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    I think this show is superb WITHOUT Tamron & dumbs itself down to not even bearable when she's on. LOVE the chemistry of the others but Tamron has no sense of when to speak & when to listen, much akin to her just liking to hear herself speak. She's not funny nor is she credible. Sorry.... I'm moving to another morning show because I can't stand another second of her.
  • Tamron Hall rakes my nerves!!!

    From her first day to now on Today, ANNOYING!!! Can't stand it any longer. Everything from the way she acts to the way she talks-UGH. PLEASE find her some other job... preferably behind the camera. Think she'd make her way to get on the other side of it to cry and tell us all about how SHE feels and continue on with her narcissistic babble. She's a sore thumb that Today ought to get rid of. Today Show crew has really good chemistry and enjoyed the Olympics coverage a lot. Now that they are back in studio having to see Hall and see that Billy Bush is in Geist
  • Get Rid of Tamron Hall

    Watching the two weeks of Olympic Coverage in Rio I realized how much I enjoyed Today Show again. Was pure enjoyment and loved Hoda and Matt together. I realized why I enjoyed it again so much, Tamron Hall was not on. I thought they had removed her show and was thrilled. I was SHOCKED this morning to find her on again, now with Billy Bush. Can someone please tell me why Natalie Morales was shipped off to LA and they kept Tamron? She is beyond conceited, rude and thinks she is better than everyone. It's painful to watch her interrupt while others talk and always turn it back on to her. She should be in La La Land interviewing celebrities because she thinks she is one. So unprofessional and annoying. Oh Today what are you doing???? GET RID of her.
  • The real Corney show

    How you going to get rid of the one sister that really keeps it 100 on this show it is called the real any the one person whom I tune in to this show is Tamara braxton whom with the other ladies make the show exciting without her I will not tune in any more and I hope you lose ratings I think it's because she always giving God his props by saying wonted he do it hat the people running the show don't want to hear that i think the network is real sorry for getting rid of such a entertaining sister tamara is why I looked at this show
  • the rip

    goodbye today show, it has hit its all time low now that Natalie is gone. such a shame I thought just maybe they would have let some of the other old hags go, so rip today show I'm sure NBC and the other morning clowns won't do any better with the so called news
  • Remove silly Tamron Hall from the Today Show

    Tamron is no replacement for Natalie. She doesn't bring anything to the show just silly rankings, talks over everyone and does not listen when the guest speak. So tired if hearing about her time off with friends and family and what she wore. In my opinion all she is concerned with is her wardrobe. Tamron did not bring anything to the Democratic convention, was way out of her league. Sorry to see Natalie moved to reporting on Hollywood when she has so much more to offer. Sent Tamron back to Texas and away from NBC.
  • Tamron=Massive Narcissist=Needs to GO!

    If Tamron moves into the main table, I will be not watching TODAY anymore. She is only interested in herself! NO, I don't want to see a segment about her disgusting greasy legs! NO, I don't want to know what her bathing routine is! NO, I don't want to know about her shoes or clothes! NOBODY wants to see stories about this crap! We want to see NEWS stories. She loves herself more than I ever thought possible! She is absolutely cringe-worthy! It's to the point I turn the channel if she is on the main table. She interrupts people all of the is loud all of the time. I love how pissed off she looks when she has to read the news! You can tell all of the other anchors can't stand her! PLEASE GET RID OF TAMRON HALL!!!
  • Tamron has a new career

    I was just watching the 9am hour where Tamron is in Philly covering the Democratic convention. With all of the activity, she has limited camera time. However, this didn't stop her from making it about herself. In a 3 minute interval, she used "I" eight times. The math works out to a self-reference every 11.25 seconds. She's an optometrist - an "I" specialist. Must have a terrific contract - others would have been relegated to a research position by now.
  • Will stop watching

    If Tamron Hall joins the 7:00 hour in Natalie Morales's spot, I will switch to CBS or ABC. While she is a decent news reader, the chemistry is not there!
  • Tamron Hall Loves Herself More Than Anyone Likes Watching Her - GET RID OF TAMRON!!!!

    Reporting the news should not be about the reporter. She is self absorbed and only concerned with her looks and that the viewing audience knows who she had dinner/lunch/whatever with. She is rude to her co-hosts. She interrupts. She cuts people off. She is mean to her co-hosts and gets visibly defensive when she doesn't get her way. Do the producers not see this?

