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  • Tamron Hall

    I see all these negative reviews of Tamron Hall and I don't understand why. She is a professional, well dressed, fun and beautiful reporter. I can only think people are coming down on her because they are jealous or racist. Come on now, who says their not going to watch a program because of one person. It's not like she's the lead anchor person. Some people need to get a life. Tamron I hope you see this review. You're doimg an outstanding job.
  • Mat Lauer

    Mat is the only reason this show has lasted and the only reason I watch the show. Savannah is real but I think Hoda would be a hit In her position. Natalie is corny and has very little substance. Her look-a-like Maria Shriver was on the show the other day and was great. Al is good as Mat's sidekick and the show wouldn't be the same without these two originals. Everyone jumps all over Tamron but at least she has personality. Maybe a little too much at times but very very pretty. I usually change the channel and turn it back on for Hoda and Kathy Lee. Love them both but Hoda is fantastic!
  • Tamron Must Go

    I am done with her and the 9-10 hour. I really like Willie and Natalie and Al. I actually lose my appetite for breakfast listening to Tamron screech and yell and try and steal the whole hour. ITS ALL ABIOUT TAMRON! Enough. Shut her up. Shut her down. She is the worst morning on air host by far.

    See ya NBC proud host of the Tamron network.
  • I second It! Amen!

    I agree with the many comments about Tamron Hall. I thought someone had settled her down for awhile, but her aggravating behavior is back! Why would you have someone on there who constantly hogs the spotlight, talks too much, and giggles constantly like a silly school girl? Not enjoyable! What are you thinking?

    Love Hoda and Kathie Lee.
  • Targets Low Informed Viewer

    I left Today show over a year ago, not because of the hosts - but because the producers were making the show silly, shallow, boring, and, evidently, aiming to target the low-informed viewer. Occasionally, I will change over to see what's up and have to laugh to myself at their choice of stories- tabloid gossip, fluff stories that are so boring and contrived. This morning, one of their top headline stories for the 7 o'clock time was a Sarah Palin gossipy tabloid story- really?? Looked online to see if this was NEWS - 2 other sources online had something on it - political sources only! How pathetic and sad for the once legendary, professional Today Show. They don't seem to have a clue that their stores have no depth or intelligence and are such a bore to the thinking person.

    I will occasionally catch Hoda and Kathee who are great for a 10:00 show- they're funny, genuine, and interesting at least.

  • Thank goodnes, Tamron not on today

    Not sure if she'll be on later today, but what a relief to not have to listen to her. I'm sick and tired of her giggles and interruptions and listening to her boring long stories,. Anyone notice she also dresses waaaay over the top - she absolutely makes the other women look like plain Janes. Make her go away, please.
  • Tamron Hall needs to GO!

    I've been a TODAY watcher for 30 years. Tamron Hall is absolutely the worst cast member they have ever had. She's a big hog, can't shut up, interrupts while others are talking (well, they all do that, except Matt) and thinks everyone's interested in her personal life. She offers absolutely nothing to this show! Why did they bring her on, they already had Natalie. Natalie's annoying too but better than Tamron.

    While I'm at it, I wish Al Roker would just go back to the old Al - before he allegedly became "important to the He also tries to "top" whoever is talking. Al, you're just not funny! They should reduce his duties.

    The only good additions to the show have been Savannah (thank God they got rid of Ann Curry) and Carson Daly. He knows his place and he's very good at it. Keep Carson.

    Get rid of Tamron! Read all these other reviews on here! Thank you.
  • Put Tamron Hall back in the Orange Room. She is terrific there.

    Initially, when Tamron was doing the Orange Room, I thought she was off the charts great. She is up on all the entertainment and music news and social media. She was fun, young, and happy. It was a perfect fit. Way better than Carson Daly. Once she was moved to that desk, she became annoying, loud, and uncomfortable to watch. I was just waiting for something to come out of her immature mouth that was going to make the others at desk , start to squirm. She is beautiful and smart but she is too immature to have such an important seat at the desk. If I see her at the desk, I just turn the channel. Put her back in the Orange Room where she is comfortable and in her element.

    I am a married, 48 yr old mother of 2. I love the fact that the Today show stays on for so long. I listen to you on Sirius. My loyalty stops when it comes to Tamron. I just move on. Btw, Willie is the best addition you ever made to the Today Show after KLG & Hoda, of course. I love, love, love them!
  • Tamron Hall

    I don't understand why The Today Show brought in Tamron Hall especially on the second part of the show with Willie, Natalie, and Al Roker. The team was just fine! She's too loud, takes up too much time when giving input. Almost no time for Willie or the others to speak. And she interrupts when others are speaking. She needs to go..

