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  • Gag Tamron Hall

    Please explain manners to her. She talks over everyone! I'm going to have to stop watching since I can't hear what anyone says anyway. It's NOT the Tamron Hall show!
  • Tamaron Hall was bad enough, now this!

    Was having a hard time watching, and more so, listening to Tamron Hall on the 3rd hour of the Today show, because, she is loud, obnoxious and says stupid things and seems to be combative with her co-hosts.

    Now, to make things worse, you have Ellie Kemper. She is awful! Now it seems she and Tamron are fighting for attention. And the 3 of them just talk over one another and all I hear is noise instead of conversation. What has happened to this show? By the way, love Willie, Matt, Savana, Natalie, Carson and Al. Dylan is great and Hoda is wonderful!


    I have been watching the Today Show for 50 years and the quality of the show has gone downhill since Ann Curry left. It looks more like a class reunion than a credible news show. Matt and his harem are the most annoying people I have ever seen. All they do is talk to each other and talk over each other. Why have a audience is my thought. With all of them talking at once no one can understand a thing that anyone is saying. I can only watch about 45min. before I have to change the channel to Dr. Phil reruns. News flash producers who do you think is watching the show. Retired people. We don't care about the Kardashians or Katlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Get rid of the Gigglie Girls and get a credible news person. There is so many great stories out there, do a little digging and you may come up with a better show.
  • Please replace Tamron Hall

    Love Matt, Savannah, Natalie, Al, Willie, Hoda, Kathie Lee, Sheinelle, Carson & Dylan. The cast is classy, informative of current news and fun in the morning. Unfortunately, Tamron tries to dominate the scene every day. She interrupts and talks over people and comes across as arrogant and rude. The days she is not there are always better viewing.

    Please replace her!!!
  • Tamron isn't on Today as much - so glad.

    I've watched Today show for many years, I can take Tamron in small doses, she's fine doing her own news but when you put her with the group she always seems to need to be the center of attention. I like Natalie and Willie's hour, hated it when Tamron was on there, she has to talk OVER everyone. Glad they've scaled her back. I think Willie and Natalie should take over as the main hosts when Matt retires.
  • Have to switch channels when Tamron speaks

    Tamron is such an annoying person I have to change channels when she is in a disappointing since I have watched Today show for many years and love all the other hosts. Tamron is soooo phony and always trying to take charge. Willie ought to punch her lights out!
  • I'm not a fan of Tamron Hall, are you?

    I'm just wondering what other people think of Tamron Hall. I have watched the Today Show for many many years. And it has never felt less cohesive than it does now. I truly believe that the problem has become worse since Tamron came. The hosts don't seem to get along at all and they talk over each other constantly. Anyone else feel that way??
  • It has come to this.

    Morning News is now nothing more than GOP candidates vying for the Presidential nomination. The more the merrier, but the quality will suffer. It's back evening news only.
  • Savannah Guthrie

    Yes I now do Good Morning America also so I'll return if Anne Curry returns
  • XM Sirius side of the show.

    I have been watching the show for years. Now that I am a truck driver I appreciate being able to listen while on the road. I love Matt and miss Katie Couric. However with the few new faces they are all still like family. The only negative is the girl who does the XM. She talks to the crowd outside and speaks to the gang in their dressing rooms. SHE IS VERY INSENSITIVE. She makes jokes at the wrong time and doesn't have a heart. Once there was a fire in NY and Matt could smell it in his apartment. She made a joke! Thank god for Matt who put her in her place. This morning she said one of the crew was in a bad mood and of course he corrected her. The shooting in NC, she really had no care in her voice. Most of the time when I hear her I turn down the volume. I feel she is hurting the reputation of the show. Thank god for everyone else to keep the show as awesome as it is. She should be replaced. I will continue to start my days with the Today show and continue to turn down the volume when I hear her.
  • Samantha Guthrie Please!

