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  • Show stinks

    This is the worst show on tv. Their interviews are horrible. Must be told what to and what not to say. Matt and Savannah are horrible. Dump them. Keep Al ,Willie and Dylan. Become a real show. The show trys to keep up with the times(wrong). There's so much wrong with this show it is broken. In plain English (IT SUCkS.
  • what's Tamron got to do with it

    I think it has nothing to do with, tamron hall. it's always fat ole white women who are angry. Tamron can't help it if, she sexy as hell its not her fault. so get over yourself watch the view or GMA. stop freaking complaining about Tamron hall. jealously doesn't look good on no one. oh and by the way the more you all keep making these statements the more she takes the show. the only people,making this show about Tamron Hall, is you haters. so keep on shes well paid you know!
  • Hate this show!!!

    Had enough of watching this garbage. Tamara Hall is sickening, along with Savannah. They ALL talk over each other and who knows what they are to rethink what you are doing NBC, this is not working.
  • Tamara Hall - It's NOT always about you!

    I'm grown tired of Ms. Hall turning every on-air item into a piece about her.

    She's one of the best newscasters/talking heads in the biz but during interviews, unlike her co-hosts, she's constantly mugging, talking over others and striving emphatically to draw attention to &herself. Please, make it stop!!
  • Hand Savannah off to do the weather, she stinks!

    I watched GMA for year's and switched over to The Today show because I like Willy Geist and Al Roker, but that Savannah lady needs to go, or I am switching back to GMA. She comes off as so arrogant, can't stand to watch her! Now I hear Natalie is leaving? She is so sweet, and has a personality, unlike Savannah!
  • Today Show is getting awful to watch

    Just joined to say Today Show is getting very difficult to watch. Too much fluff and more a gossip show than relevant information. Don't understand why talent less Jenna Bush is getting more air time. Awful presenter and not humorous as she so desperately wants to be but not a serious speaker at all. Can't stand to watch her or listen to horrible voice. Tamron Hall has awful unappealing laugh and speaks over everyone. Natalie Morales is more serious newscaster but she is now leaving. I will be switching to another station as this show has gotten horrible to watch.
  • Confused

    What is going on with this show? Get rid of Matt and Savanna!How about Kit Hoover and Billy do they cater to people like personality free Natalie?They dont listen to people thats why they have so much animosity and problems on that show
  • Why a new Sunday format?

    What was the reason for changing your format on Sunday mornings? I hate it. You should have stayed the way you were. You are just giving people more reasons to watch GMA that is for sure.
  • Savannah Guthrie is awful!!!

    I am not one for writing reviews; however, I think Savannah Guthrie is a horrible host. I have watched the Today Show since I was a kid and have never thought of watching GMA; however, I cannot watch Savannah on the show. She acts like she is really tough and a hard interviewer, but she comes across as stiff and fake. Then I had to see her filling in on the Nightly News, I wanted to scream. I miss Katie. To be honest, there are a lot of others on the Today Show who could easily replace her. The chemistry between she and Matt is horrible. It is bringing him down too. Now that GMA has Michael Strahan becoming the co-host I will be watching it. I have always been a loyal Today fan, but I cannot do this any longer. (Very Sad Fan)
  • They are desperate and trying too hard to be goofy, hip, and happening. News just gets in the way.

    The Orange Room sums it up pretty well. "Celeb gossip, trending memes, fashion! Hey Millennials, stay relevant and stay cool by watching Carson Daly! We promise never to offend, and we won't get bogged down by

    Everything rushes by in quick flurries. No one has an opinion on anything. They display their bond by laughing moronically at poopoo jokes and double entendres. They must get paid a hell of a lot, to sacrifice their integrity this way.
  • 4-25-2016 How unprofessional!

    I jus happened to be watching today's show. Where they had a very welknown guy (can't recall his name at this moment) cooking chicken & waffles with eggs & gravy etc. And i don't know her name but the woman (with longer hair) kept complaining like a freakin immature child saying "I can't eat it, I can't eat it" so many times I even got irritated with her & had to write this review. This show is not about her!! That was just so unprofessional & to make things worst when she finally did take a bite (only after being pressured numerous times by her Co-host & the guy that cooked the food she bit it & you can tell that she was regretting it and went on to chew super slow with a look as if she's regretting every chew & wanting to spit it out! Who does that??!!

