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  • Hush Hoda

    I just watched Hoda and Savannah interview Richard Engel and his family. Throughout the entire interview, Hoda continuously uttered, "yes" "mm hmmm" "yup" "yup" "yup yes". Shut up!!! How rude!!!
  • Cantstand this show

    Savanna is the most annoying host ever and her reaction to Lauer angered me. Savanna is a drama queen. Glad Lauren is gone by the way. Hoda is hardly cohost material. I could never figure out what she brought to the table anyway. She and Kathy Lee spent the morning getting a buzz. This show stinks. I have started watching CBS. NBC needs to clean house.
  • Back to ABC

    Jenna is back. I thought she was history. Have to switch to ABC. All she does is watch herself on camera.
  • Can't watch ever since Megyn Kelly joined...

    I have watched the Today Show since I was a little girl at home with my mom, and I have been through a lot of cast shakeups, but the addition of Megyn Kelly is the proverbial nail in the coffin for me. I can't stand her. I didn't like her before, but I'm a mature adult and I tried to give her a chance to prove my own opinions of her wrong, but she has done everything in her power to stick out like a sore thumb on that show. Her hour of the Today Show messes up the flow, as other reviewers have mentioned. She doesn't fit. Her personality is grating and defensive. She continuously says things not in line with the viewer's thoughts, and her kneejerk reaction is always a defensive remark or snide comment. She's adding nothing to the show. Savannah and Hoda are wonderful, but Megyn Kelly is a disaster. She doesn't mesh on the Today Show and she's ruining it for me. I can't believe that Anne Curry was tossed out after such a venerable career as a broadcast news journalist, and someone like Megyn Kelly was given her own hour. An hour that belonged to Al Roker and Tamron Hall. NBC is shameful. I tune the channel to something else when Megyn Kelly comes on the air. She's just so unpleasant. Really smart way to entice future guests on the show by having her go after Jane Fonda like she has. I agree with bringing back Al and Dillan and Jenna. I will move to GMA if Kelly stays on. I can't start my day with an obnoxious person ruining my former favorite show.
  • Overdone with Kelly

    I became disabled 3 years ago and get to watch the Today Show every day and have always enjoyed it. Was ok with Tamron leaving. So shocked about Matt but Meghan's got to go. I don't bother to watch between 9-10. She was ok until all the sexual allegations started. She comes across as a man hater thats on a mission. She is beating the subject to death. People are sick of it. It's old news. Please get her off her mission and I may try her again.
  • Kelly's Segment is Terrible

    I have been trying to make myself like Megan Kelly's segment but after months of giving her the first 5 to 10 mins I turn. It has totally messed up the flow of the show. It lacks the energy and spontaneity that I always enjoyed. She sounds unprepared on most topics and looks uncomfortable. Something needs to change!!! Even though Tamron left... WHERE IS JENNA? BRING BACK AL AND DILLAN AT 9.... UGGHHHHH! Now I watch Kelly and Ryan!
  • Too much!

    Enough is enough, too much! I no longer enjoy watching the Today Show and especially the Megyn Kelly portion of it. Is she just using her show to get Men in general? This is not entertainment and it's very old news and hard to believe. Is this FAKE NEWS or what?
  • Give up this show has run its course.

    Todays show was a convicted felon saying her life has been destroyed. She has dui arrests jail time and her life has been destroyed because of Donald Trump. Give up Kelly you should be in another vocation.

    Mat was a loser and she is also. What are you people thinking of. The woman still talks over the people she interviews just like the election. You are a looser.
  • Megan Kelly

    I have watched the Today Show for years

    Your network is big enough to find a space for Megan Kelly

    Please move her and get back to the Today Show

    She just does not fit

    I have actually started watching another channel now
  • Megan Kelly

    I'm trying to give her a chance but I really can't watch her show anymore. She asks a question then cuts people off with another thought or question. So rude. I expected more from her.
  • Annoyed!

