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  • Savannah Guthrie needs a sylist

    I like the show and have been a long time veiwer. The only thing that drives me nuts is the tacky, weird clothes that Savannah wears. She seems like a large boned woman, so these flowery dorky outfits make us notice - not her content, but how

    unusual she looks.

    She needs a new wardrobe now!
  • STOP EATING!!!!!!

    I will change the channel as soon as everyone starts eating. I do not want to watch people talk with their mouths full and smack and lick fingers. its just not polite. Also how is it that you all get to taste $1,000 or more cupcakes etc. It just doesn't work for me. I want to hear news not people eating laughing and talking over each other.
  • Jenna Bush ruined Today show for me

    I am not trying to be mean or attack Jenna but the show really needs to open their eyes. She is absolutely terrible in the show. She only has the job because of the Bush name and this really upsets me. She stutters just like her father did. Extremely awkward in her human interactions. I can no longer watch such a good show because of Jenna.
  • bye clowns

    rip today show maybe you will get rid of the others too hint hint
  • interviews

    I just saw the interviews with Clinton and Trump by Savannah and I must say that it was very one sided Savannah did not interrupt Clinton the way she did Trump he did not get a fare interview and the way I saw it, Savannah actually attacked Trump I am not supporting either one of these lunatics but this interview was not a fare one I have watched this show for a very long time and I have always felt that everyone on the show was fare and truthful,until today. Savannah, you were not fare
  • Tamron Hall

    Tamron is just not a good fit. She needs a show where it's just her reading news with zero human interaction. Tamron is so very pleased with herself that she must make it known to the world how awesome she is even if it means going off topic or rudely interrupting her coworkers. I feel bad for the hard working anchors that are forced to deal with her on a daily basis. I just turn the channel even if it means I'll miss out on Tamon's "celebrity" BFF of the week. Yes Tamron, you are just so cool. Go be a celebrity show host. You know it's what you really want to be anyway.
  • Tamron needs to get a grip.

    I LOVE the today show but Tamron is cringe worthy. She talk over everyone, stumbles over her lines, is awkward, and makes it all about her. She's so awkward to watch. If you watch her co-hosts when she speaks.. You can often see them cringe.
  • Glad Natalie is leaving. Hopefully Tamron is next (along with Jenna). Also less segments and more substance

    So happy Natalie is leaving. She is unprofessional, can't properly read the news and has absolutely no personality. Don't know how she lasted this long. Hopefully self-absorbed Tamron will be the next to go. Also, Jenna Bush Hager, now we know how she got the job. You mean to tell me that there isn't someone else, perhaps with a journalism/communications degree that can't fill in besides Jenna?? She's probably a nice person but honestly, my 6 year old niece has better communication skills. There are people out there who actually NEED a job and who would be much better suited and NOT Brooke Shields!! Really!?

    Love Al, Willie, Hoda and KLG (although KLG needs to stop interrupting guests). And, please, less segments and more substance. The segments are always rushed through and sometimes cut off for commercials. I'd rather watch a couple of full in depth segments instead of a bunch that are rushed through.
  • Tamron Hall Keepin' It Real (Real Tedious!)

    I am so tired of Tamron Hall's shameless self promotion at the expense of everything she touches on Today. Prince tragically dies and it's all about Tamron. There's a tropical storm taking lives in Texas and Tamron has to explain how it affects her. She gets her hands on a selfie stick out on the plaza and sends the show into disarray as she refuses to stop taking shots of herself. Then, when she has news to report she can't manage to read her lines properly from the monitor.

    Why is she even on the show? I refuse to believe that there aren't other young black women in television journalism who are better suited to co-anchor the Today Show and do not have the solipsistic world view that afflicts Ms. Hall. She embodies everything that is wrong with what now passes for news programming. This is what happens when the networks foist talentless "personalities" on the viewing public. Tamron should be shown the door before too many more people tune-out Today.
  • Can the Today Show get worse?!?!?

