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  • Jumping out of her pants--

    I'm sure that one day Tamron will jump out of her pants due to her overwhelming excitement and exuberance that permeates her body and mind. Never have I seen anything like it. Tamara needs to get out and run. She should be on a sports type show - where she is participating in the sport - wrestling, boxing, running, tennis, marathons. It's obvious that tamron can't believe she is on TV, let alone being on the Today Show. She can't contain her excitement (understatement of the year) I'm sorry - but she needs to find a show as mentioned above. Not be part of the Today show. As I said, surely she'll jump out of her pants.
  • Today Show has become a Narcissistic Reality Show with non stop Talk overs and interruptions

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated

    Perhaps NBC should give Tamron her own show(with her name on everything and everywhere) Imagine how giddy and silly she would be to hear that offer! She is pretending to have Tamron Hall Show anyway.

    I tried to keep watching as I have for over 25 years. I can not.

    I just googled and saw this which proves over year of viewers/fans begging the Today to remove Tamron


    Obviously, they do not care what viewers/previous viewers think

    It is excruciating to hear hosts give their personal opinions about EVERYTHING and interrupt EVERYONE

    I do not believe Tamron or Al are capable of NOT making each news story and segment about them. It is instantaneous. They immediately twist the news or interview to something about THEM!

    I am beyond disgusted by the unprofessional behavior on The Today Show

    Al and Tamron have ruined this otherwise very good program

    They make racist comments. WHY is this tolerated or allowed?!?

    I can not begin to fathom other professionals wanting to steal the attention, SING along with famous singers/bands and constantly talk about themselves!

    The hosts talk so much that they almost always have to cut short the actual interview!

    Guests will sometimes say "let me finish" or "we are not done yet" to the interruptions. It is ignored however. The guests body language is also ignored when the situations are awkward due to co hosts being unprofessional and rude.

    I along with many others cringe and have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al makes rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card daily to veil his comments as 'humor'

    No one really wants to see Tamron be an immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts. Tamron acts very immature. She squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or in cafeteria

    It is cringe worthy!

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    They are using the beloved Today Show as if it is their Reality show

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now all about the anchors?!?

    If not for Today, Al would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh at his silly self for most older people are annoyed by him

    Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself, try on items and say "look at me" instead of helping customers.

    You are over paid to read tele promoters with News and interview. You should not be paid to insult guests/co anchors and give your political and personal opinions!

    If not for Today, what else are you qualified to do and at what salary?!?

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • Please get rid of Tamron Hall

    Tamron Hall is so annoying. I am not going to watch the Today Show anymore. She gives me a headache with her hyper, immature behavior. I've been watching this show for years but I am no longer a fan.
  • Tacky and Unprofessional

    Tamron brings nothing to the table but her nasty, obnoxious, immature know it all personality. I stop watching the 9:00 hour because it hurts......
  • Get Rid of Tamron!!!!!!

    I can barely watch the Today show anymore. I love Savannah, Matt, Natalie and Willie but Tamryn is the most obnoxious on air personality I have ever seen. She constantly talks over everyone and acts like a silly school girl with her giggling. PLEASE get rid of her...
  • Jenna Bush

    Jenna, you rock with Hoda. Let's replace her with Kathy!!!
  • Trashy Bikers?

    As a BIKER i am very offended by Hoda's and KLG comment and i will never watch the show again. I know most of the biker community feels the same way. What she does not realize is that the biker community does more for charity then the government does. We will be the first to have our brother's or sister's back. There is thousands of bikers who ride to the wall each year to PAY RESPECT TO OUR FALLEN BUT YET WE ARE " TRASHY". I really hope you look at what she said and i think a PUBLIC APOLOGY IS IN ORDER. I cant believe the dis respect she has shown to the biker community- i take that back yes i can and i hope NBC does something about it and not just brush it to the side.
  • Bikers or Motorcycle riders are a people Today Show will never understand

    I ride a motorcycle, I'm a professional women in my 50's, college grad and I'm a partner of a small motorcycle shop. The shop was even made for the brotherhood and sisterhood of bikers to support each other. I am not a loser and neither are any of my biker friends, with or without leather.

    I have seen bikers ban together to support each other, when no one else would. I have managed building rides to help children and have rode to help families, people of many illnesses, and even animals when no one else would.

    How in the world could anyone be so cruel to call my friends losers? For all that we have been though. We lose 100's of bikers because drivers don't look twice and now on national tv a honest shows how people don't think twice about us.

    Please take the time to thank a biker if you read this. I am sure he or she has donated their time or money to several causes. We are a people that the Today Show will never understand.
  • Time for Al Roker to be put out to pasture.

