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  • Too bias and unfair!

    It's pretty sad I can't continue to watch your show any longer! The entire cast continues to praise Hillary and bash Trump for everything! I have lost complete respect for this show. What ever happen to fair journalists!? Those days are long gone!
  • Can't Watch Tamron Any Longer

    Too full of herself, too opinionated, too obnoxious. Can't watch any longer. I'm done.
  • Billy Bush Needs to Go

    I have stopped watching the third hour of the Today show because Bush, Hall, and Roker are not a balanced team. It is difficult to watch Bush try to take the spotlight all the time. It appears it is the Billy Bush Show as he takes command and overshadows the other two. I have watched Today's Take for years and I just can't stand Billy's temperament first thing in the morning! He is better suited for the evening hours. In light of his current suspension, please consider bringing back Willy as a replacement for Billy. He was balanced with the team and communicated well without overshadowing the team. Billy Bush is just not the right fit for this show.
  • NBC-wake up

    I have been a Today fan for 20 years! Can barely watch the 3rd hour since Tamara came aboard. Love Al! But will watch him on 2nd hour. She is so into herself, she can't stop looking at herself. Really miss Willie, he definitely was a positive to the 3rd hour!
  • Billy keep? to can?

    First of all let's get real! Most men at some point in their lives will talk about women in a raunchy way, they will brag and lie about their conqueststheir friends will find it all hilariousI would find it disgusting.

    But where do you think the term boys will be boys comes from? Do you think men have haven't it's just that now with everything so out there for all the world to hear and see they

    are getting caught and we all act outraged. I mean we are all so politically correctdo you think JFK would have ever had a chance to be president today with his low opinion and treatment of womenplease!

    So let's just talk about the today 2 hrs. fine .Kathy Lee and Hoda greatwhat I love about Kathy Lee (and have always loved since her days with Regis) is that she speaks the truth, she tells you exactly how

    She feels about a person, situation or whatever. I don't have to agree with her but I have to respect her for always being honest, she has an opinion and she voices it, honestly and you have to respect her for that!

    NowToday Takewell I sort of did like Will, Natalie, Tamron and Al the dynamic was good, it workedI get it's not the Today show, it moves from being a news show to a more casual but a bit news format of

    discussing the topics of the day. What I think they're missing it a 4th personpersonally I loved when Dillon sat in with think it should be 2 men and 2 womenI love Al and I thought Willie added a nice

    DimensionTamron can sometimes be over the top with she's okayif you listen to what she says, you see she is a real person and did not just start her career yesterdayNow Billy Bush who I have always

    enjoyed on Access Hollywood, (I absolutely hated the stance he took on Ryan Lochte, but I think he was trying to save face, cause he is the one that broke the story, with that chance meeting on the beach) And now he

    is outed for this horrible conversation he had with Donald Trump 11 yrs. I think that is who Billy isnoI think he had a conversation many men have had with their friends at various stages of their liveswe as women

    and the far superior species have to accept some men many never be able to ditch their inner cave men. I say keep Billy Bush, get another (intelligent women, Dillon Dryer please) and stop thinking of it and the 3rd hour and a

    continuation of the Today showit is Todays Takejust like Hoda and Kathy mean really if you want real news for 4 CNN!

  • Billy Bush

    I am a long-time viewer of the Today Show. I became disillusioned with Billy Bush during the Ryan Lochte debacle at the Rio Olympics when Bush defended Lochte. Now I am done with Billy Bush after this recent embarrassment was aired with his delight in conversing with Donald Trump about demeaning women. Bush's statement claimed he was younger then & that he was sorry. Nice try. I think he was about the same age as Ryan Lochte when he did his thing in Rio. Lochte ALSO never grew up beyond a pompous, privileged frat boy! Bush has no business at the Today Show. Thought that when he was first announced as joining the team and believe that fervently now! What the 3rd hour of Today has turned into nothing more than another Access Hollywood. Terrible! I don't know what your demographics told you but Bush is not the answer! I miss Natalie Morales and don't understand why the move unless just to get Billy. Maybe she wanted to move to the West Coast, I don't know. All I know is I've had it. I am seriously considering my options and will decide which network will get my viewership -- and this is after more than 25 years loyalty with NBC/Today. What's happened to you?

