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  • Today Show transforms from enjoyment to a punishment

    My wife and I have been watching the Today Show every morning since the mid 1980s. Over the years, it became a regular part of our week day morning, get ready for work ritual. We enjoyed learning what was going on in the world and hearing the weather both nationally and locally. Unfortunately, the current Today Show drives me crazy. There is little hard news, too many hosts talking over each other, and way too many shots of screaming fans. The show now makes me cringe but I am like a prisoner in my own house because my wife can't break the addiction.
  • Snot Tamron and Dull Dylan

    Love the Today Show, however, I wish Tamron and Dylan were replaced. Tamron is such a snot and a doesn't seem to have a clue on the real world and Dylan has no personality, she is dull and drab.

    Just watch Tamron today about deals on clothing and the look that Tamron was giving because, Yes, Tamron in the real world things can be on clearance for under 10 dollars!! Dylan I just can't listen too, her voice is drab as well as her fake smile. I often wonder if Jenna ever wants to just smack her. LOL.
  • Tamron Hall Trying to be "Cutesy" & Too Much Drinking On Hoda & Kathie Lee

    I was so glad to find this site and read that I'm not alone in thinking that there's way too much of this giggling and fake "Oh did I really say that?" BS on The Today Show. Tamron Hall lacks the chops for a news desk and even when she skips over to that waste they call The Orange Room.

    Tamron makes comments -- maybe scripted, I'm not sure -- and then tries to act naive and cutesy by covering her mouth, giggling, and acting surprised as if, "OMG! Did I really say that?" This may be appealing to tweens. But it isn't appealing to adults who've watched The Today Show for decades and have seen it go downhill, especially after the hideous remodel. She needs to stop it with the quasi-blooper, followed by the hand-over-mouth fake look of surprise. It isn't funny. It isn't cute. Grow up and act like you're in the big league. It's been sad to see the degradation of The Today Show.

    Initially when I wrote this review, I intended to limit my comments to how irritating Tamron Hall is. But since I'm on a roll, I'll keep going. This is directed to Hoda & Kathie Lee: On what planet do you think it is OK to drink alcohol while hosting a MORNING talk show? I am not some religious fanatic who is anti alcohol. And I do enjoy an occasional mimosa with brunch on Christmas morning. But, every blasted morning you two have to drink either wine or mixed drinks with hard alcohol? What a horrible example both of you are setting! Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I realize that your "day" often starts several hours earlier than the average person's, but seriously ... What is with the daily booze ladies? Can't you see what a bad example it is?

    Note to Hoda: I love you on Dateline, and I respect the professionalism you exhibit when delivering hard news or narrating a human-interest story. You would do well to dissect yourself from the 4th hour of Today and move on with Dateline. Leave the alcohol to Kathie Lee who often acts as though she needs a drink just to be civil. She can marinate in her red-wine induced rhetoric and eye-rolling, along with her good buddy, Kris Jenner -- both of whom are completely irrelevant. Or better yet, Hoda Kotb should be moved to the anchor desk where her professionalism, compassion, and classy image would be better used.
  • Get rid of her....

    Savannah talks over everyone way to much. She is so annoying.

    Also not the discussing winter when she said, "let's all agree that ice is the worst".

  • Girl meets World: Nostalgia and Current television fuse or blows?

    As a 17 year old who grew up watching "Boy Meets World" on tv, recently got the collection on DVD, and dedicates the time to re-watching the entire series at least once a year for the past 5 or 6 years, I was pretty damn excited when i heard about "Girl Meets World". My obsession with the original series made me extremely ready for the new series, but it also generated my concerns for the show. So how did the pilot turn out? Without getting too caught up in the plot, I'm going to talk about what i think our the positives and negatives about the show.