    Please take TAMRON OFF!! Or many of your viewers will TURN OFF!!
  • when intelligence and beauty comes together

    I can't understand for the life of me how people can be so negative and not see the talent, skill, professionalism, that's topped with natural beauty. I have followed Kathie Lee Gifford since 1991, after the birth of my third child, and I haven't wanted to follow another talk show queen, until I saw and heard Tamron Hall. I am retired now and will not miss her. As a matter of fact, on my DVR I record her, so I won't miss her. I even fast-forward many parts of the Today Show, until I see her. Tamron, if you read these comments, I am impressed with your work and hope other viewers that enjoy your presence will make their thoughts known. Your presence is refreshing and I will continue to 'tune in'.
  • Tamron has the floor now

    I'm sure Natalie is so glad to be leaving New York today, simply because she won't have to deal with the drama of Tamron. I've watched the Today Show for many years and every time I see Tamron on the desk I cringe. Camera hog. Giddy, silly high school behavior. Interruptor. Name dropper. I will say she is good solo on investigative reporting, but put her in a group setting and she feels compelled to be the center of the universe. I cannot imagine that NBC executives are blind to this and must be aware of the viewer reaction to her obnoxious behavior. For Pete's sake, PLEASE replace her with someone personable like Sheinelle Jones.
  • I love Jena Bush Hagget

    I alwas watch the show when she is on. She brings a happy side to show. Morning shows need all type of people to make a show successful. Also love what Natalie brings to show. She brings a balance from simple to serious.
  • Sunday Morning

    This morning on Sunday Morning was one of the best shows I have seen on NBC news in the last few years. Willie Geist is very respectful of his panel and allows them to talk. No one is talking over each other. How very refreshing. If only the rest of NBC today show was like that. My favorite-Willie, Natalie, Dylan, Hoda. The rest I could do without.
  • Jenna Bush Hager--Why?

    I have to change the channel every time they put her on. Seriously, she would be lucky to get a job at a small market TV station!
  • Tamron is not Spectacular ... just a Narcissist...

    The Macy's 4th of July Spectacular was ANYTHING BUT Spectacular because of Tamron Hall... she looked so uncomfortable and ill at ease it was difficult to found myself cringing... she is a Narcissist and her BLUNDERING performers names throughout the show, and FUMBLING in her heels... was just as bad as her umbrella comment! Poor Tamron... getting a little rain on her ... she should, she is all WASHED UP!

    Watching her this morning again FLOUNDERING through basic reading about Beyonce and her swim was painful to view. I think this summer, for the first time, I will not be tuning into Today!

    MATT BE CAREFUL! she is out to replace you!
  • Today is the kiddie table of morning shows

    Watching the Today show on both weekdays and weekends is like being at the kiddie table on Holiday visits with relatives. Nothing of substance or in depth hard news discussions-iust endless babble while they yell and cackle over one another. Extremely unprofessional behavior-no decorum.

    Any serious news Journalist would never work for such an outfit which is why I'm amazed that Harry Smith has debased himself to do so-he must be hard up.

    The Sunday Today Show new format is an epic fail-again no hard news-unless you want your brain to turn to mush-there is absolutely no reason to ever watch any version of NBC's Today Show.

    NBC's ONLY saving grace is Lester Holt-the rest I can do without.
  • Tamron too shallow for the Today Show

    NBC Today Show ditched Natalie Morales for Tamron Hall? Tamron is constantly interrupting, hogs the camera time, dominates any conversation, incapable of staying on topic, and constantly in motion. And if you think we have overlooked her angry looks at and over-talking of Natalie and Matt, you are naive. So much for Natalie was an informed, intelligent and well spoken journalist, had a family, was athletic, conducted excellent interviews and magazine pieces, did a great job of keeping paced guests on track... Guess those characteristics weren't needed because Tamron has none of them. This is a change of life for me. It was a motivator to have Today on TV while starting my day. The absence of Natalie will continue to leave opportunity of the annoying Tamron. All I can say is "Good Morning Bye NBC. I am severely disappointed.
  • Tamran Hall is Too Good for Middle American Mediocrity

    Tamran Hall is an excellent journalist with style, grace and professionalism. She not only is the lead of her own CNN show, but also of her own show on Discovery Investigation . She's too A-list to have to sit next to either homely & BORING Savannah Guthrie or equally homely & BORING Natalie Morales. The reason people on here is because a vast majority of Caucasians have an inherent disgust for ANY Black person no matter HOW TOP NOTCH, they'd rather see the most mediocre Caucasian over ANY high achieving African American. Just like they can't tolerate seeing President Obama. Tamran outshines them all & the ratings will tell the story.
  • So done with Tamron!

    PLEASE consider replacing Tamron Hall. She is so unprofessional, constantly putting her foot in her mouth and annoying the other hosts, especially Al. Who cares if she was friends with Prince? This week defending Kanye and embarrassing Dylan was the limit. Yes, she is a perky, attractive African American female, but surely you can do better. I've been a faithful viewer for over 25 years but you are about to lose me.

    I love everyone else!