    I still think the initial group was just fine.
  • turned to cbs

    Can't take the lack of any serious reporting. I was a fan for over 30 years. The third hour is a joke.
  • Breaking up with the Today Show

    I've been watching the Today Show for many years. The time has come where I must change the channel for my own sanity. I can't take Tamron anymore. She's like fingernails against a black board. She needs to be taken off the program before many other people change the channel. Before Tamron I came close to changing the channel because Natalie was a lot like Tamron. Talking over everyone, looking at the camera with a smile whenever she said something she THOUGHT was funny. Now Tamron doesn't give Natalie or anyone else time to talk. I think the show needs to have a complete makeover. I just want the mature, informative Today Show back.
  • Get Real, NBC

    All of you are not in the real world. Sorry. It's hard to understand. I cannot watch you anymore.

    Wishing you all the best. Your show is all about you! Your babies, your feelings, your problems (which are minimal) your health, your stupid shopping and fashion shows. Cannot stand it anymore. I hope someone comes up with something that relates to the 1% that have fallen to the 99%. It must be difficult living in the bubble you live in. I like Good Morning America for the fluff! At least they don't belittle the rest of us!

  • The Tamron Show

    I am so done. Tamron exemplifies everything I do NOT want my daughter to grow up and become. Today she actually said she thinks she should be showered with gifts for-- no reason at all?!? Until there is a National Tamron Day- which may be just around the corner- I think she should rely on her birthday and stop making ridiculous comments like "why should I have to get married or have a baby to get gifts?" Are you kidding me? In my opinion she is a self centered, all about me, entitlement baby, who thinks the world and everyone inIt owes her something for just showing up! She's not funny- though she really thinks she is- and it is belaboring to watch her inappropriate humor and interaction with the other hosts. Change it to the Tamron Show or get her off the air! I miss Ann Curry- she was either very sincere- and a true journalist, or at the least really good at delivering the News in a way that made you believe it was about the Story and not the journalist.
  • Attention Whore

    I have been a NBC fan for a long time. The Today show would be the first show of the day along with my local news. Today has gone through so many changes but the one change I'm annoyed at is the addition of Tameron Hall. All she does is make everything about her. She associates guest or subject matters to what she's been through.. It's always I I I.. And today's show was so annoying!! She really thinks it's all about her!! Get rid of her.. She over abuses the sympathy card. She is no Ann Curry.
  • I am outta here.

    That's it. This latest display at 9:33AM between Tamron and Al just totally soured me on this hour. Time to change the channel. It's nothing but "me, me, me" and "I, I, I". Ms. Hall is shrill, silly and attention-grabbing. Mr. Roker no longer has any gravitas at all. You are doing a disservice to the 9-10AM hour with these two. They should take a leaf out of Robin Robert's page. There are certainly much better hosts out there. Case in point - right this instant, Roker referred to himself as " an old, bald black man" how insulting. But immediately, Hall came back with a comment about her own hair. To me it's anything anyone does or says, I can do better. Do the news, please. You have KLG and Hoda for the fluffy stuff, and even they do get serious when appropriate.
  • What a Joke!

    This is where we are as a society. Now the "newscasters" have to be the center of attention. I couldn't care less about Savannah. That's a family matter that shouldn't take precedence over national news. Why should Kim Kardashian be mentioned before what should be the "real" news? Unfortunately, the "newscasters" don't want to report the story. They want to become the story or pal around with the people they are supposed to objectively report on. This is the first and last national news I've watched this summer.
  • Al Roker Dancing thru Segment, The Tamron Show, Unbalanced Reporting of Detroit Shooting

    How does Al Roker get away with dancing to a Nicki Minaj song during the ENTIRE weather segment? He just pointed over and over at the weather map trying to keep time like a bad imitation of John Travolta and never said a word! I don't even think he said his .... "your neck of the woods" segue .. Our local weatherman cringed, rolled his eyes and simply said "OK?" because professionalism prevented him from saying more.

    People are in a hurry in the morning... maybe Al's salary dwarfs everyones as a national weather anchor but let's try and report what you're ultimately paid to do... apparently the Today execs think he's funny and entertaining and are betting the farm on the fact that facts don't matter in today's world (play on words?).