    First of all, the show knows it's roots. It has not forgotten about Boy meets world at all and instead embraces off the show addresses the fact that its a show while introducing the two new main characters, Riley (Cory and Topanga's daughter) and her shawn like best-friend Maya. Cory introduces the show by basically saying how its still all about him and his world as a jokey reference to the original series, this starts the transition to it going from cory's world to the opening theme you can see many references to the original series such as the paper planes flying around like in the original opening theme, and the spinning globe in the world in the title "Girl meets World". All of the returning characters introduced are pretty much the same but an older, more grown-up version of themselves. Cory still seems just as neurotic and loving as he always was, but he is also developed into being more of a Feeny like character with his teachings and life lessons both inside and outside the classroom. Topanga is not introduced too much in this episode but from what it does show off her its still the same old topanga just grown into a motherly show has a lot of parallel characters to the original series, some being Riley as the Cory, Maya as Shawn, Lucas and topanga, Farkle the new Minkus (wonder if he'll be in more than one season), and Cory as the new Feeny, and well the same old cory. It has new characters with similar traits to that of the original cast, but are far from copies of them by adding new flares and qualities to them. It has also been announced that Shawn and Feeny will appear as recurring characters throughout the show also has various events in the first episode relating to some of the original series, like how Maya started the riot against homework in Cory's class is a parallel to Shawn doing the same thing in Mr. Feeny's class. Later on in the episode Cory gets angry with Maya and tells her how she "goes too far" and how a friend needs to get their friends out of trouble and not into it. This scene is a lot like when Alan told the same thing to Shawn in the original, both ending with Cory and Riley respectively standing up for their friend and going against their fathers. These tie in events really develop who each of the characters are suppose to represent.

    Now, my biggest concern. Looking past all of the nostalgia and the fact that this is a sequel series, is it a good show? Well my answer is yes. It does have flaws (even though if you asked me, i would tell you the original series hardly has any) but these flaws are due to it being in a completely different time when television shows directed towards kids are cheesy and usually substitutes the real issues for some lame jokes and out of the normal characters. I have watched a lot of the new disney shows and most suck but i can honestly say this one is a million times better than the rest. It does have flaws in the corny jokes and the over-dramatic teaching, but i mean it is still just the pilot episode. The shows doing what most shows now-a-days don't do and that is the episode does have some real lessons, like to be yourself, and to stick with your friends no matter what. It does come across as preachy and a little too obvious but thats just the way childhood television is today, but in that sense it's still a lot better than most. Going back to what I said about the unusual characters, the main example being Farkle. Farkle is over the top, but all of the current disney shows have a character or multiple characters like this, and it was to be expected, although he is one of these characters, i don't think it comes across as too bad because he does provide a lot of comic relief at times.

    Last of all, what can you expect from the shows future episodes? Well you can expect the lame corny jokes, the unusual and sometimes annoying characters, and the over-obvious lessons. But along with that comes a show that expands on the basis that has touched and taught many kids, teenagers, and adults throughout the year. It takes the concept of Boy meets world's coming of age story and twists it to fit a new audience while still bringing back all those memories and nostalgia of the original series. As a huge fan of the original, I personally think Girl meets world had a great first episode. My advice to the writers is to keep doing what you're doing with the references and parallels to original but try and make the lessons less preachy and cut out a few more of those fast-paced lame jokes for a few genuine ones. My advice to the audience, if you're running on nostalgia just try to remember this show is written for kids TODAY and has a lot of things applying to them. If you aren't running on nostalgia and haven't seen the original series, go watch it! you'll love it and you'll love this show even more because of it.

  • Gigglefest

    PLEASE, please stop it with all the women giggling and acting like teenage girls at a slumber party. Even Matt and Al have succumbed to the silliness. Just tired of it all. It was SOOOO much better when it was a more serious news show. It's all been said before in other reviews, so I'll just say I totally agree. Get rid of Samantha, Natalie, and ESPECIALLY Tamron. of them, HUGE THUMBS DOWN.

