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  • Chemistry is everything. One co-host needs to go (Tamron Hall)

    Tamron Hall is decent on MSNBC, but just sucks the air out of the room on the Today Show. She's dim like the previous fashion plate who left, Anne Curry; no playful adlib skills, misses basic fun pop-culture references and brings everything to a standstill whenever playful banter is happening. NOT FUN. In short, the anti-Vierra. (I'd love to see Meredith come back full-time; she always fit in perfectly with Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and the other co-hosts. Sharp, witty, "gets

    The Today show has always been my go-to morning show when getting ready for work; it still strikes a fairly good balance between the mostly-serious CBS This Morning (which is my #2) and the stuck-on-a-bus-with-loud-drunk-people atmosphere of whatever is going on at ABC. But chemistry is so important, and Hall is a DUD here.

  • Tanaron Hall

    Come on NBC lets fix this mess on the today show with Tamron Hall, Al Roker and who ever you decide to sit in the 3rd chair at 9, This is beyond awful, Tamron acts like a child, and her outfits are not the fashionista she thinks she is. You are heading down a dangerous road, but it is obvious no one is reading all of these concerns from your watchers, that are tuning in to other channels.
  • Tamron Hall

    How did she get this job? She is SO ANNOYING! Just constant talking. She overshadowed all of her guests today by just yabbering. Get rid of her!
  • Tamron Hall has got to go

    She is ridiculous. Do not enjoy her at all. I may have to switch. After decades!

    Time to change the channel when she comes on. Too many things to say why I do not like her on the TODAY show. She is so unprofessional in every manner and actually says many stupid things. It's embarrassing. I think Miss Hall does a wonderful job on reporting the news, and that is scripted for her. Please bring Willie Geist back.

  • Today a Disgrace Grilling Priebus on Unsubstantiated Report on Trump

    Whatever happened to responsible, find all the facts, substantiate, we're not going to run that story until we get at least 2 Woodward and Bernstein? The Today show is a total hack full of unprofessionals who make decisions not based on ethics and truth but on ratings. I think Trump is a disgrace but no one should have to defend themselves against unsubstantiated charges. At one point in the Preibus interview Matt Lauer said "this story is either going to go somewhere or At which point Preibus should have said "That's the whole point: it hasn't gone anywhere yet so your whole line of speculative questioning is premature & pointless until you have an actual story". So unprofessional of Today to run with this line of attack. I'm sure they justify it by saying others are reporting on it... it's out there... so we have to report on it.... Duh. That is speculation by me of course but let's have them respond as they would have Trump respond. It simply solidifies their position as a news followers not leaders. Thanks to Today with the widest audiences having the lowest standards. Today show is a disgrace as so many correctly observe in these reviews.. and the reason so many will not watch .. along with the "Look at Me .. Look at Me" scenes stealing shouting matches for attention among the hosts led by Tamron .. trying to upstage each other by "who can talk the most" then peppering guest experts with preemptive questions that ruin the flow of the presentations. So shallow, annoying and unevolved.

  • Martha Stewart's Sugar Bomb

    About 65% of the people in this country are over weight or obese and these idiots have Martha Stewart on to show how to make a cake that is just a giant sugar bomb. Really!? How clueless can you get?
  • She"s BAAACK. I"m GOOONE

    Have watched Today for 50 years and been a loyal fan and supporter of changes in personnel thru the years. I thought NBC had come to their senses in the New Year, but Tamron was back this AM and for the first time I changed the channel. She is so self absorbed and unprofessional. I will be pushing the remote buttons until NBC gets it!!!!
  • Maybe when Meghan Kelly comes

    You will get rid of Tamron Hall she is horrible. She is ok when just sticking to a script and reading it as is but when she goes on and on about her personal life that it so boring it makes me want to change the channel. You can tell Al thinks she is a dit-wit too. I was so upset when Natalie moved what a shame she was awesome on the Today show classy asset now we hardly get to see her. Hope you decided to make additional changes not just adding Meghan which I think will be a good start
  • A big disappointment

    This show just keeps making more and more bad decisions!!! They have a death-wish, going into the worst ratings now. But they have earned it.

    They railroaded Ann C. ( like we wouldn't find out Matt???), bringing in Savannah (hope she had NO part in that previous disastrous political debacle), adding Tamra Is this to be HER SHOW, that is the only explanation for keeping such a self-absorbed unprofessional on the show!, let's add the 2 Bush's to the don't know which one is more who would say ANYTHING for the camera(????), and Jenna, who seems more interested in clearing up her Father!/ historic view (from his horrific presidency) Is this really a platform for Today Show?? Jenna couldn't even remember the movie's name for reference of her interview at the Awards!! YES, she is the new TODAY Journalistic representative....

    Wow, how far, you've declined........
  • Katie Couric

    This past week that Katie has been cohosting with Matt Lauer has reminded me why I quit watching the show. She likes to be in spotlight all the time. She interrupts steady and thinks she's so funny. I started watching Today again when Savannah come on and love her as well as Dillon. Please keep these girls on and keep Katie off.
  • Tamron - where is she?

