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  • Michael Brown story

    It is unbelievable that the Today Show and most of the media on TV can demonize and demoralize a police officer that clearly was doing his job to protect himself and others, including the store owner that just got robbed, from a clearly aggressive and low life thug. How can they even give one minute of air time to his family that refuses to see what their son was which is a common criminal that deserved what he got and every person that supports and flames the fire for this unjust cause should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What about the life of the officer that has been ruined by the actions of Brown and his Family!!
  • Get rid of the "Older non funnies" Please - too hard to watch them anymore!

    First time I post any comment on any site but I can't stand it anymore!!!! I get that Al Rocker is a staple of weather? I guess:?/ however he is NOT funny, NOT entertaining, NOT easy to watch. I hate how Tamron seems to think all that comes out of Al's mouth_no matter how ridiculous or unfunny_is the best thing she's ever heard!!

    Keep Hoda at all hours :) Love Willie - I think they don't acknowledge his very witty and funny comments since Natalie, Al and Tamron are too busy making noise of their non funny and senseless complete nonsense"/ What about Jenna Bush-Hager?!?!? Please stop with her on everything... NO MORE Natalie and Jenna segments and please stop using Maria Shriver IT IS SO PAINFUL TO WATCH THEM+UNBEARABLE!!!

    Love the ease of watching Carson on anything, he keeps it real and fresh, want more of Matt-even my 11yo likes watching when he's on, I like corky Savannah, Natalie, Tamron = doing the news and some comments only and Have Jenna Bush may be Wolf on more--not sure of her last name but she's the always pregnant one now, from the weekend edition you know not Bush-Hager haha -- Love Shanielle Jones from the weekends more than Tamron I think she would be a perfect fit. Def keep Willie, Carson and Hoda doing the more relaxed segments, that is my humble opinion;) And for all that is kind in the world!!!!! please keep Al on the weather channel ONLY and keep Dylan full time, she doesn't make me ignore the always cringe worthy weather segment until my local forecast... PLEEEEEASE! Thank you:)
  • tamaron hall

    I cant believe her first comment regarding the guys playing ping pong in London subway was that she was afraid for them! HOW RIDICULOUS!! She doesnt know how to be a commentator! She is so annoying - get rid of her!!!!!! And cut out one of the segments each day so you have more time for the other segments so they dont have to say over and over... sorry we're running out of time!! How rude that is to the guests!!!!!
  • Seriously--time for a change

    Ok, I'm a long time viewer of Today show--usually don't make comments, but I googled "chatter on the Today show" and came up with this website ---the senseless chatter, banter, talking over one another about NOTHING is leading me to just turn off the Today show and turn on the radio. Keep Natalie, Hoda, Kathie Lee and love Jenna Bush--Time for a revamp producers--
  • Time to go

    Natalie is stuffy and boring. Tamron is the woman we will all love to hate.
  • The 3rd hour is unbearable.

    Enough with the talking over one another and the incessant school girl giggling! I have long admired Tamron Hall - but this may not be the best fit for her. It is uncomfortable to watch her competition for air time and talking constantly.

    The 3rd hour could be better utilized with more in-depth stories, rather than the silly, inane babble that is currently taking place.
  • Today's Show anchor shake up

    I love Tamron,

    She add spice and viariety to the show. She's young and fresh and easy on the eye. Natilie is but between her and Savannah they can really put you to sleep. Hoda and Tamron would add freshness, trend and tastful hurmor, which is what the show is missing, its stuffy and forced not natural.
  • Keep Natalie, fire Tameron or loose viewers!!!!!!!!

    I have been watching the today show for years and you really messed up when Natalie wasn't Meridths replacement. You skipped her over again when you fired Ann!!! Why because Matts wife would divorce him! Who cares! Put Willie in in place!!!!!!!! If you do not get rid of Tameron I can't stand to watch anymore!

    She is very beautiful but not right for the job, to hyper, flirts with all the married cohost and has to be the center of attention. I do like Savanah now, but it still should HAVE BEEN Natalie's job! This is why you continue to loose ratings!!!! Matt has been rude to Natalie on air not passing a drink or a piece of cake to her first like a gentleman should!!! All because his crazy wife, if they did have an affair it's his fault too. He needs to quilt treating Natalie like a piece of dirt!! I used to love Matt and him and Natalie would be great co host but I don't really care for him anymore. I love Willie and Natalie!!!!!! And of course Al ! But seriously if Tameron doesn't go and Natalie does I'm switching to Gma!!!!!

