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  • Today's show baking cookies 12/16/16

    The male cast member was fairly new and presenting the chef that was showing how to make cookies for the holidays. I was very unimpressed with him being so overly bearing that I had no idea what cookie she was making or even what her name was. I love watching the Today's show, but at that point I just wanted to turn it off.
  • really close to switching

    Can hardly tolerate Tamron Hall anymore. She seems to try way too hard and rarely has an intelligent observation on anything. Her guests end up looking as inane as she does.
  • I want to be able to enjoy the Today sh

    I been watching the Today show for more the thirty years. For the first time I catch myself every time Tamron comes on I am switching. Can't stand listen to her stupid comments. I want Natalie back she is smart and a delight to watch. Who in the right mind puts Ms. Hall on the show with Al I feel so sorry for him
  • Switched to GMA

    I, too, am Team Natalie. I would have preferred that Tamron headed West. I switched to GMA this morning and liked it a lot. When Savannah returns or if Natalie is a guest cohost for a week, I may go back to Today. If not, GMA has a good format.
  • Tameron Hall

    I think Tameron Hall is doing a great job, she is very professional and looks amazing!!!! I watch because she inspires me and is well informed. I can't believe some if the hateful comments about her, to me it sound like alot of jealousy towards her. Don't get mad because she is beautiful and intelligent. She have it all some just not as fortunate, its not her fought for being the person she is. I see nothing wrong. Be honest with yourself and ask what is the real reason that you do not like her. Look at yourself and carry is enough LOVE not HATE.
  • It's time to can Tamron Hall!

    I say it is time to can Tamron Hall. I cannot believe that NBC banished Natalie to the West Coast and kept the blabbermouth, name-dropping Tamron Hall. It is like she cannot help herself. She has to talk over whomever is speaking, even it means raising her voice until the other person finally just gives up. Why in the world did NBC ever keep her on the series of Today shows. I say it is time to bring back Natalie and send Tamron to Hollywood where she will fit in with all of the other narcissists!
  • All the good hosts are leaving Today!

    Unfortunately I only watch Today Show these days for as short a time as posdible - get morning news and then turn it off. I loved Natalie and Willie was good as well - I was appalled when you hired Billy Bush because he was an obnoxious self promoting know it all . I have always thought Tamron is the poorest excuse for a host possible - she hogs the conversation and does not come across as being sincere. She thinks she is cute and is so obvious about it. When Savannah goes on maternity leave I won't watch at all . Will try out the other network Morning shows. So sad - get it together NBC!
  • Toodle Loo TAMRON Exit down the HALL

    i used to love the TODAY SHOW. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Tamron Hall is such a pretend person. Can't stand her, her voice, her looks, anything. To send Natalie Morales away to another show just so that mousy looking jealous Tamron could have her time in the spotlight was ridiculous. Natalie was so REAL. You could believe her no matter what, even her laugh was genuine. Now I turn off the tv when your TODAY SHOW comes on. I have to watch Natalie on that show with Kit. I don't even particularly care for that show but like to watch Natalie. Well, if you lose enough viewers, maybe you can find someone else that will be able to fill the void but no matter what, DITCH TAMRON HALL.
  • Tired of Tamron

    After watching the show for years I have stopped because of Tamron. She talks and laughs over everyone else's conversation. She seems to want to be the center of attention at all times.
  • 9:00am hour

    It was so great seeing Willey on the today show Bring back Natalie and Willey
  • Unbiased or biased .... LOOK IT UP!

    I always thought newscasters were to report news with unbiased attitudes and/or opinions. In the case of Matt and Savanah, it is soooo obvious that they do not care for Mr. Trump. And to top it off they bring in Chuck Todd to add fuel to the fire! Is it a democratic show? The media in general has gone to hell. The coverage on the vice president debate this morning was a joke! If the tables were turned and Pence kept interrupting Kaine, Matt and Savanah would have been all over Pence in a bad way! I think the cast of the Today should get out a dictionary and look up the words BIASED and UNBIASED and take a quick refresher course on newscasting!!!!

