that before my return flight I needed my Doctor to update the letter. I have had people ask what is wrong with me during this process. (embarrassing and an invasion of my privacy) You don't cover the very core of Companion dogs (pets) and the use by people who couldn't function, in some situations, without them. Do I believe their is abuse? Yes, but after what I have been through, I really question the validity reporting about something that does not cover both the pros and cons. I could write a novel on what my dog have walked through with me. My mother always said, "walk a mile in their shoes". When you report something like this the, yin and yang is crucial. You plant seeds that affect many. Be responsible in reporting. Report the service as well. Not just the abuse.
  • neena opinion

    I am so sad for all the people below that have nothing good to say about other people I say look in the mirror. I am worried for the children growing up in a world full of hate and meanness. I love the take they make me laugh and I LOVE kathy lee and Hoda THEY ARE WONDERFUL together. please try to be nice loving one another make you and the receiver feel better.
  • Tamron bashing

    Tamron is beautiful, lively, stylish and adds interest to the show. I would much rather watch her and be entertained by her so called whacky antics than painfully sit bored to tears with Natalie Morales. I love watching food segments with Natalie. She treats food as if it were poison and her hesitation to eat a few calories is so obvious. She is a typical buttoned up snob and bland. I'd much rather watch paint dry.
  • K & H Wine

    I agree with the review on the morning wine. I don't think drinking should be glamorized.
  • Jenna Bush Hager

    Jenna needs to stay home and raise her children. Jenna has not improved with time, in fact she has gotten worse. Just because she is a relative of a famous person, does not make her a star. Jenna can not act, she is not funny, she can not talk professionally, she always uses poor slang words like "nope, yup, ya, gotta, . Jenna is ot funny, she can be belittling, she uses improper words like "crotch, made me sweat in places that I din't know I could--eeewww yuck, wedgie, moist, Jenna does not know how to dress, walk, or look. Jenna also can not wear stylish shoes on those huge meat hooks of hers. Lastly, Jenna does not have the style or class of Hoda or Kathy. The show would do everyone a huge favor by letting Jenna stay at home.
  • Tamron was ridiculous today!!!!!

    And completely hijacked the segment on organizing. Tamron turned the segment into a self-help session totally for her. She isn't the star. What does it take for her to get that memo. Or better yet - what does it take for the Exec's to see that she isn't a good fit?!?!
  • I Love the Show......3rd hour is my Fave

    Come on people, you are being grumpy! This show has energy, unlike the other networks' morning shows. I Love it, it's hilarious. I also Really, Really like that they have 40-somethings (Tamron, Willie, Nat, Savannah, Hoda, and half of the weekend hosts); perhaps this is the demographic they are going after. The diversity is great, as well. Representative of real life. If you want a more stuffy, less diverse show with people sitting listening to themselves drone on about politics, then you do have Options--I'm just saying. (Btw: i think KLG and Hoda are like Big sisters; and Savannah has grown on me; she is a Sweetheart. Lastly, Papa Bear Matt, well, I just adore him now-- wasn't always the case). This network knows what they are doing.

    With respect, Mel
  • The Perfect Cast

    The Today Show is a great show. However the perfect cast along all platforms of the today show( including Weekend Today) is Nathalie Morales, Willie Geist, Tamron Hall. Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, Erica Hill. Dylan Dreyer and Craig Melvin. They also need to bring Lester back to the program, he is great. From top to bottom this is my ratings for each platform of the show: Weekend Today-10, Todays Take-8, Early Today-6, KLG & Hoda-1. A negativity to the show is when the crew laughs in the background that is not good for viewers and critics alike. The fourth hour of the show with KLG and Hoda honestly I think they write their own script and material, they are drunkees and talk total adult censored stuff on DAYTIME TV. I think What NBC Should do for a fathers day and mothers day this year is have an all men and all women panel of former and present today show hosts. That would make the ratings possibly go up.
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