    What on earth has happened to this show and are the producers unaware of how their viewers (soon to be ex viewer) feel. This morning I literally wanted to throw up as Tamron Hall showed up with her natural hair. Who cares? Her facial expressions and giggling are so annoying. It being all about Tamron is annoying. The whole show has become annoying. Please bring back some sanity to this show. Anyway for now I will be switching to another show, hopefully I can find one I enjoy. By the way, I loved Anne Curry.
  • Diaper changers in men's Restrooms

    about 5 to 10 years ago in Church I watched as so many men were taking there babies into the restroom to change them, I'm a grandmother of nine, minus my 19 year old who was killed in Jan. by a drunk driver. I realize even more how important it is when you see something that needs to be change that you don't let up. back then I rallied for a diaper changer , even checked into prices and I didn't let it go until they put one in. These men that are taking on the responsibility of taking care of there children deserve to have things accessible to them, Elaine Houston Bowie Texas
  • Savannah Guthrie Wasn't Trained to Conduct Serious Interviews

    Why does the "Today" show allow Savannah Guthrie to conduct serious interviews? Her law degree doesn't automatically qualify her to do so. She appears seriously lightweight and more like a sorority girl confronting someone who may have used her makeup by mistake when interviewing President Obama, John Kerry, and other government officials than a serious news correspondent. Why won't they let Matt Lauer or even Natalie Morales--who has the education and years of experience as a news correspondent--conduct those interviews? Moreover, I think Savannah Guthrie often asks inappropriate/insensitive, cringe inducing questions when interviewing victims of abuse.

    Dear "Today" show, I switched from CNN to you to watch while getting ready for work back in 1999 because their morning program had become what 'your' show is rapidly approaching. You have qualiied news correspondents in Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales. Please use them more and move Savannah back to the analyst role for which she was originally hired. Even Al Roker conducts a better serious interview than Savannah.
  • Horrible Show

    I remember watching the Today Show back when I was younger while getting ready for school. It was all news, very serious. Now it's nothing but a joke. One big ad for different products and "news anchors" that talk over each other for like 4 hours a day. Whomever runs this show should be fired. KLG is so negative and an obvious drunk. Why keep people like her on air? The Today Show is like the old sick dog that needs to be put down.
  • You're Losing Me

    I've started my day with TODAY for decades, but I am just about through with you. I've already given up on the 4th hour with the drinking, and KLG negativity and judgements on people, music, etc. Hoda, you are so much better than this. Today Natalie and Tamaron were critiquing the soccer players--if two males made those comments about female athletes, they were be thrown off the air. Today's Take is horrible--Al and Natalie going on and on and on about some aspect of a story--their opinion. You don't have to shove it down my throat--I may have a different opinion. They are great in their weather and news roles but not this. Willie and Hoda would be a good team---friendly, fun, and real.
  • What ever happened to serious, interesting news

    I've watched the Today show for 30+ years and find I cannot stand listening any longer to everyone talking at the same time, over each other about their personal life or other non sense topics. Who are you catering to these days? You've turned into a talk show not a news program. I am disappointed to say that I now watch CBS and ABC in the morning with my coffee. Sorry Today Show. I'll try you in another year when maybe you get serious again. I loved Ann and miss her. Also get rid of the lady in the back ground that laughs so load when Al makes a funny;. I speak for several of my friends as well.

    I love each host individually but do not love the new format used these last few years.

    Uh, the only thing keeping the show real is Al Roker. Whenever the Today Show has food on air (ex. cake, cookies, chocolate) Natalie always pretends to be over enthusiastic about how yummy it is and wanting a big piece, but whenever it comes time to put the food in her mouth she doesn't eat it or just takes a small nibble!

    Savannah lies about her weight & height all the time, girl be real with who you really are. Your tall and weigh more then most women because of your height.

    Willie thinks he's too good with the "common people". You see fans standing outside in the rain to meet with the hosts, and Willie on June 9, 2014 show has to be shamed into going outside by Al because he doesn't want to make his hair frizzy. Willie, you're disgusting.

  • Hosts of Today Show

    Matt Lauer, Natalie, and Al remain strong. I also like Willie. Matt should do more of the interviews. I don't care for Savannah at all. I like Tamaron but don't think she is suited for serious interviews. Like "The Orange Room". Hoda is entertaining but the morning drinking is disgusting and a poor example for younger generation.
  • The facts about the VA, BVA and VHA.

