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  • So who's coming up with all this stuff????

    Sorry NBC but I agree with the majority of the reviews on the 3rd hour of Today. Let me preface my brief remarks by saying that I would bet money that these new changes were the brainstorm of the same person that thinks having the Today team sit around a table to converse so that we, the audience, have a great view of half of their backs! Really bothers the hell outta me. Regarding the 3rd hour, if I wanted to watch a show that would either nauseate me or make it necessary for me to take a shot of insulin, I would change the channel to ABC and watch Live with Kelly and "Insert Name Here". Didya ever hear the idiom, why fix it if it isn't broken???
  • Another hour down the tubes

    I started out recording the complete Today show but got tired of Hoda and Kathy drinking their wine and constant yapping. I now have to drop another hour with Tamron an Billy as it is a total disaster as well. I though this was supposed to be a morning news show but it has deterioated into almost nothing. Looks like it is time to switch morning shows.
  • I'm done, enough already......

    Tamron Hall and Billy Bush have got to go. This has become the most boring hour since Natalie Morales and Willie Geist were replaced. I feel sorry for Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer having to put up with this empty duo. I have stopped watching the Today show since the end of the 2016 Olympics. One more question. Why was a picture of Melania Trump being criticized for taking a selfie the day after she delivered her baby Barron Trump, shown on the Today this morning TEN YEARS after his birth. REALLY!!!!!!! Tamron and Billy.

    I am a fan of the today show the Take. I LOVE TAMRON,but I think that they could've done better than Billy Bush,and as for you HATER'S of Tamron Hall,say what you will but I think she brings a touch of sunshine and funk to the show. I am glad Natalie and Willie is gone because I never like I watch the show Natalie is Sitting there with disgust on her face as she looks at Tamron,and Willie with his phony Self pretending that he like her I could see in his face he dont like her,now they have given him the Sunday slot in the morning all by his self,that just really pisses me no longer watch the Sunday morning show on NBC because of him,there goes the ratings for the Sunday show down the drain,and now they have replace WILLIE WITH BILLY THAT's A JOKE .i'm pretty sure NBC Could of done better than him for all you HATERS of Tamron y'all need to get a life especially if the haters is coming from majority of white AM GLAD SHE'S THERE,to me she breathe life and joy and funk into the morning show. Willie and Natalie I am glad glad glad and glad they are gone, Pour Al he at times to have had disgust on his face as he looks at Miss Hall,as if he what's to tell her to shut up,and that pisses me off because I liked Al,maybe NBC need to get TWO MORE African-American one to replace majority of white people will say oh my gosh what has happened to NBC,and frankly I'm sick and tired of seeing all white THE HATERS,get a life people,get a life,get a life,I say they need to get rid of FOR ALL YOU HATERS OF TAMRON,DONT BE A HATER OF THE BLACK GIRL.
  • Today's Take or Tamron's Take

    I feel like I am watching a Kardashion show at 9:00 am on the Today show except it's about Tamron. I want to know who really cares? The producer of Selma called her bossy and pushy last week when on the show, she's got her number. Monday we had to see her worn shoes she is donating and today we had to see what she wore to dinner last night. Really NBC? You may want to rethink the format of the show because this type of content isn't going to help the network. Maybe Tamron needs her own reality show so those that want to watch her can choose to do so. I personally do not enjoy watching someone so self absorbed promote themselves on national TV five days a week. DO SOMETHING SOON. PLEASE!
  • Tamron's side eye

    So now in addition to Tamron's constant interupting, mugging, look at me behavior as well as:being the world's best fashionista, chef, friend of every celebrity, and child rearing introduce you to Tamron's side eye. She has the ability to look at the hosts or guests speaking while keeping her right eye on the camera. She should be fit with a shock collar with a producer giving her a jolt everytime she interupts or brags about herself. Heck I would move to New York and volunteer for the job! When she looks at the camera and pulls her lips back into that rictus smile, I just lose a little piece of my soul.
  • Stopped watvhing Third hour of Today

    Ugh! I now turn off Tamera and Bush. They do not have the chemistry etc. Bring back Willie. I now watch anything else but them.