  • This can't really be happening, right??

    Why are they having Tamron Hall host with Matt while Savannah is on vacation?! I can't take it. I stopped watching the 9 o'clock "Tamron Needs Attention" hour, but we can't honestly be expected to tolerate her overbearing lack of professionalism beginning at 7am. What a slap in the face to Natalie who has been there for years. Sigh....
  • Natalie vs Tamaron

    Why have you banished Natalie from the "Throne Table"? This morning ( Wednesday, the 29th) you put her with her back to the camera. Shame on you Tamaron was placed as the lead female anchor. Unfortunately, she is not very smart, nor well enformed, laughs nervously and is too silly. I never know when she is serious. Natalie has presence, is intelligent, and has a good sense of humor. I believe her.

    What is going on? Every day you have had somone new at the"Golden Table" for the early part of the Today Show. Is there an audition for Kathy Lee going on ? This is an assumption that she is retiring soon. You should tell the viewers if this is what is going on.

  • Today & Weekend Show too awkward

    Saturday's anchor chemistry is so awkward, primarily with Craig Melvin who appears to be a control freak with the female co-anchors and is way too serious. Everything is so scripted, obviously, compared to competing shows whoch are much more enjoyable. Dylan Dryer should replace them all on Saturday, she is always cheerful, comfortable, and genuine. Sundays may have just changed to be just Willie Geist, who is a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of them during the week and the weekend. The producers never seem to get it --continually changing the anchors. Maybe NBC should look at replacing producers/management to make real lasting change because they have zero creativity or understanding on their viewers. The shows "BIG" changes over a year ago were unnoticeable, think they added social media commentary and the pot supporting aging partier, Carson Daily. The shows producers appear to have no clear direction. Who is responsible for the constant crappy changes?
  • Savannah Guthrie needs a sylist

    I like the show and have been a long time veiwer. The only thing that drives me nuts is the tacky, weird clothes that Savannah wears. She seems like a large boned woman, so these flowery dorky outfits make us notice - not her content, but how

    unusual she looks.

    She needs a new wardrobe now!
  • STOP EATING!!!!!!

    I will change the channel as soon as everyone starts eating. I do not want to watch people talk with their mouths full and smack and lick fingers. its just not polite. Also how is it that you all get to taste $1,000 or more cupcakes etc. It just doesn't work for me. I want to hear news not people eating laughing and talking over each other.
  • Jenna Bush ruined Today show for me

    I am not trying to be mean or attack Jenna but the show really needs to open their eyes. She is absolutely terrible in the show. She only has the job because of the Bush name and this really upsets me. She stutters just like her father did. Extremely awkward in her human interactions. I can no longer watch such a good show because of Jenna.
  • interviews

    I just saw the interviews with Clinton and Trump by Savannah and I must say that it was very one sided Savannah did not interrupt Clinton the way she did Trump he did not get a fare interview and the way I saw it, Savannah actually attacked Trump I am not supporting either one of these lunatics but this interview was not a fare one I have watched this show for a very long time and I have always felt that everyone on the show was fare and truthful,until today. Savannah, you were not fare
  • Tamron Hall

    Tamron is just not a good fit. She needs a show where it's just her reading news with zero human interaction. Tamron is so very pleased with herself that she must make it known to the world how awesome she is even if it means going off topic or rudely interrupting her coworkers. I feel bad for the hard working anchors that are forced to deal with her on a daily basis. I just turn the channel even if it means I'll miss out on Tamon's "celebrity" BFF of the week. Yes Tamron, you are just so cool. Go be a celebrity show host. You know it's what you really want to be anyway.
  • Tamron needs to get a grip.

    I LOVE the today show but Tamron is cringe worthy. She talk over everyone, stumbles over her lines, is awkward, and makes it all about her. She's so awkward to watch. If you watch her co-hosts when she speaks.. You can often see them cringe.
  • Glad Natalie is leaving. Hopefully Tamron is next (along with Jenna). Also less segments and more substance

    So happy Natalie is leaving. She is unprofessional, can't properly read the news and has absolutely no personality. Don't know how she lasted this long. Hopefully self-absorbed Tamron will be the next to go. Also, Jenna Bush Hager, now we know how she got the job. You mean to tell me that there isn't someone else, perhaps with a journalism/communications degree that can't fill in besides Jenna?? She's probably a nice person but honestly, my 6 year old niece has better communication skills. There are people out there who actually NEED a job and who would be much better suited and NOT Brooke Shields!! Really!?

    Love Al, Willie, Hoda and KLG (although KLG needs to stop interrupting guests). And, please, less segments and more substance. The segments are always rushed through and sometimes cut off for commercials. I'd rather watch a couple of full in depth segments instead of a bunch that are rushed through.
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