    If Tamron is gone, I will not watch the Today Show again.
  • Bring Back Real Journalists

    Please return the Today Show to the days when Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were hosts, when anchors were actually journalists and not news readers, when anchors asked intelligent questions and the show was interesting to watch. The current show is pathetic, especially Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Tamron Hall.
  • Bring back Katie

    Bring back Katie! What a breath of fresh air! At least this week I can leave the channel on of surfing because the draining drone of mindless blathering is back Katie!
  • The Today show

    I have been watching the Today Show for YEARS!!!! I'm done! I actually have decided to switch to the GMA. This is huge for me. I have never cared for Matt L or Al R but I have always enjoyed everyone else on there even the new people like Carson D and Willie G but hearing the Natalie M is gone I'm done. I know my opinion prob doesn't make much of a difference but you have to start somewhere. Seeing Katie C face on there this week was the final straw!! I should of done this back when the scandal went on with Ann C. Anyway Good Morning America I'm joining your team of viewers!!! I'm excited for my change good way to start the new year!!
  • What a great way to close out the year!

    This week on Today has been amazing - no people talking over each other, no one talking at the top of her voice and butting in all the time, no sarcastic remarks from the main man. The show has been great to watch. Normally have to turn to another channel because of all the talking over one another. Miss Al and Dylan!
  • Shut her up

    Please make Tamron stop grinning and her to watch herself. If the show has to keep her PLEASE PUT HER SOMEWHERE ELSE
  • Going to far with diversity

    I've always watched the show. At times I love it. I know about all the behind the scenes gossip but when people complained about seeing nothing but white anchors. when I watch in the morning for hours I see a knee jerk reaction. I see mostly black anchors, supporting people and guests! I've already started to surf channels.
  • Steals & Deal a SHAM

    I finally bit on a couple of the Steals & Deals. Then I found out the products do not ship for WEEKS. I was shorted one of 4 cookbooks in a set and the sender will not even respond to my emails. The other item I ordered was inferior "for the deal" quality. Shipping costs were exorbitant, products not properly packed. And don't even think about anyone making it right if you don't get what you ordered. Get rid of that stupid segment and let folks go about their business with Amazon Prime - free shipping and "actual" prices.
  • Today Show is all about the Anchors

    After 28 years of watching The Today show, I can't watch it anymore. The way the covered the election was so totally biased but that was really just the last stone. They are so in love with themselves it's pathetic to watch. I started watching Fox News and absolutely love it.
  • Stop cutting off your guests!

    I can't take it anymore! Looks like your guests go through so much trouble to inform us and you rush them through so fast or cut them off completely! I hate it you are so rude! If you can't give them a complete segment don't have them on at all. I am changing the channel!
  • Today's show baking cookies 12/16/16

    The male cast member was fairly new and presenting the chef that was showing how to make cookies for the holidays. I was very unimpressed with him being so overly bearing that I had no idea what cookie she was making or even what her name was. I love watching the Today's show, but at that point I just wanted to turn it off.
  • really close to switching

    Can hardly tolerate Tamron Hall anymore. She seems to try way too hard and rarely has an intelligent observation on anything. Her guests end up looking as inane as she does.
  • I want to be able to enjoy the Today sh

    I been watching the Today show for more the thirty years. For the first time I catch myself every time Tamron comes on I am switching. Can't stand listen to her stupid comments. I want Natalie back she is smart and a delight to watch. Who in the right mind puts Ms. Hall on the show with Al I feel so sorry for him
  • Switched to GMA

    I, too, am Team Natalie. I would have preferred that Tamron headed West. I switched to GMA this morning and liked it a lot. When Savannah returns or if Natalie is a guest cohost for a week, I may go back to Today. If not, GMA has a good format.
  • Tameron Hall

    I think Tameron Hall is doing a great job, she is very professional and looks amazing!!!! I watch because she inspires me and is well informed. I can't believe some if the hateful comments about her, to me it sound like alot of jealousy towards her. Don't get mad because she is beautiful and intelligent. She have it all some just not as fortunate, its not her fought for being the person she is. I see nothing wrong. Be honest with yourself and ask what is the real reason that you do not like her. Look at yourself and carry is enough LOVE not HATE.
  • It's time to can Tamron Hall!

    I say it is time to can Tamron Hall. I cannot believe that NBC banished Natalie to the West Coast and kept the blabbermouth, name-dropping Tamron Hall. It is like she cannot help herself. She has to talk over whomever is speaking, even it means raising her voice until the other person finally just gives up. Why in the world did NBC ever keep her on the series of Today shows. I say it is time to bring back Natalie and send Tamron to Hollywood where she will fit in with all of the other narcissists!
  • All the good hosts are leaving Today!

    Unfortunately I only watch Today Show these days for as short a time as posdible - get morning news and then turn it off. I loved Natalie and Willie was good as well - I was appalled when you hired Billy Bush because he was an obnoxious self promoting know it all . I have always thought Tamron is the poorest excuse for a host possible - she hogs the conversation and does not come across as being sincere. She thinks she is cute and is so obvious about it. When Savannah goes on maternity leave I won't watch at all . Will try out the other network Morning shows. So sad - get it together NBC!
  • Toodle Loo TAMRON Exit down the HALL

    i used to love the TODAY SHOW. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Tamron Hall is such a pretend person. Can't stand her, her voice, her looks, anything. To send Natalie Morales away to another show just so that mousy looking jealous Tamron could have her time in the spotlight was ridiculous. Natalie was so REAL. You could believe her no matter what, even her laugh was genuine. Now I turn off the tv when your TODAY SHOW comes on. I have to watch Natalie on that show with Kit. I don't even particularly care for that show but like to watch Natalie. Well, if you lose enough viewers, maybe you can find someone else that will be able to fill the void but no matter what, DITCH TAMRON HALL.
  • Tired of Tamron

    After watching the show for years I have stopped because of Tamron. She talks and laughs over everyone else's conversation. She seems to want to be the center of attention at all times.
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