    I used to watch GMA since its conception in the 70's and was very loyal to the show for almost 30 years. Two years ago, I switched to the Today show because I could not take the silliness of Lara Spencer as well as the overall direction of the GMA show. I then switched to the Today show and thought I had found my new morning show. I have forced myself to continue watching the Today show for the last 6 months hoping it would get better. Tamron Hall was driving me crazy. Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie and Willie handle their jobs in a professional way. Tamron, on the other hand, is silly like a 7th grader. I am a college graduate, the mother of 3 adult children and can appreciate intelligent TV programming. But, I have finally decided as of this morning, that I will not watch the Today show anymore. After Tamron displayed her huge bag of designer shoes, I became extremely disappointed in the NBC network. Why would NBC allow her to do this? What was the point? There is obviously some insecurity on Tamron's part to feel the need to display her shoes. I own designer clothing AND shoes as well, but, it is unacceptable to brag on national TV when there are so many people who don't even have one nice pair of shoes. If she was donating these shoes, she should have just quietly donated the shoes. Good deed would have been done without the embarrassing recognition she brought upon herself. I not only blame Tamron but the NBC executives as well for such poor programming decisions. NBC executives, if you read these reviews you'll make some changes with the Today show ASAP. Tamron needs to be removed.
  • 9:00 - It's time to change the channel

    I have been a big fan of the Today Show for a number of years and enjoyed watching before I went to work or when I was home. I enjoyed this week with Willie Geist in for Matt and really enjoy his show on Sunday mornings but I really don't understand the changes that NBC has been making. I thought the 9:00 hour was good when it was Willie and Natalie, it wasn't overly silly and no one was talking over each other. Why was it necessary to bring others in? And I really do not understand letting Natalie and Willie leave to have Billy Bush and Tamron on at 9:00. For me that now means it is time to turn the channel - it is no longer informative, enjoyable or something I want to spend my time on. Please make some changes so your loyal viewers can remain with Today!
  • Today's Take is Horrible

    I am a LONG time Today Show fan - all three hours - I agree with most that Tamron is way too silly and self absorbed. Billy has not won me over either. To put it bluntly, this 9:00 hour (EST) sucks. It is silly, with insignificant stories. It is like to an Entertainment This Morning show. We hear enough about celebs. Why not take that hour to report on REAL people stories. There are more than enough things happening worth air time. Really bored with the content and unhappy with the goofiness of Tamron and Billy. It is celeb stories, stories about Tamron herself and her wardrobe, cooking, and maybe one celeb guest. Every day. Horrible.
  • Another Fan Gone!

    What is wrong with the producers of the Today Show? They get rid of Natalie and Willie and keep Tamron? She's even ruined MSNBC for me because she has a show there too!!!! She's disingenuous and she talks over everybody and acts likes she's so innocent and doesn't know anything. And now you've added Billy Bush! He's an annoying idiot! I had already started watching GMA until 9:00 so I wouldn't have to watch that jerk Matt Lauer and silly Samantha, but now I can't even do that? Hoda and Kathie Lee and Al Roker are the only things Today has going for it. I can only assume Al Roker will be next to leave. You have ruined the show.
  • Billy Bush Needs to go!

    Billy is the worst addition to the today show! I have loved the today show for 20 plus years but Billy is ruining it for me and so many others. What is wrong with the producers thinking by bringing Billy to the today show. Billy is cocky, he acts like he knows all the stars and he is better than everyone else. He is the worst addition to the show. I really hope they get rid of Billy and bring back Natalie. I am going to have to quit watching the today show until they can make some decent changes. This is going to bring down their ratings very quickly.
  • Can't stand it anymore! She has to go!

    What are you thinking? Tamara Hall is the worst! She is self absorbed, conceited and phony. She will not allow anyone to talk. It's all about her. I have to turn the channel because she makes me cringe. I have been watching Today for 25 years. Matt Lauer turned into a jerk during and after the Ann Curry scandal. Can't stand him for what he did to her. The Today Show allowed it. Shame on all of you for bullying her. Ann Curry gets the rug but something like Tamara Hall gets the job..... wow, what a dumb choice! GET RID OF TAMARA HALL! I would rather watch Gayle King. I'm moving on to GMA. Your show has gone down the tubes. Please correct your poor staffing choices. I really would like to go back to Today.
  • Dont fix it if it ain't broke!! Karen Harris

    I've beemn a loyal Today Show follower for over 35 years. This latest change has convinced. Me its time to move on to Good Morning America. Replacing Tamron Hall with Natalie Moralas was the last straw. Ms. Hall is cannot hold a candle to NATALIE MORALAS. POOR AL ROKER LOKS LIJE WHAT THE HELL ARE THE NBC EXECUTIVES THINKING. Tomorrow i will turn on GMA and so will many others, I feel.