    I am no longer a fan of the Today Show. I give it a rating of 2 ... being next to 1which is the worst ever!!
  • Get rid of Tamron

    I have watched Today for years and I am switching to GMA ..... Tamron makes me sick can't stand her FAKE laugh or the fact that she thinks she is a DIVA

    I miss Natalie and Willie!!!

  • Goodby TAMRON too

    Does she brags alot sure however she has paid the price to do would too if it was you all,but dogging her out will not fix COMPLAINING ABOUT TAMRON HALL,this woman has a golden touch when it comes to success ,i mean she gets the job for that gimmie her any day of the week besides the rest of them chose to no more bad comments about her,i bet most of you dont like her because your husband is looking too hard,maybe she give them something' what else could it be.

  • Goodby TAMRON

    I have watched the today show every morning for 25 or 30 years, never have I seen an upset like it has now!!! Why is Natalie gone????? Why is Willie gone???? AND WHY IS TAMRON HALL still on now even on the 8 hr instead of just the 9:00 hr. I started turning off at 9:00 because I could not stomach her now I have to turn off at 8:00! The only two people I still enjoy are Matt and Al!! NBC obviously does not listen to the viewers because Tamron needs to go. I now watch the show on Sunday only because I love Willy. Really NBC you should read your reviews and make some changes!!!!!!!!!! SAY GOODBY TO TAMRON and say welcome back to Natalie!!!!!!!
  • NBC Needs a "Wake-up" Call!

    I don't watch much of what I record on The Today Show. The way they tilted their coverage of the election really made me angry. I could not believe that Natalie got "moved" to a lesser position. She is such a classy and talented professional. I used to tolerate Tamron, but she continues to think she is the "Cats Bring back Natalie and Willie. I didn't like Billy and perhaps NBC was looking for a way to get rid of him and they did! That was the only executive decision that I agree with. I have been a three-decade watcher, but starting tomorrow, I am recording GMA to see if I can get used to the change of shows. I do like many of their cooking segments and as another review stated the first eight minutes of the first hour.
  • Take Tamron out of Today!!!!!

    I stopped watching the Tamron SHOW. She is nauseating!! I wonder how many KNEEPADS she has used to keep her on the show!! Dylan however has more class in her pinky than BIG MOUTH TAMRON WILL EVER HAVE!!!!!! Get rid of her!!! Put Dylan in her place.
  • I love Tamron Hall

    Tamron Hall is beautiful and has incredible energy. She fits well into the group of personalities that I have come to know as the Today Show. She has shared vulnerabilities that show her humanity and make her a very relatable element of the show. It appears from this thread of comments that she does not appeal to all, however I sincerely hope she has more fans than detractors. I love Tamron Hall on the Today Show and look forward to many viewing years with her.
  • Katie Lee has no grasp on life

    When talking about the book Phil Collins wrote I'm not dead yet she said something to the fact that you should never name a book with the word dead in it when you are still alive and dummy Hoda said what about Dead Poet Society and Kathlie smiled like making fun of Robin Williams death. I hate watching these fake shows but I'm sick and stuck at home. Show real news about how bad the world is stop painting it as some fun place. Maybe I read to deep into people but that's what I got from it. For the fact Robin William tried his best to lift people up and he did and Still does he left this world fighting a demon that all to many people fight everyday called addiction which watching this show makes me want to drink a tall one. Sorry I'm in phone and really don't care about grammar or spelling I was sick and it hit me the wrong way. Let it out
  • Slumber party with the girls@ Hillarys

    Savannah is this why you were so rude to Kellyanne Conway? Pushing her for answer to trumped saying the system is rigged. You of all people should know your one of the ones on Hillarys list. I used to wake up every day with Today. Now when I see you having your VERY bias opinion CLICK off she goes. Why I never saw you so passionate bouncing up and down in your seat and spinning to press her for answers while Matt just sits there. Are you being paid by Hillary? Of course you said no.. Then do your job and equally report on HRC. If you started today you could not cover all the corruption before election day. You do not represent any woman I know in America. If your trying to get your voice out because you feel loyality to Hillary then also put out there about the voter suppression and the fact that 6 out of 9 voting in your poll was democrat. Fair works all ways not just because your a woman. 10's of thousands of women support Trump and Im one of them. We wont our message out there to. I'm a very educated/ business owner that's soooooo tired of the CORRUPTION! You and your white house affair does not need to be a manipulated part of the Today show! Stop the favoritism and report equally/fairly.