  • Today Show a bunch of hypocrites!

    So they suspended Billy Bush for comments made 11 years ago! I am no fan of his, but was warming up to him. I am a woman & am not offended by either he or Trump's comments. Hoda was pawing all over young men during the Olympics coverage in Brazil. What's the difference? Plus the Today Show is constantly shoving the trashy Kardashian clan whores down our throats. Why are they acting like they are a classy upstanding show by suspending Bush? Tamron Hall offends me much more than those sop***ric comments.
  • Disgusted with Billy Bush

    I cannot understand for the life of me that there is talk that the Today Show is going to still keep Billy Bush on the show despite his crude and ignorant comments caught on tape. Not only is the conversation between Trump and Bush vulgar, it is Billy's sarcastic laugh that you hear in the backround the entire time Trump is talking that angers me too. He says he is sorry and that he was less mature at the time. He was a married 34 year old man with children. I know men younger that act more responsible and respectful towards women. He is just sorry that this whole situation arose and he got caught. To think that Nancy O'dell was his co-host too at the time on Access Hollywood is outrageous. Maybe he is the reason she left and went to Entertainment Tonight . Billy has always had a pompous attitude which I didn't care for but now I can't even look at him. Every time the video is played on television I have to turn the channel. He doesn't deserve the "on air time" and I hope that no woman in Hollywood would give him the time or day for an interview going forward. Eventually there has to be a person in charge at the network that will finally say enough is enough. All of those in charge have to stop talking and show some action. Would you want him being your child's teacher at school after hearing his comments and laughter. I don't think so. So why is it alright for it to be tolerated at the work place? Finally, let there be a man or woman at NBC that takes a stand and does the right thing. Get rid of Billy Bush!! Shame on him.

    There are more commercials than content. I feel that each "segment" has become a sound bite. Don't you just love when the commercials are on and they flash back to a glimpse of the show to say, "COMING UP"? Yeah, for less than 30 seconds. Trying to trick us into thinking the show has more air time than the commercials? Perhaps it's time for everyone's inflated salaries to be scaled back so we can get quality and quantity news, culture, trends, pop, etc.

    The third hour? No thanks. I prefer the commercials.... of which I mean to say: I fast forward or turn it off completely. I don't watch endless commercials. I will tolerate a few well done ones though. I thought of timing the Today Show to see the ratio of air time versus commercial time. You know what? I have much better things to do with my time.

    Addendum. 10/09/16. In light of the released tape of Trump and Billy Bush talking on Access Hollywood in 2005, hopefully NBC will give the boot to Bush. Billy Bush was a very enthusiastic player in that disgusting conversation with Trump.
  • Today Show

    I thought l was the only one that thought that way about Tamron Hall, but now l can see l'm not alone in my thoughts. Tamron Hall is a Narcissistic self centered individual. Completely endowed with herself, it's all about her. And unless you're of her stature, you are nothing. And this past week how her and Billy Bush glorified Kim Kardashian and the theft of her jewelry was a total waste. Then Billy Bush insulted the poparazI. They may not be as dignified as these two, but they also have a job, and let's face it: if not for them, people wouldn't have any other source Today Show is becoming a right wing do as l say or you're a nothing person show. And as far as Hoda Kotbi and Kathy Lee, the second half, well l could sit and watch wall paper dry.

    As far as Matt Laur and Savanah Guthrie in terupting Penns they are only doing their job: Putting him on the hot seat.

    The Today Show only has one good segment now, and that is the first hour. Other than that, it's total trash. Unless they change things, l can see where in a year or two, they will start losing viewers.
  • Professionalism

    Since when do journalists weigh in on personal opinions ? I guess I'm old school, but this seems to me to be an ethical and professional boundary that has been a part of professional journalism forever.... maybe the today show hosts are just that, entertainment.

    Also, they must have sent the southern cook this morning off of the set crying with their rude behavior, literally laughing and making fun of her and her product.