    I am changing the channel! I have been watching for 40 minutes and it has been 95 percent commercials. So dumb! I am changing networks for my morning news.
  • Keep Megyn Kelly on the Telly

    The first weeks were tough to watch, but it seems that Ms. Kelly is finding her groove. The 9:00 hour of Today is far more watchable than the previous filler show with Al Roker and company. If you tuned out after the first week, give it a second view.
  • Go back to sleep Savannah

    Today really missed the boat when they did not offer Tamron Hall a better brought some levity to the morning show and was always very fashionable as opposed to Savannah Gutherie's drab drab garb matches her personality which is shallow at best but she does entertain with her goofy lack of knowledge on some subjects ie.. the question was "what is the food s you are least likely to order at a restaurant? answer "vegetables" what would you most likely order? answer "garden it up with her inVegas, she adds nothing that we do not already know or have heard ad nauseum...
  • Hopefull then Dismay.

    After Tamron had a hissy fit and quit the show, I was sure I could sit and watch again without fear of her disrupting the show with her bloated, egotistical, self centered attitude. I had watched The Today Show for 20+ years and stopped when Tamron joined. I tolerated her for about a week before I became annoyed with her critical attitude and interjecting her biased personal views she had no business commenting on. She said, Although I'm not a parent, I would think raising an autistic child would be no problem, Tamron replied one morning while interviewing a parent of an autistic girl. She should NOT have been the person to do this interview. But this is just one example of her pompous self righteous attitude towards her guests. So I stopped watching. Needless to say I was hopeful that The Today Show would make some changes that would be helpful in getting viewer's to watch. Less fluff, more news was what I was hoping for. What I got was the complete opposite of my expectations. I finally witnessed NBC's political bias in it's coverage of President Trump's election. I was taken aback by Savannah's mean spirited attitude and distaste for the President. But she has always been a little miss priss that can never be wrong so in the end I wasn't really surprised, just disappointed. The Today Show has in fact added MORE fluff and less about news. It takes approximately 8 minutes for the anchors to cover the news, then a cooking segment, then what looks good for spring/summer fashion, followed by another cooking segment and some drivel from Matt about how he adores the Pensiatti's food. Matt is still a back stabbing, boring dude, Kathy Lee is a belligerent drunk and Savannah is just terrible as an anchor, Jenna Bush and her fake ass smile is only there because of her war mongering lieing father. She didn't get the job due to her talents as a journalist. Daddy must have pulled some strings. I love Hoda, Al and Dylan though, they actually have a personality that is appealing to watch. Unfortunately they themselves can't save the show. I won't be returning to watch the show. Some major changes still need to be made in the format for me to watch again. For now CBS this morning seems to be providing more news than the other morning shows.

    UPDATE: Sheinelle has now taken over for Tamron and fits into her self centered, egotistical role perfectly. She is a serious discredit to the show with her constant interruptions and stupid expressions. With the arrival of Megyn Smelly, it has gone from bad to worse. If NBC thinks that Megyn can breathe new life into NBC morning shows, they are sorely mistaken. The cast needs a COMPLETE overhaul. Get rid of Matt, Savannah, Sheinelle and Craig then add new talent, new faces, new attitudes then possibly the show can be saved. Hoda and that lush Kathie Lee need to move on. Condoning morning drinking of alcohol is wrong and totally unhealthy. Kathie is such an eyesore to look at early in the morning. So I will continue to watch CBS this morning as it has more news and less fluff than the today show, although Charlie Rose is enough to put me back to sleep, it works for my news source.
  • GMA all the way!!!

    I had to change the channel this morning. The segment with Dr. Oz did it! Not him; but, the entire cast. Everyone talking over each other with feigned laughter. This morning's show was not an exception but the norm! Enough!
  • Sheinelle is Annoying Beyond Words!

    She has no right to be in her position. She acts like she knows everything and has a BIG MOUTH! Always trying to stick her nose into everything. Keeps talking and wants to be the center of attention. Fake smile, always looking at the camera or audience and acting like she's so cute - someone please tell her she's NOT! So glad she won't be on the 9:00 Today. She's awful. Like the rest of the show though everyone else is great. She's the bad apple...
  • Megan Kelly Live

    Worst New Show ever. NBC really blew there wad on her and made a Big Mistake
  • Hoda & Kathie old time religion

    Is getting OLD and truly has little to no place on a daytime network TV especially when consistently aired from one point of view. If I wanted an evangelical channel I'd turn to one. When did this become a platform for Kathie Lee to spew her religious beliefs? If these two were truly committed to spreading the word, let them spread some by giving equal time to other religions - there are those from other backgrounds who have shared their afterlife experiences with the creator they've envisioned, have had mystical experiences, etc. Enough of KL shoving her agenda down the throats of the viewing public, of whom I no longer count myself as one
  • New format is boring

    The new format is very BORING. What happened to Ambush Makeover??? Don't tell me that my favorite part of the the whole week has been deleted. Bring it back or I won't be watching.