    Other than to feed Al Roker's massive ego, why is the weather so often the major news of the day? Very few people care what the weather is like outside their own area, and for that they can turn to their usually accurate local forecasters. Here's a news flash, in the winter months there's often snow and cold, just as it gets hot in the summer. Roker, the court jester, always has a joke ready, knowing the camera will be on him. His interviews at the Golden Globes were pathetic. He cannot say two sentences without a teleprompter. If we have to have a national weather forecast let Dylan Dreyer do it, she is much more competent, knowledgeable and professional.
  • What an ignorant statement. You know nothing about bikers and the motorcycle community and lifestyle. .

    What an ignorant loser you are. You know nothing about bikers. you have no ideal at all about the biker community and how much they donate and give back to the community. I suggest you google some biker groups and organizations and find out information about them. You can start with the Patriot Guard Riders, BACA, and American Legion Riders that is just to name a few. Many many more clubs and organizations that give back to the community on a regular basis.
  • Tamron Hall comes across as self-centered

    I stopped watching the Today Show between 9 and 10 because of Tamron Hall. She interrupts people mid-sentence, after they've said about 3 words, and then proceeds to talk on and on and on. I'm watching Kelly and Michael now.
  • Hoda sticks her foot in her mouth

    Very mad that Hoda said bikers were losers because wearing leather. It's protection. Your comments show you know NOTHING ABOUT BIKERS. WE ARE COMMUNITY across the world that love to ride. We do fundraising and have a love and brotherhood and sisterhood that you have know clue. We share a love you will never understand even if we don't know each other. We come from all walks of life. You need to do some research and think before you speak lady.
  • Rather than Today, Tamron should be Yesterday

    Every time I seeTamron on the Today show, I have to turn down the volume. She's over the top obnoxious. Surely, the today show can do better.
  • Team Tamron

    All of this crticism about Tamron is mean spirited. It seems she's truly just trying to fit in, which is surely difficult with Matt's inflated ego and Natalie's snarky remarks. The Today show is in trouble but it's a failure by the team, not solely on Tamron Hall. GMA show displays that team environment without talking over or interrupting each other unlike Today. I'm anxious for king Lauer to retire and with any luck maybe KLG will stay on vacation indefinitely.
  • Tamron talking!!

    Tamron Hall seems to be under the impresson that the 3rd hr of the Today Show is the "Tamron Hour".

    Let your co-hosts talk too! And quit being combative. Just love Willie, Natalie, and Al. Today Show Execs, shame on you for letting any one co-host dominate. I start off everyday trying to tolerate Tamron Hall, and I ALWAYS end up switching to Kelly and Michael; who by the way have great chemistry and share airtime. Come on Today Show get your house in order!

  • 3rd Hour now the "Awkward Hour"

    I really was a fan of the 3rd Hour on the Today show... That is until they brought in Tamron Hall. She talks over the other hosts, and speaks as if her opinion is the only one that matters. Does anyone else notice the obvious on-air friction between Tamron and Natalie? I actually like Tamron on MSNBC. She is good at reading the news, but her personality is beyond self-absorbed.
  • One fan's opinion: what is the Today Show boss thinking !

    The 9:00 hour has become too awkward to watch. Tamron does not pause to even breathe ... she rambles on and on and on and on and on and on and on .... get the point?

    Willie and Natalie used to have genuine onscreen chemistry with the camera and the home audience, but now they are reduced to stoic faces as Tamron rambles on with nonsense. Geeze, what a way to ruin a previously good hour of telecast. I honestly feel sorry for both Willie and Natalie! They deserve much better ! ! !

    Who is supposed to be in charge of the Today show? Do they even watch it? From where are they getting their feedback?

  • Tamron Hall is a Great Addition!

    I am thrilled with the added dimension that Tamron Hall brings to the third hour of the Today Show! She is a breath of fresh air for what had become a somewhat predictable show.
  • STOP bashing the Today Show

    What is wrong with all these people that are bashing the 9 . Today show? I was hooked on GMA,until Sam and Josh left, because they brought fun in to the morning after watching HOURS of depressing news! Now my husband and I actually get to laugh and enjoy the 9 . Today show,after HOURS of news ! Come on people, lighten up! Al Roker is the best!!! The team on the morning show is great! Yes, Tamron is a bubble head at times, but that is what makes the group! Speaking of Tamron's clothes,Our local news people, here in Miami, look like Hookers,every day! (on the morning news) Turn on our channels, THEN you can compare Tamron's outfits to these hoochie's down here. watch the local weather and OFF it goes! ( Back to the Today show!) PLEASE don't change the 9 . show back to MORE NEWS for God's sake. We really look forward to watching the 9 . show, then Hoda and Kathie at 10! Happy New Year!

  • What is wrong with You??

