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  • Tamron bashing

    Tamron is beautiful, lively, stylish and adds interest to the show. I would much rather watch her and be entertained by her so called whacky antics than painfully sit bored to tears with Natalie Morales I love watching food segments with Natalie. She treats food as if it were poison and her hesitation to eat a few calories is so obvious. Lol. She is a typical buttoned up snob, corny, and I'd much rather watch paint dry.
  • Laquan McDonald MURDER by Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke

    I can't believe that you aired the video of this!!!!! First off the FAMILY did NOT want it to be aired! If you were the first to air it SHAME SHAME on you and if you weren't the first to air it STILL SHAME SHAME on you! Secondly you aired a MURDER a real life MURDER on TV at time where children are going to be up and seeing this! This is very offensive to my wife and I. I know why, it's all for ratings! SHAME on you today show! Shame on you Savannah & Matt for not having the guts to fight to not get that aired! I understand reporting on the issue and the fact that it took a year for Chicago to charge Jason Van Dyke with murder! It it had been Laquan that shot the cop or anyone else for that matter , they would have charged him that day.
  • Really? Al perpetraiting silliness nad Tamron featuring herself in the Big Cat segment

    Well, besides Tamron's need to usually make sure the camera is on her, this Big Cat segment was a semi- serious piece and Tamron and Al used the opportunity to, again, make it about them. Two beautiful ENDANGERED cats were on set and featured one would never have known this was a serious piece on the study of personalities of cats AND bringing attention to the fact that these cats, again, were highly endangered. Tamron didn't listen to the guy about feeding and kept holding the bottle at an impossible angle for the cub to eat and, then, went to stand on the outside of viewing so, we could, of course, notice her pretty dress. If those two can't handle a segment like this, use Willie and Natalie on something like this and use Tamron to talk about herself, and Al to talk about whatever he wants.
  • Why is Tamron still on

    Do producers. Ever read these posts ? There are tons of anti Tamron hall comments yet you still keep her ?

    Why keep someone who everyone obviously dislikes ? Also tell Jeff Risen to stop yelling or turn his microphone down ! He's the loudest guy on TV, I turn the volume down so low its almost off and I can still hear him .loud loud loud, Jeff Rosen, ,,tone it down,

    Please please your anchors are wearing earpieces can't someone in control room keep them from talking at once !! I usually mute my TV for a minute then check tosee if they've stopped,so annoying
  • Perfect!

    I absolutely love the the Today Show! I miss Ann Curry. She was simply the best.

    The panel definitely needs her back, but I still watch every morning with anticipation.

    Al's travels this week have been great fun!

    50 states in seven days is amazing! I would love to do something like that. His energy and love of people is wonderful to see. What a fantastic way, to celebrate our beautiful country!

  • New posters too shiny

    The new posters that are provided for outside audience are so shiny they can't be read on TV! Too bad!
  • Not enough air time for Natalie!

    I love the Today show. I do, but lately I've been noticing that Nbc cut out where natalie does the news in the first hour. Yes, I admit it, I'm a Natalie fan, i always have been. But this is terrible!! She is so sweet she can't be treated like this, if the today show does anything else they will loose viewers she is the fan favorite after all.
  • The WORST PANEL!!!!!!!

    Matt Lauer SUCKS!!!!!! Arrogant and Pompous and Self Centered. He is not Ellen nor OPRAH and NEVER WILL !!!!!

    Al Roker SEEKS FAME thru Anything!!!!!!! He is So Irrelevant and NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMB TRAVELS

    Tameron Hall is PLAIN FAKE AND PHONY.

    I rather watch CBS Morning show over the Lousy today show.
  • The Economy and Atomic Power Issues