    That was so unprofessional! I doubt it was bad but let's pretend it was. Has she never heard or been taught to fake it till you make it!? YOUR ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! AND YOU SET A BAD EXAMPLE FOR THAT GUY'S FOOD/RESTAURANT! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR BEING SO UNPROFESSIONAL & INCONSIDERATE! . The review posted was based only on this episode
  • Not a fan of this new Sunday Show---Big Mistake NBC!

    Tired of this round table discussion format! Let's go back to the Sunday regulars!!!
  • Tamron Hall

    What is all the hate about Tamron?? I don't get it. She is smart, beautiful, fun and can be very serious. There is a lot of competition up there and on morning television period. She has to fit in as well as be herself to be accepted. I think all the hate about her is not fair. People are jumping on the band wagon. Leave Tamron alone. I like her, I am proud of her and I think she is the only interesting person on the today show.
  • Sunday Today with Willie Geist

    I tuned in this morning to watch the Today show only to be stuck with Sunday Today with Willie Geist. I prefer to watch Willie when he is with other Today co-host not as a solo host in this horrid "Meet the Press" format.

    I'll be sleeping in next Sunday.
  • The Face that makes you cringe is

    Savannah Guthrie's mug. Christ on a cracker, I can't stomach it. Tamrons cool. I don't understand all the shade being thrown at her. Savannah's grin is what needs to be stopped. Get it off my screen. The syrupy, goodie-two-shoes persona needs to exit stage left as well and with a quickness. She makes me queasy. The rest of the ladies are on point.
  • Tamron Hall... inappropriate, annoying

    Tamron is just inappropriate. trying to insinuate that Matt and Al were oogling over the picture of Chrissy Teigen's boobs. please Tamron, making your cohosts uncomfortable for your own cheap laughs.

    AND, quit bringing all topics back to you! AND stop talking over and interrupting your cohosts.

    AND every time you laugh it is as though it is the funniest thing you have ever heard. JUST STOP.

    NBC????? is anyone there driving the ship???
  • Background

    There is an annoying thumping that drums in the background on Today. It seems to be there in segments of particular interest to the ladies. Knock it off please.
  • Today Show is nonsense

    It's not just Tamron Hall who cackles and babbles over everyone, they all do, so why are most reviews signaling out Tamron. There are many comments here complaining about the hosts always talking over each other and the mindless chatter.

    By now they must have received the message on Facebook, Twitter etc.

    But, apparently nobody who works at NBC watches or cares about the Today Show because the ditzy sounding hosts continue to babble,yack and cackle over each other because nobody has told them they sound like cackling hens?? Or the hosts just don't want to stop being the focus of the show because they of course love talking about themselves and giving their pointless opinions?? Are the producers burned out because they have 4 hours to fill??

    7:00-TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP-7:30 .After 7:30, all they do on that stupid show is eat and drink wine and talk nonsense. And what's the deal with Kathy Lee promoting drinking booze and getting drunk every day. Does she own a chain of liquor stores?

    If CBS-This Morning- could add Anderson Cooper and Ann Curry they would be the No.1 rated morning NEWS show.
  • Get rid of Lauer

    Show is disgusting, how much are they paying Matt and dumdum Guthrie to do their Trump bashing show?

    They need to get some real news casters !
  • Camera Hog

    Please get rid of Tamron Hall. She is very self-centered and constantly hogs the camera. She is VERY annoying.
  • This show stinks!

    4/1/16 -- Tamara needs to zip her lips. No one gets a chance to speak. What a glory freak.

    And....... It's become a failed comedy hour. Sad, sad, sad. The phony belly laughing amidst stupid rhetoric is enough to make me puke my morning breakfast. They emulate Saturday Night Live cast members.

  • Take Tamron out of Today!!!!!

    i cannot watch the today show anymore. TAMRON HALL has no idea the show IS NOT all ABOUT talks over everyone, she is very poised and phony. not at all like Natalie or Savana. When she acts like she can relate to something such as being a mom, she is so fake. she tries to dominate the table. and comes out with some really off the wall remarks to get could not stand to hear one more remark about pink or swim bathing suits for al and that picture she had put up of willie in some weird looking bathing suit. willie did not look happy. he said its about raising money not the bathing suit.
  • Time to remove Tamron Hall

    I used to watch the Today show all the time, but over the past year I find myself constantly flipping to GMA instead when Tamron is on the show. She consistently talks over people, interrupts people and wears a forced smile (smirk) so much of the time. She seems to speak just to be heard and sometimes makes no sense at all or talks about personal issues/events that no one is really interested in. There seems to be a displayed discomfort at times by fellow co-hosts on the show which makes it even more difficult to watch the show. PLEASE move her to some other show or remove her and maybe the ratings will go back up.