    I am a veteran that is still being abused by the VA. I have the proof and nobody cares.

    VHA- Hospital side- I was told I required surgery to repair an item put in my body by the VHA; November 2013, my pre-surgical was on April 2014 and the next surgical date is June/July 2014.

    BVA- Benefits side- I was service connected for an injury, yet when I received treatment for that injury. At a VA medical center by a VA doctor, I was told by the VBA that my claim is denied. Still waiting to appeal.

    VA- the corporate face. The most untouchable part of the government.

    I have pleaded with everyone for help and it was all for not.

    If I would have broken my contract I would have faced imprisonment or death. If the VA does not hold up there end nothing happens. This is not new it will not change. The one thing that makes it worse, I trusted the government. Now I sit still waiting and my only regret is joining the United States Marine Corps.
  • Here's the truth about the VA

    The Veterans Administration gets a bad reputation because it's such an easy target for any vet who expects that the government has an obligation to take care of them until they die, and then have the VA plant them in the ground. But the vet that understands the VA, like they did the military, can get good results. Those who don't can get help to make it work for them.

    I am a disabled vet and the VA not only gives good care for my disability, but they deliver outstanding care with the latest medical technology. They keep me in contact concerning my medical issues through their internet access and always just a phone call away.

    I recently sat in front of the BX and talked with a retired vet. He had nothing to say but bad things about the VA. When I asked him if he had talked directly with a VA representative or seek legal representation he said no. When I told him about places that could help him resolve his issues, he ignored what I had said and went back to bad mouthing the VA.

    I can get an appointment a number of ways now. But I personally have seen that one of the biggest clogs in the VA clinic or hospital is the vet who misses or ignores his or her appointment. The VA notifies me through email, mail and phone calls well in advance of any appointment. My medications come without fail in the mail.

    The VA doctors know vets and our issues better than most civilian doctors. I can name my VA doctors and the positive difference they have made in my health.

    And there is an issue rarely talked about. Many vets are only interested in the VA to get a higher disability rating to get more money compensation. This becomes problematic when more money is the biggest factor in a vet's health. It can lead to fraud and frustration and endless useless appointments that could be used for a vet in real medical need.

    The VA is not perfect, but for those willing to do the research and work the VA does and can work for the vet. And a word of advice for those who are still on active duty, don't ignore documenting your medical issues on your military record; that's what the VA uses to rate you.

    MSgt. Michael Salazar USAF

  • Savanah

    I can't stand this show anymore. It's not news it's about all of them. Never seen such a bunch of egotistical people who think they are comedians and movie stars. And as for the talking over one annoying. The whole show is a joke and it's on for 4 hours!!!! After what they did to Ann Curry they can take the whole show and shove it. At least the other morning channels act like mature adults. It's not all about me me me.
  • heads up

    Honda your spanks are showing darling.
  • Annoying Jenna Bush Hager

    I'll take tamron Hall over moonface Jenna Bush Hager's loud, annoying personality any day of the week; the worst part is we all know why she got this gig and it has nothing to do with talent. Otherwise this is probably the best morning show.
  • Watch Your Language

    Willie - When two people are competing, the appropriate word is "versus" not You're an excellent anchor, but your misuse of this word makes you sound like a high school kid. Jill - The word is "jewelry" not
  • The VIEW Comes to the Today Show

    The new format with a panel talking over each other is not quality broadcasting. But who am I to say, the View has won awards for the same type of crap. When Mat Lauer is not on, I switch to another channel where the personalties remember how to be goo broadcasters.
  • KLG with a "round" face

    Regarding today's show with Susan Swimmer of More glasses for your face shape. She mentioned Kathy had a round face which KLG obviously took offense to because she got so rude and childish about it (what's new?) then she takes it out on Hoda by asking if a bird thought Hoda's hair was a nest. Why, oh why do you put up with her, Hoda? Why does anyone at the Today Show put up with her? Surely the ratings cannot be good what with the way she treats coworkers and the way she talks down to the guests. Didn't she turn sixty? Maybe you could mandate retirement for her NOW?!