  • Finally Have Had ENOUGH!

    I have watched the Today show for over 30 years and I have finally had enough. Done with the bias of the morning team and Matt Lauer's horrifying lack of even-handedness during that forum. It used to have segments on news that were neutral but not anymore. The final straw was today when all they could talk about was Hillary's health. For crying out loud - the woman has pneumonia and you act like it's a conspiracy. I switched to CBS this morning and won't be coming back.

  • Sorry Today has to go

    I have been a loyal Today Show fan for years even though Tamron Hall is a bill turn off. Now that she is on the 9am slot for an hour it is too much for me to bear. It should be called the Tamron Hall show as she does not let Billy Bush talk at all and on top of it continues to interject her "I am beautiful agenda" throughout. I turn the channel when she talks and then go back throughout the hour hoping to catch a segment where it is not all about her. NBC are so many thankful, genuine and internally beautiful her when you have the opportunity.
  • Tired...

    The Today Show has become unwatchable. They are both awful. Tired of their political editorial . Changing the channel for good. AL to ABC where I will be watching !!
  • NBC is #3

    How quickly the mighty have fallen. Al Roker is the only one left in what was once a great morning show.

    Geist is gone, Morales is gone. Savannah going on maternity leave. I refuse to suffer seeing and hearing Tamron. GMA is head and shoulders above all. Suggestion: Promote Tamron to a position that does not include morning news. The best NBC could come up with is Hall and Bush, what a joke!
  • HELLO?

    Will someone PLEASE get rid of Tamron Hall? Or shove a sock in it? I cannot STAND to watch her constantly prattling on about nothing whenever others are speaking. She interrupts constantly! I can't even watch the 3rd hour; it's become a bad imitation of Entertainment Tonight. She will say ANYTHING to get the camera.
  • Done with Today's Take

    I can't take it anymore. This show is a mess. Tamron is so self absorbed and such a camera hog. The only thing she talks about is herself or Afrcan American singers and actors. Billy is a Regis clone that needs to take his ADHD meds. Good grief! I feel sorry for Al. Why did he get stuck babysitting these two? I miss Wiilie and Natalie. I don't blame them for leaving this mess. Wake up NBC and fix this before it is too late. Tamron needs to go. I'm willing to give Billy a little more time hoping he calms down. You need to add Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer to the 9 o'clock hour.
  • Buh-Bye Today Show!

    Adding Billy Bush was a huge mistake. How can you let Willie and Natalie go and then bring this asshat in? Poor Al. I no longer watch at 9am and go back to my local morning news channels now thanks to this idiotic move.
  • Nbc contributes to dumbing down of America

    Hiring kathy lee, jenna bush & billy bob bush. Three unfunny jokes on the American public. Hello Gail & Charlie Rose on CBS & MSNBC from now on
  • Enduring Tamron isn't punishment enough?

    There's something going on with the target demographics at the Today Show and it is clear that something wicked this way is coming. They obviously want an entirely different socio-economic audience.

    When Willie Geist came on-board, I had hoped they were going to have a bit more news than in the past. That wasn't the case with the format, but at least they added someone who is interested in what's going on in the world - though he could certainly hold his own during the seasonal standards, entertainer, and cooking segments. Willie was one of very few voices of reason in the Today Show 4 hour line-up.

    The conservative nomination for president being neck and neck with a woman who has spent most of her life working for the interests of people who have no voice in our government has proven we're headed in a different direction than at any other time in our nation's history. I would have preferred the show hire someone who would add bits of information, as Willie did, that help viewers expand their critical thinking skills, and view of the world - and maybe be part of a movement that at least teaches people how to spot someone who is just selling snake oil.