    Collectively, I think that their egos have gotten ahead of their common decency and not everyone cares about their personal positions on anything.

  • Another Pence interruption!

    Matt Lauer interrupted Pence in another media attack on Donald Trump. Nothing negative was said about Kaine. Pretty tired of media supporting Hillary. Matt is horrible, get rid of him.
  • wasting my time

    I agree completely with what near333 wrote below. AND how about extending the commercial time and having really short segments! That way Al can get 1/2 of one of his FABULOUS recipes in instead of 3/4 of one. Geez...

    Billy Bush and Tamron Hall are disastrous for the Today show!


    By near333, Sep 21, 2016

    I have watched the Today show for forty years, and have NEVER taken the time to find a way to complain about any of the hosts. Most have been excellent over the years. Like all the people below, I am horrified at Tamron Hall and Billy Bush. When the 9:00 hour comes I have to switch channels or turn off the TV entirely. That pair absolutely devastates the quality of the Today show, and poor Al Roker is the only one left in that time slot with a modicum of dignity and sense. Willie Geist, Savannah, Matt, and Natalie are all great. But I can't stand these two self-centered obnoxious hosts. They really need to go or the Today show is going to loose a significant number of viewers.
  • Really!

    How many bad reviews do you need? Tamron and Billy a disaster! Didn't like when Tamron joined Natalie, Al, and Willie, but continued to watch because I liked all of them, even though they couldn't get a word in edgewise. Can,t take it anymore, will check in to see if you ever correct this..

    I,m surprised that you are still #2 ?!?!
  • Billy the Bully Bush

    I use to love the third hour of the today show. It was something I never missed, that was until Billy Boy came along. He is more dramatic and overly obnoxious than even your most high strung, snobby woman. He tries to overpower everyone around him and it would seem as if he thinks the show is now called the Billy Bush Show. I hope the powers that be realize what a huge deficit he is to the show and decide instead to keep it real with awesome anchors like Al Roker.

    I have never done this.. does anyone from the show read this stuff? WOW, there are certainly a lot of people who don't like Tamron on here. I have been a Today show watcher my whole life. My parents were Today show watchers, my father worked for General Electric. Hosts come and go, some we like better than others and some don't make the cut at all after a short period of time... My gripe is with the dress code. everyone looks great but some days the color contrast is blinding on color TV.

    Pregnancy seems to be a special problem when you watch every day... New dresses all this time to go with expanding size and nothing that fits... when did it become fashionable to wear tight clothing when pregnant? when TV makes you look pounds heavier to begin with why would any woman want to wear something that outlines what is going on with their change of size?? Is there not some wardrobe person to regulate fit and color clashes??? anyway, that is my morning rant and I promise to not rant again

  • What a waste

    Previous reviews are right on. Billy Bush is a waste. I turn off my TV as soon as that moron comes on.

    Feel sorry for Roker having to put up with that garbage.
  • Are you kidding me?

    I used to love watching the full morning of the Today line up! Now when it comes to the 3rd hour- I walk away or change the channel! Who loves them self more? Billy Bush or Tamron Hall? They seem to be more interested in themselves rather than the show or the viewers! And Tameron- enough with thinking you need to be flaunting the clothes and the cost of your wardrobe! It's time for NBC to rethink the third hour !
  • Tamron and Billy must go!!

    The 3rd hour of the Today show used to be my favorite, with Al, Willie and Natalie. Such great chemistry.

    Then they add Tamron Hall, completely annoying. Now we have Billie Bush!?!

    NBC what are you doing??? You've taken what was once an hour of TV I looked forward to watching every morning, to something that has turned into hollywood gossip trash. I can't watch this anymore.

