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  • Students at Universities need Babysitting

    Matt, since when do students at universities need to be baby sat. Universities are there to teach kids not keep track of what they are doing on their own time. Would that not be a form of spying??? Get with it Matt, put the blame where it belongs, with the kids involved with the incident!!!
  • Change Is Way Overdue

    Today Show needs a real shake up. Tired of watching incompetent Mat Lauer, Savanah Guthrie is unbearable and niece and obviously so directed by whatever Lauer says and does. Get anchors who know what they are doing, can stand up for their beliefs, and represent Americans as they really are rather than elitists and pampered TV personalities. Switched to GMA with the mistreatment of Ann Curry because little Mat was scared of the growing ratings and fan base. Enough of Mat already.
  • Politically overwhelming

    The political bias on the Today Show has gotten unbearable. I had to switch to GMA because I couldn't take the politics being crammed down my throat first thing in the morning. Political reporting is one thing, but the Today show has just become obnoxious and so overwhelmingly and unconditionally biased that it's hard to wade through their constant and ironic accusations of fake news and inappropriate bias. Al Roker, can you go to GMA?
  • Million a Month Lauer

    So a guy they pay 2M a MONTH (over 1M/mo net) and gives free helicopter rides to his 15M+ house in the hamptons plays like he's a normal guy? This is why trump won. People like this living a very small bubble, making that kind of money with pretty much zero value add to society. Negative as they are as they come yet play the facade... Savannah Guthrie, yeah there's a real value any story about the MD girl raped by immigrants or yesterdays San Jose killing by a muslim that killed 3 white guys screaming shouts 'Allahu Akbar' when what player ....
  • Warren on the Tuesday Today show.

    I believe Warren is a loose cannon. I mean she sounds like she is out of control. The woman needs to retire. She talks in circles. She is not at all willing to work with President Trump, she is a trouble maker. I am glad Matt did finally speak up a little bit for our President.
  • Tamron Hall departure - a good start

    News-flash--- not all viewers are upset with the shakeup on the Today show. Let's face it the Today show lost all of its unbiased news content several years ago. It was replaced by this Pollyanna style Hollywood focused entertainment that few news viewers want. The addition of Megan Kelly will not be the second coming as she does not have have the skills nor the top shelf character needed to drag the show out of the rut it is in. Want some free advice, retire Matt with dignity as there was a time when his journalism was about unbiased news, Al should stay as his career has always been balanced. Bring Natalie back in a bigger role worthy of her skills and character. Willie could be salvaged with something similar to a "cult like"de-programming of the bias and negativity. The biggest "get" is an epic hard-core journalist with a proven middle of the road track record and bulletbprooof ethics to fairly report REAL news content. A journalist who refuses to tell people what to think but rather provides ALL the facts for the viewer to decide for themselves. If the Today show can do that America may be able to get back to the basics as in the simpler days of apple pie, motherhood and Chevrolet!!!!

    What has happened to this hour show.. that I USED TO WATCH.. with intelligent, clever, interesting hosts.. NBC you have changed your political views bringing on Meghan Kelly and TODAY you gave air time to TRACE ATKINS.. NEVER AGAON will I watch, and you have lost a great many fans for the drastic changes you have made. Ms. Hall was a true journalist, very caring, smart, funny and added so much to your shows. Big mistake for allowing her to leave!! Now you hosts that re ridiculous , not smart, not funny.. very pushed in their comments and hosting abilities.. ROKER is your only savior.. Actually your entire show should be revamped!!! GOOD BYE to all NBC Today Shows!! Lets get some real news and great story coverage with no bias from CBS!!
  • No longer a FAN/ the misery continues

    Must we endure Kathie Lee Gifford. She is egocentric and obnoxious. She never shuts up, it has to be all about her all of the time. The Today Show has to be able to do better. Hoda does not need Kathie Lee.


    I had high hopes for Jenna Bush Hager, but she is turning into Kathie Lee. Interrupts constantly.

    I have watched the Today show since 1980, but it is showing it's years. It has become BORING.

    The 3/29 show further proves my point about Kathy Lee Gifford. She completely overtook a segment about hi tech security app's. I felt so bad for the guest. She strugglesdto keep going after Kathy Lee's talking all over it. The segment with Tom Selleck was also taken over by Kathy is all about her, and she ruins the show.
  • Don't blame NBC

    A lot of President Trump's problems are of his own doing. His pie in the sky promises may have fooled some of you but the rest of America's thinking society knew how government works as he obviously and painfully just found out. The government is not Celebrity Apprentice and he can't go around firing Senators and Congressmen. Not that it wouldn't be a good idea if he could. OUR President needs to get off Twitter and start acting like a grown man and govern they way an adult does. It's growing pains for sure and he needs to accept that not all things will go his way. If you think NBC has been harsh take a look at what he is proposing and determine for yourself if Trump is good for this country.
  • I Can't Watch Biased News Any Longer

    I have been a fan of the Today show for majority of my adult life and an avid watcher for over 18 years. So much so, that I have always had a TV installed where I could watch while getting ready in the morning. I always told my husband that Al would want me to be able to watch.