    I should have realized this was the direction they were headed sooner, like when Tamron Hall was made an anchor. It should have been clear to me that they were gradually headed toward a much more reality-tv-fan, giggling-airhead, look-at-me-me-me demo. Now with the addition of Billy Bush, I feel like the show may be a lost cause. I'm going to stick it out for a while, to see if he grows on me, but I'm not feeling optimistic yet. He comes across as a well-meaning guy, very considerate, tries hard to be funny, and I can tell he wants to say the right thing (there's never a right thing - about half the people are always going to disagree with you), but for me, he seems kind of plastic. I'm not seeing a genuine personality with good character. He's spent years on Entertainment Tonight, or another show like it, which requires a plastic demeanor. This show does not.

    With Tamron's constant attempts at monopolizing air-time, the wild gesticulating in order to draw attention to herself (for even more air-time), and talking about herself and her personal life so much, and Kathie Lee's own brand of self-serving plastic, her taking every opportunity to sing, even when it means you can't hear someone talking in an interview, and the disturbing amount of glee she has over the "spanky Tuesday" atrocity, Billy Bush may be my final straw that breaks my Today Show back. It would be so much easier if I didn't like Savannah Guthrie so much.
  • Oh, No! Mr. Billy!!!

    Well, another one bites the dust. "Today", with Tamron, Willie, Al, (Natalie) and delightful Dylan. When Jenna Bush substituted, she was really great, as is Dylan.

    Now, they went and recruited Billy Bush, in Natalie's place (Since she's departing).

    This drops one of my must see shows down to the level of "Kathy Lee (With Hoda".. WHAT was Hoda THINKING? She's totally lost any newsworthy credibility! She's a Kathy Lee sidekick joke,

    At least I won't have to make sure i"m watching every morning, because I won't be.

    Why didn't they recruit Dylan, or Jenna, or rotating cast members?

    I have absolutely NO interest in watching Billy Bush every morning, so Tamron, Al, Willie, and the rest of the "old gang", I'll miss you, but Billy Bush on your team is too much to overcome..
  • Trim the BUSH!!!!!!

    We all have choices to view in the morning tv lineup.

    Billy Bush is a Regis Philbin clone.

    Send his trite act packing. We have endured the loss of Natalie Morales and Willie Geist, must we now be subjected to this talentless drone. Who cares if he sleeps sans clothing atop his bed.

    The executives at NBC that selected this boring in love with himself tie less fancy boy should be standing in the TV executive employment line for a job on KWHO in Kodiak, Alaska beaming their signal to Russia from their igloo.

    By the by, Where in the World is Al Roker TODAY? Bet you that he'll be next on the bus!!!!

  • Al please stop competing with Billie

    Al's behavior with Billy is abhorrent. He could sit back and relax instead of poking & prodding Billy. Today he pushed Billy's video image as he appeared from LA away and turned the monitor around. Not funny. Over the top. During the Olympics production Al actually poked Billy a few times and I'm tired of seeing this distasteful competition.
  • bye clowns

    I don't care if no one like it or not,get over it this show is worse than ever. a real hot mess not to mention those selfish camera hogs. why do these producers even waste time on this washed up show. I feel bad for them having host, that lack home training. sound like a bunch of clackin chickens around a chicken coop. my dogs behave better than their host. Tamron should act her old age and not her shoe size. now give us back Natalie. oh and willie is the man of the hour, poor billy boy need to go packing too. #shotsfired next.........
  • staffing

    Wow.... first Tamoron who couldn't shut up if you paid her and now Billy???? Can't you see how even the other staff members (love love love Savannah, Natalie, Matt and Willie!) react to them - the body language is so evident. This hour of the Today show is no longer on my programming schedule!

    Today I've watch the last 3 minutes of Today's Talk, it was painfull to see Billy's face when he thank, mostly to Al, and everyone for his first week of this new job. His face was priceless when Tamron said "group hug". Anyone saw it?
  • Willie and straw for me

    I am so saddened since Willie and Natalie are off, Tamaron and Billy, just don't capture me, frankly she never had my vote, though the others masked her phony. Now Billy. Really!!! Wow!! he is a Train Wreck!!!!

    I had been watching the Today Show and the following , but, I have to say I have changed Networks, so as to stay positive!! I am sure the ratings will show. I would give a Zero if allowed.
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