    I am a disabled person who wants to know why the rich are allowed to write off their student loans but I can't? I get $898.00 every month minus 134.70 for student loan payment + 763.30 to live on. I understand they are just staring their life in the working world, but why did the suites in Washington take over $25,000.00 of my back pay away from me and with the same action $200.00 every month from my monthly paycheck. Do they really think the poor in this nation are going to be able to bail their rich lame backsides out of this deficit? It will take ALL of us, including ALL of the business' paying in every penny in taxes to accomplish this, not just the poor and the working people. It is everyone and every business, or FAILURE. I worked and paid that money in for my retirement. I was forced into and early retirement, so to speak by injuries at age 54. I am now 62 and still trying to find a Class Action Lawyer who will take my case. I know how to prove the way the money is taken from most every disabled person is illegal, but for some reason I always hear "We Can't Win The Maybe if a lawyer sat down with me and listened to how I think the case CAN be won this country would be a better place to live. If you want the Economy fixed try taking the Recovery Money away from the RICH business owners and giving it to 3 groups of citizens. The Disabled (because they do not have the option of being able to work, the working people like you, and the people who are actively going out seeking work. Granted It would be a tiny amount on each paycheck, but the money would be where more items could be sold, thus increasing the economic growth. The president would need to freeze all prices in order to prevent the GREEDY company owners from offsetting the growth, as they have been doing. We also need to take control of the pay scales of the politicians along with when and how much of a raise they get. Make them earn the raises we give them, and just because one state thinks their rep deserves one does not mean they all get a raise. The current group, in my opinion is not even worthy of minimum wage. Look at what they have done to our economy. They ALL Need To Be FIRED and never allowed to work in politics again at any level. And I pray that President Obama does NOT allow the Arabic's to get atomic power plants. You might as well just hand them the Atomic Bombs.
  • Trump TrumpTrump

    I thought Matt was really rude to Trump today. It was like inviting a guest over for dinner and then insulting and arguing with him the whole time. Trying to put him down and trying to make him look stupid. It was obvious you were anti Trump. Just moderate, we don't need your opinions. You're a legend in your own mind! Really disgusting! F-
  • Changing to ABC WONT HELP

    10-26. Why is Matt Lauer so obnoxious????? Thought this show might be better then GMA

    YALL aren't going to find anything different on GMA with Lara spencer and the same variety show high school lunchroom format lol
  • Obnoxious and annoying "news" show

    This show is BAD! First of all they talk over one another. Second of all I think they forgot they are supposed to report the news. It is an entertainment bs show. Take it off the air! Tamarin Hall is absolutely a dolt!
  • Take Tamron out of Today!!!!!

    i cannot watch the today show anymore. TAMRON HALL has no idea the show IS NOT all ABOUT talks over everyone, she is very poised and phony. not at all like Natalie or Savana. When she acts like she can relate to something such as being a mom, she is so fake. she tries to dominate the table. and comes out with some really off the wall remarks to get could not stand to hear one more remark about pink or swim bathing suits for al and that picture she had put up of willie in some weird looking bathing suit. willie did not look happy. he said its about raising money not the bathing suit.
  • Please, no more Tamron!.

    I miss Willie and Al, but I can't listen or look at that Tamron another second. She is loud, strange, self absorbed and terrible as an on air personality. I will watch the Today Show when I hear Tamron Hall is no longer on air.
  • Tamron Hall is obnoxious

    I can barely tolerate watching Tamron Hall. She dominates the conversation. She is antagonistic, is too easily offended and seems to have an underlying anger. She is just plain obnoxious. This morning (October 14, 2015) she tried goading Willie and Al into wearing certain bathing suits for the Pink or Swim dunk. It was painful to watch the tension among the three of them. Someone off-camera said something to her after this incident because she turned her head to look off screen. After what I assume was a reprimand, she calmed down. I turned the TV off.
  • too much mouth

    cannot stand is over other hosts and has nothing of any value to add to any usually end up turning today show off because I just can't stand her non stop really like Natalie, Al and Willy an think its a shame they hardly get a chance to talk because of her
  • The "Tamron Show" must go!!

    Tamron Hall's conceit and attempted dominance of the Today show is disgusting! She is as fake and obnoxious an individual as a TV can hold. How can NBC place her in the spot with so many qualified and exceptional people just waiting i the wings? Listen to your viewers most possibly past

  • if i could i would give it a ZERO

    TODAY if you want to vomit watch NBC

    this infotainment crap has strayed so far from the actual news it cannot be categorized as a news program.

  • Calamity at its best

    I have watched the today show forever now 40 yes! Have to say the mix of cast is staggeringly out of hand. Matt, looks wimpy and scared for his job, Natalie looks like she's taking over Savannah's job, Hall us too silly and overbearing all. Then there's Kathy Lee, whose always got a sarcastic opinion about everything. Good Grief! Looks like scenes from Seinfeld! Come on! Let's be news. If I want comedians I'll watch them at late night. Updates are late! I'm outta here
  • you unpatriotic, insensitive JERKS!