  • What is with the giggly girls?

    Since the departure of Ann Curry, the Today Show is opting for the silly side and the news seems to be secondary. Savannah is a joke and now Tamron Hall is a loud mouth bigot. Poor Natalie is the only one who tries to keep things moving along while the others seem to have their own self-promoting agenda. I have watched the Today Show EVERY day for years and if it weren't for Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie I would change the channel. Willie is a nice edition for the "lighter" 9:00 hour. I know my few words won't change any of the cast of characters but I pray that Savannah does not wear form fitting clothes for the rest of her pregnancy.
  • Tamron Hall

    The Today Show has gone downhill since Ann Curry left. The show is no longer a news show, but a joke of one. The addition of Tamron Hall has made me now change the channel. I've been a longtime viewer of the Today Show and this addition has been a disappointing mistake. Tamron is so annoying with her over-exaggerated facial expressions, talking over people, and ridiculous comments. She thinks everything is funny or a joke when it's not. You can tell she has no chemistry with Natalie and is obviously not a professional like her. Tamron needs to go.
  • I onky watch when Savannah is absent

    Savannah is horrible as a co-anchor. I only watch when she is absent. She has no personality whatsoever. Her emotions seem fake. She is bad at interviews and cannot keep up with the joking. Why is she there????
  • ditto to previous comments

    I had to google to see if I was the only one disappointed in the Today Show format. I agree with all of the negative comments so will not repeat. But to add, why are we constantly having to listen to screaming fans outside and then TAPED screaming fans outside. Is all that silly fluff because there is nothing else to report? I like Matt Lauer, Willy Geist, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, and even Al Roker as long as they act professionally and aren't so silly. They can't be happy with the direction this show is going. It never happened before but now I switch to GMA and CNN and often never return to the Today Show.
  • Hall must go

    I agree with everyone else, the 9am hour with Hall and sometimes Roker is awful. Its way better with Willie and a guest host or Willie/Bush duo. Or at least make the hofa/klg hour start then instead and make it a two hour program. In any case, Hall downright sucks in this role and makes the 9am hour to dreadful to watch.

    Hall should join the cast of the View instead.

  • I give up

    I have watched the Today Show for years. I have never jumped ship until now, and I joined this discussion just to put in my two cents worth. It has gotten way over the top in their talking over each other. I tuned in only for the first 30 minutes, but don't even do that now. The stupid run-together comments and the terrible jokes after the News is read has to stop. The incessant banter makes all the panel look inept. You are not professional comedians! Tamron is the worst offender of them all. If she is to be retained as a permanent fixture, tone it down and act professionally! If anyone in the Corporate NBC cloud is watching, look over all these comments!
  • Goodbye Today Show

    I am so surprised about the comments listed below. I knew I wasn't the only one thinking the Today Show has become so annoying, it's getting hard to watch. I don't know who is the biggest loser on 'talking over each other", but I think it's Tamara Hall. She needs to find something else to do instead of sitting at the anchor desk. Doesn't matter. I've given the show a lot of watching for years and will now switch to either CNN or GMA. Does anyone from Corporate read reviews? Oh, one more thing, Savannah, I know getting married, then announcing we're pregnant was the 'old fashioned' way of doing things, but apparently you do not. Nice role model! Stop wearing clothes that don't fit you anymore. Another reason to stop watching. AND ANCHORS: STOP SAYING 'BASICALLY".
  • Tamara Hall

    I agree with all the NEGATIVE Tamara Hall remarks. The talking over each other is driving me crazy!! I have watched the Today Show every morning for 20 years. I want to change but I love Matt. I must decide if he is worth all the other horrible personalities. I'm a female but I truly think there is too many females and they try to "out do" each other and get the attention!! Not crazy about any of the females. And Tamara's wardrobe with the I say
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