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  • Just Checking in

    I stopped watching the Today Show a year or more ago and switched to GMA because of Tamron Hall. I had watched the Today Show for 40 years but the show has lost its message. It is supposed to be a news show and it has turned into entertainment, Al thinks he is a comedian and when they added Tamron it was just too much. She interrupts, talks over people and giggles. Nothing professional about her at all. I thought I would miss the Today Show but I don't miss it at all. I check her occasionally to see if Tamron is still on and I see she is. Sigh..........
  • Tamron and The Third Hour - I'm Out

    I have watched The Today Show my entire life and am sad to say that I am turning the channel on the third hour. This is completely ridiculous and irritating. Al Roker is arrogant and thinks he is such a comedian but just comes across angry and opinionated. The addition of Tamron Hall is horrible. She cackles about everything even when not appropriate. She interrupts, talks over everyone and appears to flirt with Al like a school girl. This was evident even before she joined the 3rd hour. There is nothing of substance in the 3rd hour and quite frankly is just a bunch of noise. I think it is ridiculous that you have 3 or 4 people interviewing one person. I now will only watch the Today show when Matt is on. Otherwise GMA is my choice. Sad... Very sad...... She keeps herself in check when she is with Matt,Savannah or Hoda but when not supervised .......... She giggles, cackles, makes inappropriate comments, interrupts, and seems to think that she is the star of her own show. The interviews are barely one or 2 questions because SHE talks the whole YES we know that you are from Texas...... It is not necessary to say it at every opportunity to somehow support your thought or validate a behavior. Today was unbearable. I don't know how the NBC executives do not see this and listen to the reviews posted on multiple sites and letters sent in. She is great reading the news but when off script is a disaster.
  • Tamron Hall

    Who Hired this women!!! Sorry Today Show. Have to watch anything but that.

    CAN. NOT. TAKE. TAMRON. ANYMORE. Ready to look for something else to watch. She is so snarky. Annoying. Change the channel or fast forward half of the time to get past her.

    I have been watching the Today Show for 50 years and the quality of the show has gone downhill since Ann Curry left. It looks more like a class reunion than a credible news show. Matt and his harem are the most annoying people I have ever seen. All they do is talk to each other and talk over each other. Why have a audience is my thought. With all of them talking at once no one can understand a thing that anyone is saying. I can only watch about 45min. before I have to change the channel to Dr. Phil reruns. News flash producers who do you think is watching the show. Retired people. We don't care about the Kardashians or Katlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Get rid of the Gigglie Girls and get a credible news person. There is so many great stories out there, do a little digging and you may come up with a better show.
  • Why is Tamron Hall there?

    Tamron needs to do a podcast alone, so that she can speak uninterrupted by any other voices. If they want someone black and female, Chantal from the weekend is head and shoulders above her. She make every subject relate to her, or she is not interested in it.
  • Annoying

    This morning show has little to no news. What news there is highly slanted to the left. Savannah and Tammeran are so annoying its become unwatchable. Another reason for turning off the Today Show is I often have to turn the channel to avoid things on cable that I do not subscribe to for a reason, topics I do not think are appropriate for families getting ready for school and movies that are inappropriate for television. If I wanted to see these things I would. I do not want to see them on the morning news shows.
  • Brazilian Waxing -- Really?

    Today's giggly exchange between Natalie and Tamron went way too far. Their silly exchange about brazilian waxing was not funny, not newsworthy, and not tasteful. So glad to see that Al backed away from this distasteful exchange. So glad my granddaughters were not here this morning. Come on Today show. Get rid of this ridiculous and tasteless "fluff"
  • Last straw

    I've watched the Today Show faithfully for over 25 years, even when family members begged me to switch. But the move to "fluff" reporting hit its peak for me today. I get that they want to make Hour 3 fun. (I don't agree, but I get it). But this morning in Hour 1, there's Tamryn Hall, front and center, in a suit no less. Apparently this is the signal that serious news will still be presented. I watch (watched) this show for its news content - not to hear about the musical guest or if Matt plays "air violin". Cute and giggly doesn't cut it. I, like most viewers, want accurate, concise news of the day, as I prepare to tackle my day. Today I found my last straw. Her name is Tamryn Hall and tomorrow she will NOT be a part of my news.
  • Keep trying...

    I used to be a long time viewer of the Today show but with the new cast of women I have switched to watching Good Morning America. I keep trying to switch back but every time I watch the Today show the new cast just seems fake and over done. Definitely not a fan of Savannah, I have to turn it every time she comes on. Not to sound superficial but even her outfit today seemed unprofessional and out of place. I do however still enjoy Kathie Lee and Hoda!!
  • Stop the Tamron hate

    Why people think she is all these things,why are you still watching the showI see you all have another job,hating Tamron wow as if this is ever going to be about those other clowns they're just as all they see is Tamron come on get over your jealous mad selves,she's well paid, and could care less about any of you !are what you have to starting to love her more because of all the hate for say we need more of her maybe she should take the 7:00 o'clock hour at you clowns.
  • Tamron bashing

    Tamron is beautiful, lively, stylish and adds interest to the show. I would much rather watch her and be entertained by her so called whacky antics than painfully sit bored to tears with Natalie Morales I love watching food segments with Natalie. She treats food as if it were poison and her hesitation to eat a few calories is so obvious. Lol. She is a typical buttoned up snob, corny, and I'd much rather watch paint dry.
  • Why Are You Still Watching This Crap?