    Like many many others, I've watched the Today Show for years but now find I watch it maybe 10% of the time. GMA is so much better. Get rid of Tamron Hall!!! She doesn't fit with anyone or any of the stories. She wants every show to be about her and total focus on her. With no children, no husband or real family, she has no credibility or anything to contribute when talking. You can tell she irritates the team just sitting there trying to be the center of attention. And Matt Lauer is out of date and needs to be moved to something else. Even the team makes fun of him. Where's the strategy behind the where the Today Show is going because the direction and the core team are out of alignment. Once Natalie leaves, it will be GMA 100% of the time until Today Show management can get it back together again (if ever).
  • Show stinks

    This is the worst show on tv. Their interviews are horrible. Must be told what to and what not to say. Matt and Savannah are horrible. Dump them. Keep Al ,Willie and Dylan. Become a real show. The show trys to keep up with the times(wrong). There's so much wrong with this show it is broken. In plain English (IT SUCkS.
  • Hate this show!!!

    Had enough of watching this garbage. Tamara Hall is sickening, along with Savannah. They ALL talk over each other and who knows what they are to rethink what you are doing NBC, this is not working.
  • Tamara Hall - It's NOT always about you!

    I'm grown tired of Ms. Hall turning every on-air item into a piece about her.

    She's one of the best newscasters/talking heads in the biz but during interviews, unlike her co-hosts, she's constantly mugging, talking over others and striving emphatically to draw attention to &herself. Please, make it stop!!
  • Hand Savannah off to do the weather, she stinks!

    I watched GMA for year's and switched over to The Today show because I like Willy Geist and Al Roker, but that Savannah lady needs to go, or I am switching back to GMA. She comes off as so arrogant, can't stand to watch her! Now I hear Natalie is leaving? She is so sweet, and has a personality, unlike Savannah!
  • Today Show is getting awful to watch

    Just joined to say Today Show is getting very difficult to watch. Too much fluff and more a gossip show than relevant information. Don't understand why talent less Jenna Bush is getting more air time. Awful presenter and not humorous as she so desperately wants to be but not a serious speaker at all. Can't stand to watch her or listen to horrible voice. Tamron Hall has awful unappealing laugh and speaks over everyone. Natalie Morales is more serious newscaster but she is now leaving. I will be switching to another station as this show has gotten horrible to watch.
  • Confused

    What is going on with this show? Get rid of Matt and Savanna!How about Kit Hoover and Billy do they cater to people like personality free Natalie?They dont listen to people thats why they have so much animosity and problems on that show
  • Why a new Sunday format?

    What was the reason for changing your format on Sunday mornings? I hate it. You should have stayed the way you were. You are just giving people more reasons to watch GMA that is for sure.
  • Savannah Guthrie is awful!!!

    I am not one for writing reviews; however, I think Savannah Guthrie is a horrible host. I have watched the Today Show since I was a kid and have never thought of watching GMA; however, I cannot watch Savannah on the show. She acts like she is really tough and a hard interviewer, but she comes across as stiff and fake. Then I had to see her filling in on the Nightly News, I wanted to scream. I miss Katie. To be honest, there are a lot of others on the Today Show who could easily replace her. The chemistry between she and Matt is horrible. It is bringing him down too. Now that GMA has Michael Strahan becoming the co-host I will be watching it. I have always been a loyal Today fan, but I cannot do this any longer. (Very Sad Fan)
  • They are desperate and trying too hard to be goofy, hip, and happening. News just gets in the way.

    The Orange Room sums it up pretty well. "Celeb gossip, trending memes, fashion! Hey Millennials, stay relevant and stay cool by watching Carson Daly! We promise never to offend, and we won't get bogged down by

    Everything rushes by in quick flurries. No one has an opinion on anything. They display their bond by laughing moronically at poopoo jokes and double entendres. They must get paid a hell of a lot, to sacrifice their integrity this way.
  • 4-25-2016 How unprofessional!