    I can't stand Samantha Guthrie, if she is on I will watch Good Morning America. Now she is on Nightly News, so can't watch that. Her squeaky voice is annoying, and she is no Ann Curry. Where is Ann? I haven't forgotten how she was dumped and replaced with an inferior product - Samantha. Who is making the decisions down there?
  • Tamron Hall is fake and needs to sit down

    Tamron doesn't believe people should lose their jobs after a crime. I am sure the Duggars are making money. I don't agree with Tamron anymore. Tamron stated in an interview with Ray Rice and also other cases that abusers shouldn't lose their career. If 19 Kids and counting pedo is making a living off of a tv show isn't that part of a career? She "supports victims" and throws money to charity but says cruel things like this. I can't deal with her her anymore. So if someone in her family was molested, raped, or abused would she let them get off that easy? I'm sure she would do all she could without a thought. I can't believe the things that she says and she has discouraged a community of abuse victims with her statements. I am sure she thinks the show should air. I am no longer a fan. How can someone so intelligent have a head full of air? I am no longer her supporter. My daughter is 15 and I don't want her to look up to Tamron anymore.

    She is so fake and if she isn't getting tweets of people slobbing all over her then you are nothing to her. She is more involved with herself and her image than truly lending a hand to the community and her supporters sending hateful replies via twitter. She seems to be this charming and good hearted person but in reality she is heartless. I am sure if it weren't for her assets and beauty she would be dismissed and history. You are not all that Tamron so please have a seat. No one cares about your opinions and you are selfish and disgrace. Please go make your own show and let it be all about you because after all it is Tamron's world and we just live in it.

  • Is Tamron Fired?

    I'm wondering where Tamron is? Did Natalie claw her eyes out? She seems to have been gone all week.
  • Disappointed

    I will have to say how disappointed I was this morning, with the today show reporting such all the negative stuff on the Duggars, you have had them on the show so much, through all their positive moments, and doing what you did today is just awful, people have put this family on some kind of pedestal, remember everyone in concern, this is a normal family, with up's and down's in life just like anyone else on this planet, this family has been a part of many homes for years, I think as a USA citizen I would rather support them in their time of need, and give them the space they need to deal with all this coming, SHAME ON YOU TODAY!!!!! and your whole crew for bringing up the duggars in such a slander way. I mean some of your Host's have had garbage said about them, but nothing has been said regarding them on your show, Stick to the important stuff gang!!!!! what is our country coming too, become more caring again and report the real news!!!!!
  • Lost all respect for the talk show !

    I have to say how disappointed I am in the talk show today, After watching for many years, I WILL NOT EVER,.... be watching the Talk Show again, My mouth dropped when I heard all the Negative things being said about the Duggars, and the bashing of and slander!...... SHAME ON ALL OF YOU"LL, !!! As Host you guys should have known better!! I even stayed and watched after I found out that Sarah is a lesbian! Now that's a topic you should be talking about! For it is written!! We are all with SIN!! And besides Josh was only 14 & just a child, He did the right thing about his sinful nature, and sought help, & his sin has been forgiven and washed clean , The Lord remembers no more! It's still sinful when you continue to live a way you the Lord didn't create,
  • Please research before you spit venom.....

    I thought it would be nice to ask Natalie specifically, but everyone to do a better at their research spewing out misinformation to millions of watchers; some who hang on our anchors every word as gospel. While I am a fan of S'mores I thought it to be irresponsible to portray such immaturity at someone trying to encourage our country to be healthier. We are harboring so many individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mainly from obesity. The additional strike is that so many of them are our children. While strawberries and cream cheese or sour cream may not have been as appealing it certainly is healthier than Smore's. A serving of S'mores (a quantity of 2) is 268 calories, 183 mg of sodium, 24 grams of sugar, 10 grams of fat, 3 which are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, 5 grams of cholesterol, 46 grams of carbs. There are some good factors: 2 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 4% calcium and 4% iron. To say that there is no fat in marshmallows was simply sad, because if there was no fat content on its own, the sugar and sodium content alone were red signals.

