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  • Natalie Morales

    I have thought for quite a while that Natalie Morales gets a little too loud, perhaps in trying to be enthusiastic. I saw it again when she co-hosted with Jay Leno. She is just gorgeous and I like her, she is just a little much. just hope the fourth hour doesn't become all about babies and I think it will. Jenna may just not be old enough to have a different kind of show. Merideth Viera or even Maria Shriver might have been a better match.
  • Review of the Hoda & Jenna Show

    I hate to say it but this show is horrible now that Jenna is on it. This woman is terrible. She is overbearing and a loud mouth. I thought Kathie Lee was bad, but then this chick comes along and she is threes times worse. She speaks over people while they are trying to talk (how rude). She tries to run the show all by herself and all she wants to talk about is her family. We don't care about her or her family. Shut up Jenna. Today Show this girl has got to GO. Get a replacement and soon! You have lost a viewer because of her.
  • co-hosts

    I feel Hoda and Jenna program works best with certain co-hosts as they are either more experienced and have a much needed natural sense of humor - alphabetically, Carson Daley, Al Roker, Maria Shriver, and Meredith Vieira. Heather McMahan co-hosted today, I had never seen her, but she was awesome, bring her back!

    It seems Hoda can better bring out conversation and humor with most people while Jenna struggles. This said, it seems the above listed co-hosts are the ones who bring out the best in Jenna.

    Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie are poor matches with Jenna. Jenna and Savannah are friends, however there seems to be some issue with Jenna over how their friendship began as "work friends" as it has been mentioned numerous times; they look uncomfortable and fake. I rarely stay tuned when Natalie Morales is on with Jenna as Natalie seems to feel so out-of-place and wishing she weren't there, and the duo seems to have trouble "clicking," communicating in general. Savanna and Natalie are better on their regular programs, but not as a co-host with Jenna.
  • The Today show Needs Help from 8am on!

    Please I have always loved the Today show but for a while now it is hard to watch after 8am. The people you have on have lost all professionalism and have turned very silly. I thought these were informative news shows and screaming over each other and sounding arrogant, and the attitude of well here I am, is certainly not what myself and many others want. You need to sit down with them and have a good talk and maybe they need to go back to school to learn how to act on TV. I am speaking about Sheinelle, Savannah, Craig, and Jenna. I like them as people I have nothing against them but they are not working on the show in their parts and things need to be rethought, I think at least 3 should stay home for a while, may be the best place for them. I know so many people that have stopped watch the shows after 8am. This is so unfortunate, I guess we will have to see if anyone pays attention to this post. Thank you for your time and hopefully change.
  • Babysitter needed

    Jenna seems like a nice girl but is totally unprofessional! The daughter in the set today illustrated the need for someone more experienced in her place! They need to replace her when she's on maternity leave it the show is going to lose their loyal viewers! I was never a great fan of Kathie Lee but at least she was professional!
  • where the @#&$! is Hoda???

    3&4 hour of Today is a waste of space. Between Craig's pompous behavior - false sincerity, "memememe" attitude and Jenna's constant dialog on babies and take it any longer!!! JENNA yelling and allowing that child on the show is NOT cute. Get a sitter!!! I give up.
  • Reformat, Please!

    The Today Show in the morning needs to be NEWS, NEWS, NEWS! Adding Craig to Savanah and Hoda with Al in the mornings is perfect so long as it stays professional. The quick segments with Carson are great.

    So glad that Kelly is gone from the third hour and absolutely do love the third hour and the four co-hosts - don't change it. The chemistry with Al, Craig, Dylan and Sheinelle really works!

    The fourth hour is terrible! It was already slipping with Kathy & Hoda because it was getting too syrupy. Now it is just silly with Jenna and the many co-hosts! I watched because of Hoda, not Kathy. To have Hoda go from a serious, professional format to the silly fourth hour does not do justice to her.
  • Unwatchable

    I've struggled to keep watching this show as it used to be my favorite morning show. Today's segment about granny panties bordered the line of a SNL poorly made sketch. Jenna is obviously too emotional and hormonal to be on TV. I cannot understand why Savannah would even entertain reading this script! The 9 o'clock third hour is already unwatchable, I am giving up!