  • My "Comfort Zone" isn't so Comfortable Today

    I thought perhaps I was just "too sensitive" while watching the Today Show, but now I see I'm not alone and many viewers feel likewise. I'm 49 and have been a Today Show fan for decades. I can even recall the Jane Pauley days with Tom Brokaw and watching as a child. I continue to watch the show because it's my morning "comfort zone," even though the Today Show family has evolved over the years. Change is inevitable, but the Today Show is about to jump the shark!

    I'm not surprised to read so many viewers' opinions are similar to mine: Tamron is a very beautiful woman, and I could see her in many television roles, but just NOT this current position as an anchor for the Today Show. I cringe (ripped from my "comfort zone") whenever Tamron is with the other hosts, especially Natalie. Today Show management--are you blind? Tamron is simply ... overbearing. "Overbearing" is the adjective that best describes what I see from my side of the screen. At times it looks as if Natalie gives up (politely), as there is no way she can get her "turn" with a person such as Tamron. Natalie didn't give off that vibe before Tamron arrived. It reminds me of being at a party with the girl who has to be the loudest, the funniest, the most "crazy," giggly, and completely annoying! It's a turn off and just too much for my morning cup of coffee.

    I agree there are too many hosts at the table. I like the format of one man and one woman. I don't care what color they are--just give the jobs to the most talented. I do think having both genders is appropriate (otherwise it would be another Hoda and Kathy Lee show). Let another person do the news in a separate location. Al could do the weather and some additional material, but unless he wants to accept the job of co-host, he shouldn't be in the spotlight so much. (He can be a bit loud with the jokes, too, but I like him because he's been a part of the team for a long time. ) I agree the Orange Room is tiresome. If I wanted to be on Twitter staring at "trending #'s" I'd go there myself. I watch television to watch television--I could care less about what other people in their pajamas are tweeting. It has it's place, but I don't need it on my morning "news" and entertainment program. Today Show executives: As you ponder what to do with your programming and anchors, please take these numerous reviews to heart. Tamron is a bubbly person, but her personality isn't suited well for this role. Katie Couric was at times "bubbly," but her professionalism and maturity were present in a moment's notice, and she appeared to respect the others around her. I don't see this with Tamron. Savannah seems well-suited in my opinion. She laughs along when appropriate, but keeps the tone steady when necessary. Good luck finding the right formula, again!
  • Tamron's got to go

    She detracts from the show, talks over the anchors and has made more vapid comments than I care to count. Between her and the overabundance use of the word "amazing" for things that are not I can barely watch the show anymore. (Savannah and Natalie - love you both, but PLEASE get a vocabulary). "Good Morning, America" here I come!
  • this show is going down hill

    miss Meredith Viera and Ann Curry, can't stand Tamron Hall, Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist. loved the show before now it is hard to watch and listen to the newer loud annoying cast.
  • Tamron take a hike, theyve fired natalie wth

    This am the Farelly Brothers were interviewed and Tamron Hall really made the interview cringeworthy when she innappropriately asked them if a scene in 'Theres Something About Mary' where Camron Diaz mistakenly used semen as hair gel was based on a true story. It was so ridiculous that she would even go there on a am show and it was obvious she made everyone uncomfortable. Shes the worst, cant wait til shes gone! I feel so sorry for Natalie having to work with her, shes just a nutcase clearly out of her league. Crazy eyes lol! Shut up Tamron no one wants to hear you talk.

    Ok so now theyre firing natalie and willie???? Say whaaaaa?????!!!!! Omg people wake up nbc tamron is the one who needs to go everyone else is fine although savannah and natalie have no chemistry but i like savanah too. That Tamron Hall must be playing dirty schematics behind the scenes for them to want to get rid of natalie!!!! I just cant believe this.
  • Today Show Management stinks!