    I found it to be repulsive to watch the smug attitude that is really all about an internal and very much personal cat fight during a segment as serious as food that could help to save lives. Perhaps the fact that she and Willie made the segment personal about the Nation's First Lady's failure to hit the mark was supposed to be humorous made it even more distasteful and unprofessional. I would simply like to say no where did the segment ever say to do away with S'mores; it was simply about a healthier alternative, which by the way most adults are aware of the fact that they have a choice in the matter. Perhaps a little professionalism 101, not to mention research 101 before we speak is warranted. I'm pretty sure the strawberry and cream cheese concoction taste much better than a foot. Take off the gloves guys and let's get back to the news.

  • Think about what you say before you say what you think..

    Just want to ask that the anchors on the Today Show use caution when using victimization within a violent or abusive relationship as a tool for relating to others. I'm not sure that the possible freedom one may experience from a sex change would be an appropriate parallel to the possible freedom one may experience when no longer in an abusive/ violent relationship.
  • . lost man

    I would like to thank the today show for many year's of top remember wilard the leprecon,or sunflowers,ronald mc donald!!!!I figured al would be the same way?I love ya all!I have been laying on couch for three year's trying to get back sugery from putting it all I got is time to wait on them to do it, was approved waitin. anyway, love the show everday thank ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast eddie
  • Here's the Deal

    NBC you have now become Today's infomercial show. Don't know who's producing, but GMA got you beat by a long shot. You're losing me.

    To Tamron's credit, I have not heard any racism from her or Al -really! If anything, I've heard her and him downplaying these kind of topics. However, she needs to stop trying to be the Olivia Pope in the Guise; house. She WANTs Willie, but tries to play it off, but she does get her subtle hints and remarks in surrounding him . mentioning he text her over the weekend while he was out with his kids}. Yea, Willie was flirting right back, maybe until Christina caught wind. Now he tries hard to ignore Tamron, but now she made these snide comments to him. Shame on Tamron on the personal shoe bit he made for Tamron and she went out of her way to read the inside and show off the shoe to the point of interrupting others with the deal of the day segment. Sistah' Girl; class is earned not a self righteous entitlement. I remember Tamron from WFLD Fox 32 Chicago days and it showed how she behaved there. Tamron is a bright, smart woman who dummy down for attention (primarily men). Stop acting thirsty boo! Take note: a classy woman doesn't make comments about her dates, she lets one assume (although it clearly shows ur not). A classy woman doesn't wear thigh high -revealing clothes, especially in front of her married male constituents, she's modest. A classy women does not straddle the seat of a chair portraying a playboy pose on TV news show, she exuberate class in her wearing and doing. -although it does appear Tamron does read these comments based upon her corrective measures on tv. She get my ratings, but only to see how she flashes herself both physically and mentally-not a compliment. Tighten it up girlfriend . Men are good readers;, perhaps this is why she's still single. Very disappointing to view her on YOUTUBE covering a PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN2008? braless and appear to enjoy the male host comments about it- not respectable at all. Last, Tamron's skin tone has changed drastically. Case and point, ethnically speaking, legs are darker than the face not the opposite because the face is more exposed to light/sun. I've been watching her skin transformation I feel sad for her -love the skin you in Tam you might find yourr NIGHT in shining armor. Tamron needs to take note from Shienelle -embrace her and not feel a bit intimidated when she's around (it shows). #Nope no hater here, just keeping it real.
  • Today Show has become a Narcissistic Reality Show with constant Talk overs and interruptions

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now allll about the anchors?!?