  • savanah, you ignorant nbc slut.

    moving to GMA for sure!
  • Media Biased & taking $$

    Why don't you quit picking on Trump and look at ALL the Lies, Deceit, Murders, . etc. of Hitlary Clinton, and also the taking down of America by our Muslim president?????? This so called reporter had an agenda and she got what she has cried wolf several times before, media are bought to say whatever their rich owners pay them to say and do, without any feelings of we wonder why this country is going to hell in a handbasket.
  • This is not news

    First 20 minutes today was replaying a video and interviewing Trump about a reporter getting jostled while a herd of people were leaving a Trump event. Terrible interview by Matt and Savanah and complete waste of time listening to this when serious news is happening in our country and around the world
  • Revamp morning program

    It's time for NBC executives to revamp the morning program. It is preferable to have non-biased reporters. It is very clear that Matt and Savannah are unable to be non-biased. Their attitudes when interviewing politicians are highly offensive. I am not interested in their opinions.
  • Today Show or Trump Show?

    I don't know exactly when the Today Show turned into a news-free infotainment crapfest, but the point at which I couldn't watch anymore was when it turned into the Trump Show. Is there another presidential candidate? Is there a democratic party? I wouldn't know if I just watched the Today Show. Every single day that loser is allowed to spew ignorant nonsense upon this show's viewers, and if he becomes the republican nominee, this show will bear a huge responsibility for it. The anchors seem uncomfortable with it, and seem occasionally to be allowed to take a shot at him, but, really, does that make a difference? Has anyone uttered the words Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, let alone have them on the show ONE TIME? Are ratings really the only thing the producers of this low-brow Shlockfest give a crap about? Its so horrid to watch the show slide lower and lower, especially for those of us who were once fans. Will Jills Steals and Deals become the main daily segment soon? Will Jenna Bush, who sounds perpetually congested and simultaneously holding marbles in her mouth, soon become a main anchor? Will someone go on a murderous rampage if she does one more sickening overwrought story on her family? And Tamron Hall's complete inability to stop herself from talking or complete one succinct point is a train wreck that never improves. These bizarre casting choices are of course small affairs in contrast to the political one-sidedness that should not be allowed. All candidates should be given even CLOSE to the same coverage if this is to be considered anything near to a network news show and not just pure propaganda at this point. It disgusts me to watch it, and I've had to switch to CBS, which I don't like, but at least there's a less biased approach. I am furious at the producers of this show, it is a shameful travesty, and someone somewhere will call these jokers out at some point.
  • tamron hall

    Hi am new to this site in my own personal opinion about tamron hall she had always make me feels real good also i what a tough background she is i have learn so much about her even know she is a beauitful female i do get little be fresh rated at time i can be little bit shy at time i don't have any friends only just a few of them i can relate to tamron hall like trying to fit in with other i ever had anything nataive say about her like about she make me feel real good about myself even if it about herself i learn little bit about her were she come from i know she might not be as open i an't perfect i know she an't eather not even all those other cast does morning news even the weekend news is all goods too one things i don't ever care for all this donald Trump stuff he had be getting kinda old after longs while seen like he is hinding something also be little be of a broken record after a while i don't think unversal media family need him phone in every weekdays not even with morning joe he bearly ever had anything goods say other than make remark after remark he can't even keep a straight face i think this donald Trump remarkis ways too ooverrated it had to go always for goods let those other candidates have there airtime he not only one trying get elect not going to happen from what i know there is a rumor that someone might be able beats the donald Trump himself need worry about cleaning up his mess and quit annoy all those fraud charge i know he had two fraud charge in two different state one in calforina other in new jersey he need clean up his mess and pay the penalty i know i an't lying about this i am well educate been thought 16 years of experience also i use goods judgements when i comments on this i am well educate and spoken if i didn't understand something always take the time to google it before I make a statement ........
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