    Tamron Hall. I am constantly annoyed by Tamron's talking over Willy , stealing others thoughts by talking over them then running with those thoughts with a feigned spontaneity that is simply a complete rephrasing of what was just said by others. And everything is hysterically funny to her, no matter the humor level. Interruption is her trump card because a pro like Willy can't and won't use that cheap tactic... Matt, Tamron and Natalie are constantly badgering their guests, talking over them with preemptive questions that ruin the presenters flow. The eternal, " only have 30 that is rigorously applied to guest segments never seems to apply to the interminable group popularity contests always dominated by Tamron. It seems so obvious to me .... dumbing down the conversational manners of America as she goes. The only reason I still watch Today is my girlfriend likes it... I'm clearly not their target demographic. I'm putting my foot down now that I think of it and trying Good Morning America. She may like it too... if it's the same formula as the Today Show I'll go to CNN/MSNBC to get away from this comedy channel/ego battle.

    I'm also upset at the unbalanced reporting I see all the time on the Today Show and the anchors weighing in with their personal and often uniformed opinions of the topics they cover. Whatever happened to the leg work of gathering the facts, collation by a thoughtful staff of writers and proofed by the editor prior to public presentation? This takes the pressure off the anchors.. all the they have to do is read the cue cards.

    Just this morning the girl who was killed by a man with a shotgun in Detroit: No mention was made in the segment of her being both high on drugs AND alcohol according to the toxicology report. All that Tamron and the gang could come up with was their opinions of "what if it was a little boy or a white person... the result might have been different"

    The anchors aren't there to speculate but report the facts. Balanced reporting might mention the circumstances of her accident. Injecting race into the conversation does not change the underlying facts. I'm constantly dismayed at all media who describe people by color: white 55 year old shot a black 19 year old Surely there are other ways to describe people other than by making these subtle racial and divisive comments: characterize people by their profession, by where they live or marital status and current educational progress... I'm brainstorming here... anything but race! Covering this story would include the facts that she was impaired with drugs and alcohol in the toxicology report. This is pertinent information that speaks to the heart of the case as to why she was at his front door. Yes he showed incredibly poor judgement and I do not condone his actions. He should have called 911. No one deserves to be shot for banging on a door after an accident no matter their mental state: at that point she did nothing wrong. But to paint her simply as a normal teen who was looking for help after an accident and Tamron speculating that she was most likely shot because she's black is a disservice to the whole NBC organization. The shame is everyone else may have done their job preparing the story only to have the anchors blow it with their off the cuff ad libs and racial innuendo. When standards of reporting are ignored and instead used as a tool to mobilize public opinion we all lose. This slanted reporting will no doubt contribute to the public outrage if the judge gives the shooter a "light" sentence (ie) anything except life in prison.
  • Today is NOT a Narcissistic Reality Show so Please Stop

    I have watched and preferred NBC News and Programs My entire life.

    Now, I along with many, many others cringe and have to mute, power off or turn the channel when Al makes rude, Racist and inappropriate comments. Al thinks he is funny and plays his double standard card to veil his comments as 'humor' He is not funny. He bashes people from the UK , Asia and the Middle East. HOW is this allowed?!?!?!?!?

    Tamron makes it hard to watch as well. No one really wants to see immature, self obsessed and giddy 'girl' who interrupts and talks over guests and co hosts I was shocked to find out her age! She acts very immature. She kicks her legs out, squeals, snickers, snorts and acts as if she is at Slumber party or in cafeteria

    It is cringe worthy!

    Al and Tamron are the epitome of attention seekers/know it alls who think they can say and do anything and get away with it

    They are using the beloved Today Show as if it is their Reality show

    This results in making a once great show that was the start of many peoples day into a head shaking and eye rolling routine

    People who think they are a laugh a minute belong on auditions for Stand Up and Comedy Channel

    I love humor. They are NOT funny. It is beyond ridiculous.

    When did the focus come off the news and guests? It is now all about the anchors

    If not for the the luck of al matching need to hire certain people many years ago, he would certainly be an Elementary School janitor trying to make little children laugh at his silly self for most older people are annoyed by him. Tamron would be be making weird faces and laughing inappropriately at the pick up window when someone asked her where are the napkins or straws. After that she would try working at a Party supply store where she would turn attention on herself and try on items instead of helping customers.

    Please bring back Professionals that care about the audience, coworkers and their job vs being Narcissistic and Opinionated
  • Chatter

    Hello Matt.

    I would like to make a suggestion that comes from many people I talk with. When all of you are talking together at the same time in a discussion it is hard to hear what is said and to know who said what. The conversation also is not understood.