    The Book Emotional IQ and Dumbing Down of America seems to be Today Show "Mission Statement"

    Interviews are no longer interviews on Today. They are now opportunities for combative and hostile hosts to editorialize and badger guests while promoting Hosts politics, agenda, opinions, likes and dislikes

    Most of the segments seem to try to compete with Entertainment Tonight, E channel shows and Tabloids and gossip

    Perhaps NBC should give Tamron her own show(with her name on everything and everywhere) Imagine how giddy and silly she would be to hear that offer! She is pretending to have Tamron Hall Show anyway

    Psst NBC! Guess "What is trending"? Viewers dislike of Unprofessional and inappropriate behaviors by current cohost. Viewers are annoying by the new format that focuses more on hosts, their likes and their personal opinionS about Politics and EVERYTHING else.

    It is excruciating to hear hosts give their personal opinions about EVERYTHING and interrupt EVERYONE

    I do not believe Tamron or Al are capable of NOT making each news story and segment about them. It is instantaneous. They immediately twist the news or interview to something about THEM!

    They make racist comments. WHY is this tolerated or allowed?!?

    They taunt and mock their cohorts and audience even about off camera talk. WHY is that allowed?

    The hosts talk so much that they almost always have to cut short the actual interview! The cooking segments are ridiculous now.

    The guests body language is also ignored when the situations are awkward due to co hosts being unprofessional and rude.

    I along with many others cringe, have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al and Tamron make rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card daily to veil his comments as 'humor'

    No one really wants to see Tamron be an immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts. Tamron acts very immature. She makes faces, squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or at Recess. I can imagine how frustrating she was in Classrooms.

    It is cringe worthy!

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    The show is no longer appropriate for children to watch or listen to as there is so much sexual content and other content that is so inappropriate and confusing to children

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now all about the anchors?!?

    If not for Today, Al would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh

    Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself, try on items and say "look at me" instead of helping customers.

    You are over paid to read tele promoters with News and interview. You should not be paid to insult guests/co anchors and give your political and personal opinions!

    If not for Today, what else are you qualified to do and at what salary?!?

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated

  • A little professionalism please

    I am at the point with this show that it is almost hope the Network is listening! It's uncomfortable to watch. Al makes weird remarks (ie: yesterday when he told Mel B he was imagining her jumping on a . Today when they were talking about dating or not dating men who drive certain cars. Tamron starting sounding snippy with Natalie, Al got sarcastic with is NOT a show where I want to hear their opinions and scraps with each other. I get enough of that at home with my children! My take on everyone: Natalie is a snob, Tamron is a spoiled brat, Al is a narcissist. The only one who is normal is Willie. I'm not one to write reviews or complain but it is at that guys need to switch it up. HOw about giving Kathie Lee and Hoda more are fantastic!
  • NBC and The Today Show Have Become the TMZ of the Morning Talk Shows

    I have watched Today for over a decade but the last couple of years have been a sad state of affairs for Today. Self centered, ego maniacs, stupid irrelevant stories, most not worthy of being called news. Promoting shows like The Kardashians because they own the E! network. So politically correct on some issues and tabloid TMZ-like on the rest. They haven't reported real news in years and the few news-worthy stories they do report on are almost always flawed and inaccurate.

    Get rid of everyone but Natalie on the weekdays, and bring in the weekend crew. Al is an idiot and Tamron can't shut up. Guess what guys, those of us on the other end of the TV can't hear a word you're saying while you talk over each other. Thank god for DVRs as this 3-hour show provides me with about 35 minutes of viewable content.
  • Who was worse -- Savannah or Howie Mandel?

    How awkward was today's interview with Howie Mandel? Who acted more immature -- Savannah or Howie? Was Howie just being rude? Or was Savannah an idiot. Again, more awkwardness on the Today Show!
  • Tamron Hall Noise!