    I guess NBC figured that women are still mindless little things who only want to learn how to look cute and make a good grilled cheese sandwich for their baby. NBC must imagine that their viewers like rolling around in the gutter with all the funky celebrities' dirty laundry. You must be pretty shallow to fall for such a steady diet of garbage. Are there some other channels on your TV or what?

  • Gather the bunch, save Al, and show them the door.

    Maybe the producers need to follow. It use to be a news show which is why I watched for 30 years. I no longer watch. It's a free-for-all. If you want your show to be a running joke, you are doing a good job. I sure miss the professionals with Al to lighten the mood.
  • Happy I'm not alone....

    I've watched the Today Show for years and since I retired two years ago I was thrilled to watch this program each morning. As a retired hs teacher, I am used to noise and numerous people talking at the same time. However, when class began quiet spread over the room. Not so with the Today Show. The incessant mindless chatter that has become the norm on this show is often too much to bear. My coping mechanism is to grab the remote and catch up on taped TLC shows.

    Today I finally reached my breaking point with everyone talking at the same time. Even if I were severely ADHD I would not have been able to discern what each Today host was saying.

    I just realized that I have a headache, but I feel better knowing that I am not alone in my irritation with how this show has transitioned from a thoughtful and informative morning news program to a 9th grade math class before the bell.
  • terrible and unacceptable

    programming concept, venue and presentation for the show this morning, 8/9/2015 was non-informative, unentertaining and right down pathetic.

    I have been a fan of today's show for years but this morning, I actually changed the channel to watch a boring cooking show.

  • Keep your personal opions to yourself.

    Last night was the first debate for the Republican Party. The Today Show seemed to think we wanted to hear their opinions. report what was said and reactions from the nominees. I don't care what Tamron Hall has to say as she is as unprofessional as they come. She tries to come across as too cute and perky. The show has become a social event instead of reporting the news. Don't think I can take this show anymore.
  • Honestly, Tamron Hall needs to go! Do you guys read your reviews?

    Tamron Hall does not add anything positive to the Today Show. She is immature, giggly, rude, and narcissistic. She constantly interrupts her co-workers and is totally consumed by her own self image. It's past time for her to go. Replace her with an adult!
  • Omgosh

    Tamron really needs to tone it down. She's too loud and behaves like a baffoon at times. I look for the remote to switch the channel. She's great most of the time but those moments make me squirm for her.
  • Get Rid of Tamron Hall

    GET RID OF TAMRON HALL. She is the Absolute WORST. Every time I think she is gone, then she comes back more annoying then ever. How can someone be so Unprofessional, rude, conceited and still have this job. Someone owes someone or has a crush in a high position over at NBC. She has lowered the standards and Ruined Today! You are not a celebrity and you think you are far more important then you are, Just GO! To top it off AL and her get going, voices get louder, they scream and cackle. This is not a play ground. It makes the other anchors uncomfortable and speechless at times. It is hard to watch. You can feel the tension in the room. Go back to the Today we all know and like. Please!!!
  • Just when I thought it was safe

    "she" had been relegated to a later slot on the Today Show, I tune in this week only to see Ms Hall right up front and in full annoyance mode. It is nothing to do with color - she is loud, shows no manners by constantly interrupting other co-hosts and is just thoroughly annoying. I would love my old Today Show back! Meanwhile, it's back to CNN in the mornings!
  • Enough of Tamron Hall!

    Please get rid of Tamron Hall. Nothing to do with race etc. I don't care if she is black, white or green, she is an absolute idiot and should NOT be on television!
  • comment

    Everyone talks at the same time and I have to change channels to stop the racket. Hard to take the constant chatter.
  • Leo and April all the way

    If they have Leo and April break up and let her get back with Dominic I will be so disappointed in the show. I like Dominic but not with April.
  • STOP talking over each other!!!!!!!!

    I had to turn the tv off on Today's Take while getting ready for work. The unbelievable cackling and meaningless blather talking at the same time made me run to the remote. It was so annoying that when I turned it off I felt instant relief. They should make Tameron,Willie,Natalie and Al listen to today's broadcast with headphones to hear how annoying they sound. It's the same effect for me as a child screaming on a plane.........
  • Today Show has become a Narcissistic Reality and Celebrity show

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated

    Beyond Lame and Pathetic for people to assume Racist to criticize Tamron

    Would LOVE and welcome Weekend Cast Sherril for week day Today

    We need Professional people

    This show has fallen so low and is now beyond worse than trash tv shows and now seems to focus on Entertainment, Celebrities and tv personalities who daily act as if trying out for their own Show to feature them talking about themselves, their lives and opinions(political and otherwise)

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now allll about the anchors?!?