    The Today Show was a Vary good News Show good and bad , but that's the news, Now Its a talk show about a lot of things Food and Bull and what Have you got on your phone , WHAT is this ??? Go back to what the show was Not the Bull Now ,
  • Tamron Must Go

    She is fine reading a teleprompter, but her banter is horrible and her ever-present awkwardness and self-obsessed ways when they are off script, get in the way of a great show. Watch her when someone else is talking. . . I turn the channel when she is on now. Does Turness not see her awkwardness?
  • I have watched Today for 25 years...

    and now I change the channel each and every time Tamran Hall is on the screen.. which hasn't happened since the Deborah Norville experiment. She is self-centered, look-at-me, attention grabbing, childish and overly giggly. She needs to dress professionally... not like she's going out on a Saturday night. Most irritating is the way she talks over her co-hosts. I simply cannot watch the 9am hour and turn to GMA if she's on at 7am. She is very good when reading the news... any open or group format is simply not suited for her.
  • Today Show

    I was reading all the negative feedback on Tamron which has made the show lloose fans. I have sent the same feedback. She should be let go immediately now thst Savannah is back. Tamron thinks the show is about her OPINION-NOT! She picks on her co-hosts ie. one example qhen Willie had a cold. RUDE-RUDE-RUDE. Iwas embarrassed for her , she'd probably claim racist but actually color has nothing to do with it- personality everything. We are. all human beings and our jobs should be based on merit. Please take action. Then warch the ratings sore.
  • GMA fan

    Not sure how to get the folks at NBC to read the eye-opening comments on this site, but they certainly need to hear the fans who are RUNNING to ABC in the morning. I'm sure she is a nice person, but Tamron's frenetic, self-absorbed chatter has pushed me from NBC, which I have watched all of my life. What a shame.
  • hello, anyone out there?

    I've read almost every comment on this site and have contributed my views. It doesn't seem like any of the of the producers of the Today show are reading any of this!!! Today, when Tameron was sitting at the table, I wanted to reach into the TV and throw a blanket over her exposed thighs!! Come on, wear something a little more professional or at least sit that way!!! I don't have enough finger and toes to count how many times she interrupted the other cast members and guests with her jibber jabber!! No wonder the show is slipping in ratings!! If I wanted to watch a "kiddy" show I'd watch Seasame Street - oh wait, the puppets have more manners and are more professional!! Please get rid of Tameron, lose one person or lose hundreds of viewers!!!
  • Tamron "Look at me!" Hall

    Having been a loyal Today Show viewer for years, I have to say that I haven't enjoyed the broadcast this much in a long time, not since they invited the overwhelmingly selfless and sincere Tamron Hall into my living room every morning. I particularly like how invested she becomes during each interview and conversation, only breaking concentration every three or four seconds to lovingly gaze at herself in the monitors and maybe shake it a little. Public demonstrations of self love are only testament of her dedication to the craft of journalism.
  • Talking Over Everyone!

    I, too, do not like all the hosts talking over each other and also very irritating when guests are there showing items on sale or making food, you can't even hear what they are trying to say with the hosts talking and butting in to the conversation. I think the host should let the guests talk, gheesh, and stop rushing them so much. Anyway, I put the TV on mute when this happens and also, too silly at times, I don't like Tamron Hall, she tries to be a one show person and buts in too much!

    The day they brought Tamron Hall onto the TODAY SHOW was the ruining of the show. She is the most loudest , over bearing , obnoxious , and bigoted person on the show. There is not a day that goes by she doesn't bring racism on it. She over talks everyone else and she just keeps getting louder and louder till the other hosts quits talking and gives her the floor. PLEASE get rid of her . I am going to quit watching this show at the end of the month if the producers don't do something with her, she is impossible to watch.
  • The Tameron Hall Show

    Inappropriate, domineering, rude and soooo immature. I do not understand why this woman giggles and giggles over nothing. Absolutely no substance to her. She contributes nothing of value. It's like she's the star and Natalie and Willie are along for the ride. It's been uncomfortable now for a while. What's with NBC for not recognizing this.

    Al is altogether another story. I used to really enjoy him but now I find him quite inappropriate also. Maybe it's because Tameron is getting away with it why not him. I actually am finding him a bit on the creepy side. I guess NBC doesn't want to get labeled that dreaded R word. So they allow it to continue and allow viewers to go elsewhere. I am one of them. GMA is pretty darn good and I am enjoying the refreshing change......
  • Tamron Hall

    Tamron is not a good fit on the Today show. Too aggressive, overbearing, not funny, very dry personality. I have watched the Today show less than I ever have since she (Tamron) has been on. Not a good fit with the other host. Sorry thats how I feel quite sure Im not the only one.
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