    The problem is Matt Lauer. He cannot stay unbiased while reporting the politics of our country. I don't relate to either extremes of our main political parties which is why I don't watch either CNN or Fox news. I have always enjoyed the Today Show because I was able to get the current events and a few light hearted stories to go along with the headlines. I stuck with the Today show through the election and I thought that after the election was decided Matt's tone would change, it has not. It is not just the words he chooses but his tone as well. I will no longer be watching the Today show. I am saddened that one of the programs that has brought me such joy to view will no longer be a part of my life, but I cannot continue to watch his personal negativity be expressed in a biased way.

    I understand that I am only one voice, but we all know change happens one voice at a time.

  • Enough of Savana !

    After watching fo 25+ years, I can no longer watch the Today show. Savana is a terrible choice, her obvious bias, and childish facial expressions when interviewing anyone associated with president Trump is rediculous. Today show management should read these reviews!!
  • I've watched for 30 years, no more!

    I have watched the today show for 30 years and although I saw the bias reporting of republicans throughout the years I've never seen it get so out of control. This is no longer a news worthy organization, it's a joke in my opinion. Go ahead and report to your Hollywood friends but don't forget they are not the majority of your viewers. I will no longer watch this news channel. Fox News here I come!! I have to say I was surprised Megan kelly went to such an organization. I liked her on fox but will not turn to NBC to see her.
  • What a joke

    Just watched the Today show for the first time in forever. Wow these people are such idiots. All they want to do is paint the POTUS as a villain. LOOK ITS OVER,HES POTUS NOW. IF YOUR BIG HOLLYWOOD HEADS WERENT SO SELF CENTERED MAYBE,JUST MAYBE YOU WOULDVE CONSIDERED REAL AMERICANS THAT LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD AND YOUR NOMINEE WOULDVE WON.
  • Goodbye to NBC

    Since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, I've seen a competent News/Magazine Show turn into a cold panel of hate. Tameron Hall left, and the show is left with only Al Roker to give their honest opinion. It is a liberal slant with no balance and it is sliding and tumbling over and over itself trying to regain ratings. I hate violence. I find the hate Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie do not bother to hide for President Trump both tiring and one dimensional. This is reflected on the Evening News as well. I no longer watch NBC or MSNBC. I can not watch a program that I feel will say anything to get a better rating instead of presenting the news and letting the chips fall where they may. I have not seen this. Matt seems confused and Savannah seems unqualified. I've locked my cable boxes off NBC Channels and MSNBC. You were lucky to have had Tameron Hall but you even blew that.
  • Tamron is still above all this


    And you are the prime example of flies following shit still is better than most of without this sorry so called rid of a diamond in the rough,for a needle in the haystackits a low life sh@t now run print stands for nothing but clowns
  • Third hour has become a goofy mess!

    Sheinelle Jones is not "anchoring" guest hosts well. Everyone is talking over each other. Laughing, running out to the plaza for fan give-aways. I wonder if producers ever listen to just the audio track. Unintelligible. I switch to MSNBC at 9am.
  • Get ride of Matt, NBC must have cranial rectal impact.

    There are so many people that have left the show and most if it is do to him. Even the rumors have moved people. All of the good female anchors are being moved and even some of the male anchors, . Willie. I'm glad Tamron is gone, i've seen many times that see has either rolled her eye or interjected to be on the camera. And just today Matt interviews Pres. Bush, couldn't Jenna have done that?
  • Dylan Dreyer and her family are truly precious!

    This morning the Today Show played videos of Dylan Dreyer with her newborn baby and family. She is fantastic and they are truly precious!
  • An example of Tamron's fan base?

    Star67tayloralee- You may want to check your spelling and grammar before you hit send. Your pathetic rant is not helpful to Miss Hall in the least. It's also another example of how ignorance and divisiveness go hand in hand.
  • Commercials

    The Today show used to be my favorite but it now seems they give more time to commercials than programing, which gets on my last nerve. Seems you have joined the world of greed .
  • Sunday morning with Willie Geist

    How dare he call Beyonce and JayZ America's Royal couple!!, Give me a break!!!
  • Tamron Hall

    I have watched the Today Show for over 30 plus years but I think i am going to check out another morning news show. I am so upset that Tamron Hall is leaving. She is one of the best Journalist and should be rewarded by NBC and not lost. I will not watch Megyn Kelly. If i wanted to watch Fox I would have watch them. NBC lost Ann C. then Natalie. I keep telling myself one more change and I am moving to another morning show. NBC I am putting you on notice this is the last time!!! Very upset over the changes.
  • Bye-Bye Tamron