    Tameron is the worst host ever. She acts like the immature, slutty friend who drinks too much and thinks she's hot. She is just plain annoying. No wonder she is single. She really needs to go.

    I really don't like Savanna either she is just too boring. I think they are only keeping her because she just had s baby.

    I like Willie and Natalie. It is a stupid move to let them go.

    Carson is never even there. There is no reason to keep him.

    Al is ok, but Rokerthon was really stupid.

    Matt makes too much money. He is full of himself.

    Kathy Lee and Hoda are the best part of the Today Show.

    I doubt I'll watch when Natalie and Willie leave, especially if Tameron is still there. I don't know how she ever got a job on the air.
  • Today Show is a great example of forced, ridiculous antics!

    I now watch only on occasion to see if the show has improved. Tamron and Al continue to lower the bar to giggling, hamming it up and talking over everyone else. They are better when they are working alone until their egos calm down.

    Will and Nathalie try their best but, more often than not, look as if they cannot believe it either.

  • Rokerthon was so pathetic!

    The producers continue to show how inept they are in their choice of hosts. Carson Daly is just plain awful. Does this guy have some kind of clout over TV programs' choices? He already is the weakest link on The Voice. What is it with these guys like Daly, Ryan Seacrest, and Anderson Cooper who think they have to be on EVERYTHING!!!! And now the daddy of them all, Al Roker, who's Rokerthon was just plain pathetic. He turns everything into a joke in order to get the cameras on him, such an ego! The sad thing is that the USO who were supposed to be the beneficiaries on the marathon, got less than $80,000. It should have been a million at least, but Roker did not push it nearly enough, preferring to show how great he thinks he is. $80k is less than a week's salary for him, and it probably cost that to send him and a crew to Afghanistan for his self-promotional tour. There are so many other performers who gladly and regularly entertain the troops world-wide without any publicity. Think the rest of the Today cast was also embarrassed by the paltry sum raised as it was not even mentioned after the event.
  • Tamron Hall is AWFUL

    I simply cannot understand who decided to put Tamron Hall on the air. She is silly, obnoxious, must have all the attention, interrupts everyone, never has anything intelligent to say and has absolutely no value to the Today Show.

    I've talked to a lot of people that feel the same way. She acts like a 12 year old that needs constant attention, says nothing of value and is simply annoying. Today executives, wake up. Judging by what I read on this website from viewers, Tamron Hall's got to go!
  • Tamron Hall

    How can NBC management think Ms. Hall resembles a contributing team member to the Today you allow her to yell and over talk everyone your ratings will decline further.

    Natalie is an honest member of the NBC team Ms. Hall reminds me of the Phony, dishonest,

    horrible Ann Curry who viewers could not trust and welcome into their homes.

    It's time for mgmt. to wake up.
  • Get rid of Tamron

    We were long time viewers of the show, no more, Tamron Hall is disgusting. She talks over everyone, doesn't let guests speak. She is always trying to grab the spotlight, thrusting her body around, phony smiling and giggles. Your show is no longer a news show, you just rush your guests through everything, most of it of very little interest. Natalie has been pushed aside by Tamron, she is great. What are you thinking? We went to CBS for our news. They have a great format. Would be willing to view again, IF you FIRE Tamron.....
  • Tamara must go!

    This use to be the morning show of choice today was my last day I have never seen a more attention seeking host in my life Tamara Hall has ruined the show and makes it impossible to keep watching I agree with another comment on her put her with Kathi Lee and it will get cancelled in no time Love Hoda and the rest of the cast but will no longer be watching.
  • Tamron hall

    I have been watching the today show for years but unfortunately with the addition of Tamron Hall it's just unwatchable. With her constant giggling posturing for the camera and rudeness, it's just too much. It's the today show, not the Tamron Hall show.

    Tamron please stop! You are destroying one of my favorite programs. Your interviews are painful to watch. Let the guests speak. Immature and not ready for the big time.
  • Give Tamron Hall the

    I'm about to quit my decades of Today show watching. Tamron Hall is just too irritating. She acts like she is a 12 year old with her attitude that everything is about her. Her scene-stealing antics are pathetic. Put her and KLG on the same show and watch it get cancelled in a heartbeat.
  • Today is NOT a Narcissistic Reality Show so Please Stop or Rename it the...... "The Talk OVER Show"


    I am beyond disgusted by the unprofessional behavior on The Today Show

    Al and Tamron have ruined this otherwise very good program

    I can not begin to fathom other professionals wanting to steal the attention, SING along with famous singers/bands and constantly talk about themselves.