    I don't want to watch a whole show about fixing a hole in your wall or what boots to wear.
  • New Format

    I do not like the new format of Kathie Lee Hoda show. Liked the variety before, not entire show of a theme. Was one of my favorite shows, but will quit watching now, unless return to original format
  • Megyn Kelly

    A mistake to let Matt go. Kelly is sarcastic, dismissive to her co-workers on camera, and definitely has an bad attitude about the public. She seems to think she is better than everyone else and belittles anyone who has any problem in life or any loss. She is an ugly human being inside.
  • No thanks Sheinelle

    I find it hard to believe Sheinelle is an award winning anchor. Maybe it's her "thing" but she just seems like she was plucked out of the crowd and put in front of the camera. I find her borderline annoying and acts like she thinks she's cute but just comes across kind of clueless. I think the whole cast needs another shake up...
  • Commercials & Matt/Savannah talking over everyone

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the amount of commercials and lack of show I cannot and will not watch this show unless I can fast forward through all that. There's about 20 minutes of content and I say that loosely and 40 min of commercials or "fluff". Is there really that little all their reporters can come up with that they can't fill an hour its absolutely ridiculous or is it that their salaries are so high to keep up with it you have to fill the show with commercials? Today show started changing about ten years ago, maybe more, I think they should look back and see who they hired around that time frame who dictacts the content and lack thereof and get rid of them and go back to the way they used to be. They're going to run this show, that's been on the air for years, in the ground. I cannot stomach grown reporters/journalists talking over everyone including the Vice President it's like watching a bunch of 5 year old with bad etiquette. Are they not answering your questions the way YOU want therefore let's ask the same thing over n over not allowing your GUEST to speak-how embarrassing for you.
  • I'm Done with Today!

    After being a daily viewer for 30 years and trying to hang in after Ann Curry Billy Bush and Tamron Hall were let go the time has come! I can no longer stomach the political bias depicted by Matt and Savannah!!! I swear I saw Matt smirking while asking a slanted question about President Trump! Al needs to stop doing "Sunday echo echo echo" it is causing many to grit their teeth and plug their ears! Off to Fox and Friends I go!
  • Shame on Kathy Lee

    Instead of criticizing the length of the other hosts attire. Maybe she should raise the neckline of hers as not to show crepey skin. She is really getting full of herself.
  • Enough of Hoda

    I believe I'm the only one not on the Hoda bandwagon, simply can't stomach this woman anymore. I always found Kathy Lee to be tolerable. She has been on TV for many years, and I do enjoy watching her. However, Hoda is a sore loser at the games and always interrupts either the guests or Kathy Lee. They have her now on the morning hour of the Today Show, one more reason besides the political bias of Savannah and Matt, not to watch anymore. I, will try GMA one more time or the CBS morning show.
  • New Hosts Please!

    That Dylan has zero personality. Honestly most of the time she just sits there with a vacant look. Its very telling that Today leadership is lost. Honestly I don't want to hear about Matt and Savannah talk about Snapchat, FB and "Selfies" anymore. Its borders on creepy given their age. I get the demographic Today is going after but these are the wrong hosts.
  • Hosts Becoming Tasteless and Corny

    I'm currently watching the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda and I'm compelled to say that the two hosts make me feel dumber with every minute they run their mouths. There's some kind of dulling and dumbing down with TV hosts these days. Their commentary is tasteless, dull, cheesy, unoriginal and predictable, and overall inappropriate. Due to their apparent popularity I fear that this dim-witted wave of television hosting in our country reflects similar lack of quality in the minds of the population of people tuning in to the show regularly.
  • 4th Hour

    1. Tell Hoda to quit using the phrase that she's "Jonesing" for something! 2. Kathy- quit talking over everyone. 3. You run out of time on EVERY segment- stop trying to be cute & let the experts do their segment. 4. Stop that Spanky Tuesday crap- it's stupid! These are just a few comments, but basically, I'm done tuning in.
  • Another Guest does not Comply

    Donald Rumsfeld was on the show today and it was very humorous. He did not follow the Today show liberal script in trashing Trump. I respected him even more after this interview. Savannah gets so animated when she starts to trash Trump, his administration and policies. They need new people