    Thanks to Wikileaks we now know that at least 65 mainstream reporters were working closely with the Clinton campaign this election year. They were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta or Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson.


    These 65 mainstream reporters CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED:

    As previously reported At least 38 top national reporters attended a different dinner at John Podesta's house in April 2015.

    The Clinton campaign sent out invites to New York reporters in April 2015 on their off-the-record meeting on how to sell Hillary Clinton to the public.


    These 38 reporters should NEVER BE TRUSTED!

    Via The Intercept:



    Another group of 25 mainstream reporters were invited to a dinner at Jhn Podesta's house on April 9.

    This was a completely different list of reporters!


    Here is the current RSVP list to the Thursday Night (4/9) dinner at

    Podesta's. As a reminder, this is with the 25 reporters more closely

    following HRC (aka the future bus).


    PLEASE NBC TODAY SHOW your viewers are BEGGING you to replace Tamron Hall!! She needs to go, not only from the Today show but especially the 9:00 Hour. I began watching the Today show because my Mom watched it and I really got hooked back in the Matt & Katie days. I've watched a long time and I've been a loyal viewer for many years I never considered changing the channel until now.

    Lately, my entire office staff changes the channel at 9:00 to ABC and then back at 10:00 to watch Hoda and KLG. After reading the reviews here, this very scenario seems to be happening a lot. If I were an advertiser, I would pull my ads from your 9:00 hour immediately or at least ask for a huge discount. I can barely stand the sound of Tamron's voice let alone her narcissistic personality and constant interruption of whoever is sitting next to her. I love Al and feel so sorry for him. He's been at Today a long time and he deserves so much better than having to fake his way through a conversation with the annoying Ms. Hall.

    Since Billy Bush left and Dylan Dryer has been filling in, I'm really enjoying Dylan. I honestly never paid much attention to her before while she was doing the weather but I'm finding that she is really enjoyable to watch at least I'm not reaching for the remote the minute Tamron opens her mouth. I find myself wanting to hear what Dylan has to say. She seems authentic and bright. She's a breath of fresh air and doesn't make everything about her. Please start listening to your viewing audience and get rid of Tamron Hall.. no one I know likes her.
  • Clear Skies with Dylan

    The 9:00 hour of the Today has become almost unwatchable in my opinion. I cannot stand to listen to Tamron Hall. I really wanted to like her, she's beautiful and stylish but she's so self absorbed I can barely stomach the sound of her voice anymore. Her constant interrupting finally got me to switch over to ABC for that hour and then back to Hoda & Kathy for the 10:00. Because of the Billy Bush mishap I switched back periodically to see what what happening and low and behold have fallen in love with Dylan Dreyer. She's intelligent, witty and authentic. Today showPLEASE. if you won't get rid of Tamron please put Dylan on the desk with her. She softens things and brings some authenticity to the show.
  • Tamron Hall

    Please get rid of Tamron Hall!!. Used to love the third hour of the show with Natalie, Willie and mistake losing Natalie and Willie and bringing on Tamron. Although she is pretty, she is so into herself and says and does so many inappropriate things that I can't even listen to her voice. Usually turn the channel or leave the room to avoid her. And, in my opinion, she is not the self proclaimed fashionista that she purports.
  • No longer watching

    I always watched this show until S. Guthrie. Was becoming very irritated with the cutting off the guest. Don't report on something you don't have the time for. So rude! Same goes for Hoda and Kathy. Now, why so politically bias? I'm a Democrat and I still watched, even though you often had the Bush family on, ie. Billy and Jenna Bush. Your not just bias but you are bashing and Guthrie is the worst for that. She is also very rude to non political guests. Just report equally on both parties and all situations of any topic and let the public form their own opinions.
  • Kathie Lee insecure and narcissisitic