    The cohosts interrupt over and over.

    The hosts all talk at the same time and try to make every conversation about them

    Interviews are no longer interviews on Today. They are now opportunities for combative and hostile hosts to editorialize and badger guests while promoting Hosts politics, agenda, opinions, likes and dislikes

    Most of the segments seem to try to compete with Entertainment Tonight, E channel shows and Tabloids and gossip

    It is excruciating to hear hosts give their personal opinions about EVERYTHING and interrupt EVERYONE

    I do not believe Tamron or Al are capable of NOT making each news story and segment about them. It is instantaneous. They immediately twist the news or interview to something about THEM!

    They make racist comments. WHY is this tolerated or allowed?!?

    They taunt and mock their cohorts and audience even about off camera talk. WHY is that allowed?

    The hosts talk so much that they almost always have to cut short the actual interview! The cooking segments are ridiculous now.

    The guests body language is also ignored when the situations are awkward due to co hosts being unprofessional and rude.

    I along with many others cringe, have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al and Tamron make rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card daily to veil his comments as 'humor'

    No one really wants to see Tamron be an immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts. Tamron acts very immature. She makes faces, squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or at Recess. I can imagine how frustrating she was in Classrooms.

    It is cringe worthy!

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    The show is no longer appropriate for children to watch or listen to as there is so much sexual content and other content that is so inappropriate and confusing to children.

    Tamron tugs at her very short dresses. She knows they are too short when she is sitting in high chairs and at most camera angles! However, she loves the attention and sometimes still must point out her feet and legs to get the attention fix she so craves and needs

    If not for Today, Al would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh

    Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself, try on items and say "look at me" instead of helping customers.

    You are over paid to read tele promoters with News and interview. You should not be paid to insult guests/co anchors and give your political and personal opinions!

    READ the news and interview without editorializing

    Interview and allow person to answer questions. Wait your turn to talk.....

    If not for Today, what else are you qualified to do and at what salary?!?

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • trying too hard

    The show has morphed. We used to stay tuned to polite, intelligent, entertaining discussion. Now the rapid chatter and overlapping speech is irritating. Sometimes the audio sounds like chickens and ducks in a cartoon. It happens a lot and we switch channels. Seems like the producers try to speed everything up. When that happens voices rise to higher frequencies and people step on each other. Savanah used to be a favorite now it's a see-how-fast-i-can talk contest with everybody. Nobody talks like this or wants to listen to this in the morning.
  • Ellie

    Dont like her - SHE'S PHONY AND GIDDY.
  • Bull on the Tamron Haters/But What is going on with The Today Show.

    As I believe she was hired to do, Tamron helps bring life to the show. You all forget the show was hurting in ratings before she came and I truly believe she is trying to liven things up. She has toned it down some but is great. First I want to say that I love Hoda, Tamron, Matt and Willie. And I love the Kathie Lee and Hoda segment as it.

    NBS and The Today Show executives have turned the show upside down and have added too many people to the set. Now it's like a bad entertainment show with too much yacking, too many on the morning segment with a lack of balance. Where is the news element that used to prevail on the show?

    Matt and Hoda are great newscasters and do well together on the first segment with Al doing the weather and either Tamron or Natalie hosting the news segment. The second segment used to be great with Al, Natalie, Willie and Tamron but now there is tension that shadows it at times.

    Kathie Lee and Hoda are great together but their chemistry is being overshadowed by the additions of Jena and Regis. Neither fit in well with the segment and are bring it down. I read the reviews and it is not true that Jena is better then Kathie Lee. That chemistry is just not there when those two are not working together. Regis was great in his time on air but he just doesn't fit and NBC needs to do some back tracking. I have been watching the show for years and if you are trying to improve your ratings you are moving in the wrong direction. I find myself channel surfing a lot during the show.

    I like the orange room addition but I don't feel you need five people in the first hour. When all of them are there it seems out of balance. Now you have added another person (Carson's wife) and you are over doing it. It is like it is a training ground for new people when you used to hire trained and good professional staff members.

    For all the Tamron haters you guys are wrong and many of your comments seem racist in nature. I read many reviews about Tamron but there are others who are just as bad or worse. Natalie nor Jenna are that great either. When the anchor job was open she was much better. I read about her feud with Tamron because they were both trying to get a possible new anchor job and many criticized Tamron. Well why was Natalie angry at Savannah who won the position over her? It was clear from the beginning that Tamron, Willie's wife and Willie were friends. You guys want to make it sound like she is after Willie and them trying to prove to you that it is not true has put a strain on their interactions. Don't blame her blame yourselves. The first week Tamron came on haters started picking her apart, some of you love Jenna who over talks guests and seems like she is still in training when she sits in. And, I believe you need more diversity on the show not less.
  • Ballers

    Should be X rated. Terrible how. Dwayne Johnson is better than this low class show.
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