    So glad she is gone. I changed the channel every time she was on the air.
  • Best of luck, Tamron, and bye-bye

    I'm so glad the fluffy and giggly Tamron is gone. Sure she is a pretty face, but that doesn't make up for her lack of professionalism and childlike comments. Now maybe I can find renewed respect for Matt and Al and won't have to leave after the first hour. I was nauseated by her flirty favoritism of Al. What a relief. I hope Tamron learns that women don't have to be girly to get by. Womanly is a far better trait. Give it to us Meghan!
  • Tamron Hall was the only reason I tuned in to MSNBC during the day

    I have always been a fan of Tamron Hall. I felt she was the best in the daytime lineup and would make me occasionally check in to MSNBC during the day. The horrible election coverage which helped get Trump elected made me vow to never put on MSNBC in the daytime again but I sometimes made an exception for Tamron's show. For several years I had MSNBC on all day (and night) before this last election season when they became Trump's puppets. Now, there will be no reason to go back to the network (except for Chris Rachel, Lawrence and Joy Reid). Great job NBC- you've proven your right wing corporate agenda. Megyn Kelly instead of Tamron? Are you kidding? As for the Today Show, I've already switched to GMA. Goodbye.
  • Today show is becoming the most boring morning show on television

    Every time I turn on the NBC Today show, there is nothing but the cooking segment every day. Give it up people. Are they (NBC producers/management) running out of news and ideas? To watch the whole crew sitting at the table 8:40 in the morning in the studio, eating whatever meal is being prepared in the studio above is pathetic. No entertaining value whatsoever. Combined income for these anchors has to be in tens of millions of dollars. No wonder the show is slipping in ratings. Bring some interesting people/news segments happening around the country and the world. There is plenty of exciting news out there to report. If I want to watch cooking channels I will watch the food network or infomercials, more exciting. Time to retire Matt. 9 0clock slot gets even worse, Totally boring hour of nothing! More cooking segments more empty talk about nothing. No wonder NBC is loosing popularity in the morning shows to ABC. Maybe Megyn Kelly will save the network with some real news hour. The network needs some serious overhaul in the morning shows anchor line up. It's becoming the most boring and expensive cooking show on the planet. Al's jokes are wearing out, he should stick with weather, rest of the crew is totally unwatchable. Wake up NBC! Save yourself millions of dollars, just hire some new fresh faces.

    One could compress 3 hours of that hollow show to 30 minutes and still have difficulty watching the full 30 minutes of it. ABC rules!

    New update, Tamron is gone! What about rest of the show's crew? Megyn on her own can not improve the ratings for that fading show. Hopefully NBC brass will bring new format, new ideas, new people for the first two hours to bring back the long lost viewers. No more cooking segments please! Time to retire Matt!
  • Changing to another after 20 years

    I had hopes that the Today show would get it together, I record it every day, it's such a normal in our home. Ive been holding on hoping that instead of only talking to half of America, maybe they would start talking to all of America. A bunch of friends stopped watching, but I kept on, I like Samantha and Matt. I had already stopped watching after 9, can't take Tamron. But seriously just can't watch a completely one sided show any more. There is no reason a news show can't have one Trump supporter and one non Trump supporter on their show. To sit and hear one sided bashing conversations all morning has gotten old. I don't mind listening to different opinions, as long as they have all opinions. The Today show goes out of its way to show why everything Trump does is wrong. When you never point out anything good, it becomes clear your playing politics instead of reporting news. You're losing half your audience, and that's a shame. I'll miss the routine, but not enough to keep holding on anymore.
  • TODAY is awful

    You need to get rid of Matt Laurer and Tameron Hall. They have had their day and need to GO!!!!
  • Finally makes sense

    I really could not understand how the exec producers of the Today show were not believing their own eyes and listening to their fan base. The 9 o'clock hour has been a disaster since Tamron Hall got involved. She poisoned the well for Natalie, turned Al into a blithering idiot and in general lost a significant piece of their loyal audience including me. This has just been plain terrible. It's almost too painful to watch. The Katie Couric visit as well as the recent Meredith guest host spots reminded everyone of how good the Chemistry can be. This week Natalie was back and the old gang seemed to be back in the groove.

    Now I get it, you did listen. It remains to be seen whether Megan Kelly can fit into the morning environment but at least Al and Tamron will be put out of their us as well.

    Kathy lee and Hoda have great chemistry and even though not my cup of tea, it works for their audience.

    I don't think the Todays take group has ever developed as it was born of the Ann Curray disaster.

    Like manny, I don't blame Tamron or think that she is a bad person. In TV, you just can't hide it, she doesn't fit and has alienated her coworkers and the fans who have enjoyed Today as a morning respite for many years.
  • Terrible Reporting

    I am so tired of the today show reporting news against President Trump. They are so biased. I have been watching the today show for over 30 years and I have finally had enough. Does anyone know where else we can leave our comments that might get back directly to NBC/the today show?
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