  • AA-Quota

    What is up with Tamron Hall? There has to be another African American out there who can fill the affirmative-action quota for NBC
  • stop the noise

    You guys all talk at the same time. I tune out the content because it becomes just noise. Reduce the silly stuff and focus on the message.
  • TODAY is just one big farce!

    Like many others I've been watching for many years, but I'm close to quitting. Today Show used to be a serious show with a little humor thrown in. Now it's just the opposite. It has become nothing more than one big giggle fest -- over things that are marginally humorous. Tamron is the worst offender. She comes off as a narcissist who overdoes the grinning, laughing & attention seeking. I'd take 10 Ann Curry's to one Tamron. Natalie's professional, so is Savannah, but the producers seem to want her to be uber-cutesy. She's good when discussing foreign affairs & they should allow her more of that. Matt Lauer seems to have been minimized -- he seems almost invisible these days. Al Roker is just plain silly most of the time. Is this change in the Today Show only reflecting the "dumbing down" of America?
  • Today show hosts

    Today I googled to see if Miss Hal gets a clothes allowance as she obviously tries to out dress all other women on the show. Subsequently I was brought to this site and was not surprised that so many other viewers felt the same way about her as my husband and I do

    She is very annoying with her constant need to focus attention on herself both with her clothes and her annoying body language and silly giggling. It is painful to watch. My husband constantly asks why we continue to watch. I guess it is something to do with the old dogs new tricks thing....... NBC wake up Tamryn is getting lots of attention but it is all negative. BTW this is the first time I have ever been compelled to write a negative comment regarding tany show.
  • After 20 years...

    I have stopped watching the Today Show. The commercial content and lack of real news reporting has left me listless. It's obvious they're pandering to the bored, uneducated housebound that prefers mindless banter and commercials to supplement they're bonbon diet.. Good bye Today Show.
  • Loud Mouth and Self Absorbed!

    Tamron Hall is NOT helping the Today Show's ratings! I want to Gag every time I see her on the Today Show because her behavior is just ridiculous. She seems to crave attention and her juvenile behavior is simply a turn off.

    I have now made another Network's Morning show my go-to because of Tamron. I thought her need for attention and giggly behavior would stop after a few weeks on the show but instead she wants to be the center of every topic and conversation . No more Today Show for me; I will miss the rest of the cast with their professional and entertaining delivery of the day's news and current events.
  • Today Show has eroded

    Ever since they fired Ann Curry, the show has gone juvenile. It's obvious that the boss at NBC has decided to give an older audience the finger. It's embarrassing to see 40 somethings constantly giggling like teenagers. Oh well... fluff rules there. And I'm so excited about what's trending on Twitter! :>)
  • Savannah's a terrible interviewer

    I saw Savannah's interview with Dwayne Johnson yesterday and compared it to Dwayne Johnson's interview with Kelly and Michael and it was night and day. Today Savannah was interviewing the lead actors for 50 Shades of Grey and she was acting like a giggly teenager. Nothing worse than a 40-something trying to be cool or young. Savannah is such a terrible interviewer. Why do they keep giving her these interview segments. Al Roker will probably do a better job, or just try someone else and see how they do. I'm done watching this show unless they stop having Savannah do this terrible interviews.
  • talk over queens

    The Today Show is inundated with talk over Queens god forbid you have Natalie tameron and Savannah on the same panel the staff should try to remember it is a news show not a comedy show they think their jokes are so funny constantly laugh at themselves would it really take that much effort to make this small change
  • Save the "cutesy-cutesy" for the 4th hour of Today

    The Today Show has become so very shallow that I now avoid the third hour with "Today's Not only is the chit-chat empty, superficial, and annoying, but it also encourages Tamron Hall and Jenna Bush Hager to act even more like adolescent teens than they already do. I love the 4th hour -- it actually has substance (and not just what is in the wine). I do not understand how Tamron and Jenna ever were installed in their positions at NBC and the Today Show. They are not natural and their lack of understanding about what constitutes cleverness negatively influences even the "class acts" of Al, Matt, Natalie, and Savannah. I am on the fence about Willie and Carson, because I see them mostly on that 3rd segment, which could not bring out the best in anyone as far as I can tell. I think they need better producers and I think that both Tamron and Jenna need to leave the show entirely.
  • Today was the worst!!!

    Tamron Natalie and Jenna talking at the same time made most of the show unintelligible. Even Al had to ask them to take numbers and speak one at a time. The poor chef on the segment couldn't get a word in edgewise.
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