    How can The Today Show continue to keep Tamron Hall on their show and hope to compete with other networks? It has been so painful to watch her behavior since she has been on the show. She has to be the center of attention and talk over the guests and co-hosts, and as a result, I can't hear anything intelligible! When she first started I thought she tried way too hard to be the "sexy" one, and her sexual innuendo is disgusting at times. She acts like a 16-year old girl when she is around men, and it's so obvious she thinks she is a "gift to men". She is way too flirty with Al, and lets us know when she has a big "crush" on a celebrity - who cares?! This is not Today Show-Tamron Hall Hookup show is it? She loves to parade around in her tight, short, dresses, and there have been many times when she sits inappropriately on her high stool, on the left-hand side, and she is obviously trying to show it all off. She has even commented several times, on-air, that the producers just told her in the earpiece to adjust her dress to cover up a little more. Every story has to be about her, and who cares? I am sick of her talking over everyone, her narcissism, and her blatant sexual overtones. I'm done with the 9:00 hour (ET) on The Today Show. Ask me how I found this page? I googled Tamron Hall is an idiot, and this page popped up, as did many other search results. Who cares what she puts in her carry-on bag? Who cares what expensive products she buys for herself? Who cares how she styles her hair? I'm sick of her, and I'm done with this hour of The Today Show.

  • Tamron Does It Again!

    Once again I tune into the Today Show to watch Tamron insult, badger and create a very uncomfortable exchange with guest host Cheryl Burke. Not only is she regularly rude and combative with her co-host, now she's taking on the guest host. I'm done Today Show. I have been an avid watcher for decades and all I see is you continuing to let Tamron Hall undermind what use to be a great show with her self centered, immature antics. You may choose to do nothing but I can do something and that's turn the channel. Maybe becoming the third place morning show, which ratings show you are headed, might get you to start fixing the problems.
  • The Ad Nauseum Show

    The Today Show seems to have less and less relevancy. There isn't any 'real' journalism here, and the moment Tamron Hall (please leave) and Al Roker (please grow up) start getting into it with each other, it's like watching fourth graders squabble. Their segments are rushed and leave me wondering what the point was. The ego-stroking and narcissism is nauseating. If they want to be an entertainment hour, leave out what news they barely report and get more make-up. There are more important things going on in the world than the people who sit at that desk and blubber about.
  • Tamron Hall

    Could you please spare us the agony of sitting through Tamron Hall. She interrupts constantly, laughs incessantly over nothing, and is so unprofessional. She thinks she is funny, she is not, all she cares about is the camera being on her and she has nothing to contribute except nonsense. The tensions on air between her and her cohost are very obvious as she spews a Nother stupid comment out of her mouth. She does better just reading straight script for a newscast where she does not need to come up with her own comments. I do not know if you hired her out of pity or what the reason is but I have been a dealer for 25 years and every morning I need to record the today show so I can fast forward past her because I cannot stand her anymore. I I do not know if you hired her out of pity or what the reason is but I have been a dealer for 25 years and every morning I need to record the today show so I can fast forward past her because I cannot stand her anymore .Because of my frustration, I find myself changing channels to see how GMA is doing-a lot better than Tamron . Please don't let her ruin my favorite morning show, I have given it plenty of time for her to adjust. Time to bite the bullet and fire her.
  • Get rid of Tamron...

    On Today's Take there was a story about a cheetah falling into a SUV.

    Didn't even take a second for Tamron to tell her story about her safari and petting a lion complete with a picture.

    Al is as loud and unfunny as ever.
  • Tamron Hall is an IDIOT!!!

    This woman says the stupiest things I've ever heard. Her high and mighty attitude doesn't help any but to have that attitude and be a total moron is unbelievable! Plus she is so full of herself. You can see it too in the eyes of the others on TODAY when she says stupid try so hard not to show it but you can see it in their eyes and their constantly trying to cover for her insane idiotic statements. Today they were all talking about how wrong it was for a hotdog cart vender trying to sell $30 hotdogs to tourist at ground zero and she actually said but "he has the right to set his own prices" and all of the others looked at her like she had two heads. Everyday I watch this show and wonder why she's on this I look again and I know why. Yep, I thought it. Seriously, can we fire this woman before I become a GMA viewer?
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