    Narcissistic Network

    One day Management will realize this as well

    I wish they would WATCH the would hear the constant interruptions and over talk.

    The hosts do not respect their guests

    I feel as if I am watching a slumber party or study hall gathering

    I have watched and preferred NBC News and Programs My entire life.

    Now, I along with many, many others cringe and have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al makes rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card to veil his comments as 'humor' He is not funny. He bashes people from the UK , Asia and the Middle East. HOW is this allowed?!?!?!?!? This week Al said a BABY "looks like a Japanense" something and laugh. NO one wants anyone to make fun of their baby or children. IF someone said Al or anyone else children looks "like a "BLACK" or "African" anything, THEY would be very appropriately called out and fired if in this position.

    Tamron makes it hard to watch as well. No one really wants to see immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts I was shocked to find out her age! She acts very immature. She kicks her legs out, squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or in cafeteria

    It is cringe worthy!

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    They are using the beloved Today Show as if it is their Reality show

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    People who think they are a laugh a minute belong on auditions for Stand Up and Comedy Channel

    I love humor. They are NOT funny. It is beyond ridiculous.

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now all about the anchors

    If not for the the luck of al matching need to hire certain people many years ago, he would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh at his silly self for most older people are annoyed by him. Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself and try on items instead of helping customers.

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • Read the News - Don't Make it

    Well, it seems that those who like the "new style" of news shows - that is -over-talking, being silly, giggling, and being impulsive - may have won out over those who like professionalism, seriousness and maturity. Ms. Hall seems to be an excellent news reader but when she goes off script I cringe at her childish behavior. I'm embarrassed for her. She seems so needy.

    On the other hand, Natalie is class all the way. Pleasant and lively enough without making me gag.

    I hope those at the top make the right decision and let Tamron do what she does best - that is read news but don't make it by her silly behavior.
  • Natalie In- Tamron Out

    Natalie is very professional. Tamron is constantly over talking the group for attention. The Today show has changed for the worse since Tamron's arrival. Keep Natalie and move Tamron to another position please!
  • Tamron Hall

    I have always seen Tamron as a breath of fresh air and a really likeable person.

    People who post negative comments about her are out of touch with the modern world , and seemed to be biased.

    I wish that Ann was still there in the morning too.

    People were negative to her as well for no coherent reason.

    We should simply enjoy the diversity of personalities.

  • I Miss Tamron!

    This is my first time writing a review but my husband and I, who watch the Today show every morning, miss Tamron. I have never felt moved enough in my 58 years to write a review until now. I can't tell you how shocked I was to read all of the negative reviews on her. We both love her energy and to us, she seemed to fit in. In the early morning as I am trying to get ready for work, I need my coffee and the energy from the show. The show has really toned down a lot since her departure. Funny thing is, we didn't know how much we liked the energetic Today Show until the tame show came back. It's like loving Vanilla ice cream until you taste butter pecan.

    Also, one more thing. One time we were concerned NBC was going to replace Matt with Carson. That would be a deal breaker for us.
  • Hope NBC reads these posts re: Tamron

    Tamron Hall is a really good reporter. Her special reports are thoughtful and well done. BUT, what happens to her on a stool under the lights is nothing short of embarrassing! She demeans HERSELF. She's loud, outspoken and a little too inclined toward potty talk for a professional newscaster. I've actually stopped watching Today after 40 years and now love CBS with Norah, Charlie and Gayle. NBC just keeps digging themselves in deeper. #toobad
  • Replace Tamron on Today.

    Poor rating due to Tamron Hall. Everyone else is great!!!
  • Tamron Too Much

    Tamron is rehabable! She has to be open to suggestion. She's bright and well spoken but needs to tone it down. Listen more. Volunteer less. STOP rubbing hands together like 'Oh, boy can't wait" stuff. Frankly, they ALL make way too much money and they know it.