    How could you possibly cover Quote Together We Make Football? How could you possibly cover quote Cumberbund Goes Gangster? Where did you get your brains? We can tell you have no heart! I slipped between your show and Fox. You scarcely mentioned 911 and Fox covered it completely. I'm embarrassed to have you on the airwaves in the United States of America! I will not watch your network again!
  • Give the others a chance

    Love the today show and today's take but please ask Tamron Hall to stop talking and give other people a chance.

    Natalie can't get a word in edge ways
  • Tom Brady

    I would like to know why some of the Today Show cast members berated and called Tom Brady a cheater when he was accused of deflating footballs, but when he is cleared by a judge, there was no mention of him at all. They only gave their opinion and didn't even know the real facts. Haters will be haters!
  • Smdh

    well if you find that it sucks,why keep watching ,I like those clowns it's very funny watching them embarrassing NBC everyday
  • Just Checking in

    I stopped watching the Today Show a year or more ago and switched to GMA because of Tamron Hall. I had watched the Today Show for 40 years but the show has lost its message. It is supposed to be a news show and it has turned into entertainment, Al thinks he is a comedian and when they added Tamron it was just too much. She interrupts, talks over people and giggles. Nothing professional about her at all. I thought I would miss the Today Show but I don't miss it at all. I check her occasionally to see if Tamron is still on and I see she is. Sigh..........
  • Tamron and The Third Hour - I'm Out

    I have watched The Today Show my entire life and am sad to say that I am turning the channel on the third hour. This is completely ridiculous and irritating. Al Roker is arrogant and thinks he is such a comedian but just comes across angry and opinionated. The addition of Tamron Hall is horrible. She cackles about everything even when not appropriate. She interrupts, talks over everyone and appears to flirt with Al like a school girl. This was evident even before she joined the 3rd hour. There is nothing of substance in the 3rd hour and quite frankly is just a bunch of noise. I think it is ridiculous that you have 3 or 4 people interviewing one person. I now will only watch the Today show when Matt is on. Otherwise GMA is my choice. Sad... Very sad...... She keeps herself in check when she is with Matt,Savannah or Hoda but when not supervised .......... She giggles, cackles, makes inappropriate comments, interrupts, and seems to think that she is the star of her own show. The interviews are barely one or 2 questions because SHE talks the whole YES we know that you are from Texas...... It is not necessary to say it at every opportunity to somehow support your thought or validate a behavior. Today was unbearable. I don't know how the NBC executives do not see this and listen to the reviews posted on multiple sites and letters sent in. She is great reading the news but when off script is a disaster.
  • Tamron Hall

    Who Hired this women!!! Sorry Today Show. Have to watch anything but that.

    CAN. NOT. TAKE. TAMRON. ANYMORE. Ready to look for something else to watch. She is so snarky. Annoying. Change the channel or fast forward half of the time to get past her.

    I have been watching the Today Show for 50 years and the quality of the show has gone downhill since Ann Curry left. It looks more like a class reunion than a credible news show. Matt and his harem are the most annoying people I have ever seen. All they do is talk to each other and talk over each other. Why have a audience is my thought. With all of them talking at once no one can understand a thing that anyone is saying. I can only watch about 45min. before I have to change the channel to Dr. Phil reruns. News flash producers who do you think is watching the show. Retired people. We don't care about the Kardashians or Katlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Get rid of the Gigglie Girls and get a credible news person. There is so many great stories out there, do a little digging and you may come up with a better show.
  • Why is Tamron Hall there?

    Tamron needs to do a podcast alone, so that she can speak uninterrupted by any other voices. If they want someone black and female, Chantal from the weekend is head and shoulders above her. She make every subject relate to her, or she is not interested in it.
  • Annoying

    This morning show has little to no news. What news there is highly slanted to the left. Savannah and Tammeran are so annoying its become unwatchable. Another reason for turning off the Today Show is I often have to turn the channel to avoid things on cable that I do not subscribe to for a reason, topics I do not think are appropriate for families getting ready for school and movies that are inappropriate for television. If I wanted to see these things I would. I do not want to see them on the morning news shows.
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