    I jus happened to be watching today's show. Where they had a very welknown guy (can't recall his name at this moment) cooking chicken & waffles with eggs & gravy etc. And i don't know her name but the woman (with longer hair) kept complaining like a freakin immature child saying "I can't eat it, I can't eat it" so many times I even got irritated with her & had to write this review. This show is not about her!! That was just so unprofessional & to make things worst when she finally did take a bite (only after being pressured numerous times by her Co-host & the guy that cooked the food she bit it & you can tell that she was regretting it and went on to chew super slow with a look as if she's regretting every chew & wanting to spit it out! Who does that??!!

    That was so unprofessional! I doubt it was bad but let's pretend it was. Has she never heard or been taught to fake it till you make it!? YOUR ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! AND YOU SET A BAD EXAMPLE FOR THAT GUY'S FOOD/RESTAURANT! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR BEING SO UNPROFESSIONAL & INCONSIDERATE! . The review posted was based only on this episode
  • Not a fan of this new Sunday Show---Big Mistake NBC!

    Tired of this round table discussion format! Let's go back to the Sunday regulars!!!
  • Tamron Hall

    What is all the hate about Tamron?? I don't get it. She is smart, beautiful, fun and can be very serious. There is a lot of competition up there and on morning television period. She has to fit in as well as be herself to be accepted. I think all the hate about her is not fair. People are jumping on the band wagon. Leave Tamron alone. I like her, I am proud of her and I think she is the only interesting person on the today show.
  • Sunday Today with Willie Geist

    I tuned in this morning to watch the Today show only to be stuck with Sunday Today with Willie Geist. I prefer to watch Willie when he is with other Today co-host not as a solo host in this horrid "Meet the Press" format.

    I'll be sleeping in next Sunday.
  • The Face that makes you cringe is

    Savannah Guthrie's mug. Christ on a cracker, I can't stomach it. Tamrons cool. I don't understand all the shade being thrown at her. Savannah's grin is what needs to be stopped. Get it off my screen. The syrupy, goodie-two-shoes persona needs to exit stage left as well and with a quickness. She makes me queasy. The rest of the ladies are on point.
  • Tamron Hall... inappropriate, annoying

    Tamron is just inappropriate. trying to insinuate that Matt and Al were oogling over the picture of Chrissy Teigen's boobs. please Tamron, making your cohosts uncomfortable for your own cheap laughs.

    AND, quit bringing all topics back to you! AND stop talking over and interrupting your cohosts.

    AND every time you laugh it is as though it is the funniest thing you have ever heard. JUST STOP.

    NBC????? is anyone there driving the ship???
  • Background

    There is an annoying thumping that drums in the background on Today. It seems to be there in segments of particular interest to the ladies. Knock it off please.
  • Today Show is nonsense

    It's not just Tamron Hall who cackles and babbles over everyone, they all do, so why are most reviews signaling out Tamron. There are many comments here complaining about the hosts always talking over each other and the mindless chatter.

    By now they must have received the message on Facebook, Twitter etc.

    But, apparently nobody who works at NBC watches or cares about the Today Show because the ditzy sounding hosts continue to babble,yack and cackle over each other because nobody has told them they sound like cackling hens?? Or the hosts just don't want to stop being the focus of the show because they of course love talking about themselves and giving their pointless opinions?? Are the producers burned out because they have 4 hours to fill??

    7:00-TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP-7:30 .After 7:30, all they do on that stupid show is eat and drink wine and talk nonsense. And what's the deal with Kathy Lee promoting drinking booze and getting drunk every day. Does she own a chain of liquor stores?

    If CBS-This Morning- could add Anderson Cooper and Ann Curry they would be the No.1 rated morning NEWS show.
  • Get rid of Lauer

    Show is disgusting, how much are they paying Matt and dumdum Guthrie to do their Trump bashing show?

    They need to get some real news casters !
  • Camera Hog

    Please get rid of Tamron Hall. She is very self-centered and constantly hogs the camera. She is VERY annoying.
  • This show stinks!

    4/1/16 -- Tamara needs to zip her lips. No one gets a chance to speak. What a glory freak.

    And....... It's become a failed comedy hour. Sad, sad, sad. The phony belly laughing amidst stupid rhetoric is enough to make me puke my morning breakfast. They emulate Saturday Night Live cast members.

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