    All I can say is, poor Al.
  • 3rd hour sucks

    Natalie got moved to make way for the obnoxious Tamron and Willie for the non-entity Billy Bush; if Laur is really trying to kill off the Today Show he's going the right way about it. Plus the excessive commercials are killing the show from 7.20 onwards.
  • Tamron & Natalie

    I miss Natalie! I watch her interviews from CA, but she looks stressed, not herself. Perhaps tired after her move etc... In regards to Tamron: She is most annoying, however, she does seem to be doing better in the past month, not alway butting in on the conversations and taking over with ridiculous comments. Her personality is a bit too much, over-the-top, as if it is all about her. I have watched the Today Show for over 30 years. Loved, Katie, Jane, Bryant, Matt, Meredith & Natalie. Savannah is intelligent & endearing. Tamron reminds me of Ann Curry's initial interviewing personality, but Ann grew into the roll much better. Tamron's personality is obnoxious. The news should not be all about her. She needs to put the subject matter or the person (s) being interview in the forefront. I cannot watch Today's Take anymore. I would take Ann Curry anyday over Tamron! She had class! Tamron appears uncouth, socially unpolished.
  • Tamron fact check

    I decided to give the Today show one more chance. Left after the Matt Lauer interview. First thing I hear is Tamron making the statement that Trumps sniffling was not audible to viewing audiences. It was literally on the top three topics being talked about by everyone I knew and several talk show hosts.

    Do they really think because they say it it makes it so? "Oh I must have been imagining that sniffling sound I was hearing last night, Tamron just said it wasn't audible to viewing audiences at I miss real journalist, but alas they are a dying breed.
  • Changing channels after 40 years

    Is this the Tamron and Billy Show now ?
  • Please Get Rid of Tamron Hall

    This babbling bubblehead has to go. Tamron Hall's non sequitur ramblings are a significantly irritating distraction. She seems incapable of shutting up or staying on point but seems driven to constantly interrupt, to the detriment of the Today Show. Please get rid of Tamron Hall.
  • Tamron Must Go

    Have switched to ABC after 30 thought Ann Curry was bad (loved her for the else was painful to watch ~ she just seemed out of her comfort zone). Tamron is the most "self involved" CO host I've ever watched (based on nothing but her inflated ego). She interrupts constantly and can't stop talking about herself. If NBC wants to return the Today Show to need to get rid of Tamron (still giving Billy Bush a chance). Sad to see Natalie go and Willie in a lesser role. If Tamron isn't gone by end of year, I'll stop watching the Today Show and watch Kelly and her new it is will be better than Tamron Hall.
  • Billy Bush and Tamron Hall are disastrous for the Today show!

    I have watched the Today show for forty years, and have NEVER taken the time to find a way to complain about any of the hosts. Most have been excellent over the years. Like all the people below, I am horrified at Tamron Hall and Billy Bush. When the 9:00 hour comes I have to switch channels or turn off the TV entirely. That pair absolutely devastates the quality of the Today show, and poor Al Roker is the only one left in that time slot with a modicum of dignity and sense. Willie Geist, Savannah, Matt, and Natalie are all great. But I can't stand these two self-centered obnoxious hosts. They really need to go or the Today show is going to loose a significant number of viewers.

    Please get rid of Billy Bush. He is loud, arrogant, and obnoxious. He's the annoying uncle that every wants to leave the party. Please do us all a favor NBC and ask him to leave!
  • Today is yesterday

    I was a full time viewer of the Today Show for many years. Then I would start to pick and choose what time to watch. I really do not care for the people who continue to talk over guests they are interviewing. And it's usually about them and not the guest. Segments are too short for some of the guests and the cooking segments are a joke.

    The same goes for Hoda and Kathie Lee. Kathy Lee is someone who inserts herself into every guest's conversations with her life stories.
  • Tired of the snarky, boring, narcissistic 3rd hour!

    Thought Tamron Hall was hard to take, but you kept her in check with Natalie, Willie and Al. Now you turn her lose with a male clone. Billy Bush has got to be one of the most arrogant, smug and snarky news show host. NOTE I said NEWS HOST, what are the producers thinking? Can see why Al looks like he's in pain. Really NBC you need to rethink this 3rd hour as my TV goes OFF when those 2 take the stage. Loved Willie, he was smart and funny, not in your face. Al deserves more respect than being paired with these two
  • Remove Tamron Hall on the Today show!!!

    Tamron Hall is one annoying TV personality and does not belong to the Today show. Please, please remove and replace her with someone better. Too bad Natalie Morales was moved to another show.
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