    Kathie Lee has to inject herself into every topic or conversation with a personal story about her "best friends, or life long acquaintances"- all of whom visit her, or stay with her, or drop by for dinner, or call/tweet/email her, or whatever. She is best friends with everyone on the face of the earth and has stayed at every resort or hotel in the world. Regardless of the subject, she constantly interrupts Hoda to relate a personal story about herself. All the marks of a self-absorbed, totally insecure person who has to continually justify herself through self-aggrandizing. Please pack her up and send her away with Regis!
  • Boring

    Tired of watching a "cooking" show and seeing hosts eating on tv. Tired of hearing Tamron's loud rants about herself. Tired of hearing about Matt's cleanliness phobia's. All boring! If it wasn't for Al's expert weather reports, your musical guests and adorable service dogs, I wouldn't watch. This is really not a news show any more.
  • A wing of the Democrats

    They are so bias on their reporting of the presidential coverage that I cannot take anything they say on the subject serious. They are definitely pushing a Democrat agenda and out right go Hillary(!) platform. News has little to do with anything they report concerning this race. Matt Lauer is the fairest reporter there and that's saying something! They pounce on anything perceived negative with the Trump campaign and run it into the ground, yet barely report on Hillarys mountain of negatives continued to be leaked out daily. Serious issues that need to be openly looked at. When they do report on her negitively, they bury it in later parts of the show and it's much quicker, not the constant pounding done with Trump. Dispicible news reporting. Of all the news reporters around today, the only news person that I see as a REAL reporter, is Chris Wallace. I never know what party he supports. AS IT SHOULD BE! Sad times for journalism in this country. They are suppose to help protect the political process not a political party!! That comment is directed to all the modern news agencies. Disgraceful!
  • No More Tamron PLEASE

    Please get rid of Tamron, I use to love watching the entire Today Show, but I struggled thru when they brought Tamron in, because I loved Al, Natalie & Willie. But NOW you took Willie out, Natalie out, & poor Al. I just can't watch anymore. I love Al, so I'll watch the the first hour and second hours. But when Tamron is on those hours, I just have to turn the channel.
  • So very disappointed that they let Billy Bush go

    I have been such a long, long time fan of the Today show, and so enjoyed Kathie Lee and Hoda as well as everyone else there.. I never, ever take the time to write on any type of forum, but have been so deeply disappointed in the management of NBC for handling the Billy Bush controversy they way they have. Billy is such a wonderful, entertaining, deeply committed family man with wonderful values who yes, acted inappropriately many years ago as he was a rising host in LA. Was it wrong? Sure it was, but to lose his job after relocating his family to New York. What a devastating blow to his career, shame on you NBC. I have taken the Today show off of my list to record - no longer want to watch it after all these years unless they rectify the situation and bring Billy back. I won't ever watch the View because of their one sided snide remarks about anything Republican or having to do with good American values, and no one is suspended/or fired there. So unjust.. The winner here is Live with Kelly - she will get all your ratings now. You lost big time!

  • Bias at an all time high

    I used to love the today show. No more. I'm not even a republican and am repulsed by the level of bias against the Trump campaign. I turn to these programs to get a balanced look at the race. Here, you see Matt and especially Savannah Guthrie ooze democrat especially when interviewing the other side (don't even get me started on Chuck "Leftie" Todd). Talk about disrespectful! Interruption after interruption. Is that how they taught you to interview?? Shameful. Start talking about the inadequacies of BOTH sides of which there are many. You've already lost this viewer.
  • No more Savannah Guthrie

    My entire family has made the decision to no longer tune in to the TODAY show when Savannah Guthrie is on. Her bias during this election year has been sickening. She is so disrespectful. Watching her interrupt people she is interviewing when she doesn't agree with their view is disgusting. She should be ashamed of herself. We do enjoy watching Hoda and Kathy Lee
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