  • unbearable

    Jenna Hagar comes across as a lovely human being BUT NOT a talk show host! Please, it's painful to watch and Savannah is diluting her talents when she is subbing for Hoda and partaking in this insipid chit chat. We all get that they are BFFs but they act like they are in 7th grade. SOME people can do morning talk, MOST cannot. It's silly and awkward and super uncomfortable. Channel is being changed.
  • my oh my

    well what do we here, if it isn't the we hate tamron hall klan,i see you trolls are still freaking complaining well you surely can't blame, tamron hall for it, the show was fucked up before she even came. so since y'all still can not seem to stop complaining about the nbc shit, why don't you get off of your flat asses and go do the show yourself! better yet just don't watch it. i'm sick of you big mouths people trying to ruin people's life because y'all so miserable in your own life. now let that sink in, and for those of you who are so concern with grammar as long as i graduated and made it out of college the hell with grammar, i still got a job and y'all heard how this Tamron woman getting her own a husband and baby now. Now who said the dead can't of y'all still got the Tamron sick tick,but do watch her show and her Twitter too.
  • Go away Craig Melvin

    I have watched Today show as long as I can remember. I remember watching it in the 70's. I have almost completely stopped watching it because Craig Melvin's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Just too awful for the morning. He also turns even the happiest of segments into political race baiting. No one else on this show does that. Its a happy morning show, but put the OJays on with their new album and Craig says - this sounds political, is this a political message . please! Can't people write, sing and talk about happiness and hope without you twisting their words? As soon as Today show reassigns this guy to something else I will start watching again. Love Al, Carson, Jenna, Shenelle, Hoda, Dylan and even Savannah - BUT CRAIG MELVIN NEEDS TO GO!!!
  • Longer Segments

    With regard to the fourth hour of Today I don't understand why so little time is allocated to the various segments, particularly the cooking and decorating segments. I would rather you just skip them than make the presenters either talk so fast that it's hard to grasp what they're saying or get cut off before they have finished. It's very annoying and doesn't make for an enjoyable watching experience. Please, fewer segments with more time devoted to each. We don't need to see fashion, food and decorating every single day!
  • Tuning out

    Although Jenna is sweet and personable she doesn't have the entertainment talent to carry this. You need a power hitter that knows what an audience wants. Truthfully it's painful to watcher her try so hard. This genre just isn't hers. She's trying to be cute by making off the cuff remarks about her co-host remembering things. It's painful watching her awkwardness. I tune out when she comes on.
  • Kathie Lee come back!

    Well I don't think Jenna is a good choice for this show. Put her on a family show she's not a good fit for this show. I have switched to Live with Kelly and Ryan.
  • Enough Mommy news!!

    What has happened to the Today show? ITs all about Mommy and babies now!! Not a big fan of all this for a news show. Jenna is a no go for me. Too flaky and unprofessional. I just find it hard to sit through and I once really enjoyed it.
  • Not a good pick

    I was so hoping they wouldn't pick Jenna to replace Kathy Lee. It just doesn't make sense. Why? She's hard to watch. No experience, unprofessional. I've tried, to watch, probably won't tune in anymore. Tired of watching the silliness with no substance and hearing about their personal life.
  • Have had enough!!

    Honestly, I can't figure out how so many are so distraught over KLG leaving. Cannot stand her self serving attitude and how every five minutes she talks about her "wonderful" music, or her "amazing" new movie. The same with big mouth Hoda! Just don't get why or how she sticks around. I love Jenna and would really like to watch her on the fourth hour, but because of Hoda, will not. Love Savannah, but her clothes! She needs a new stylist! Come on execs!
  • I'm Out

    I'm very disappointed the show is replacing Kathie Lee with Jenna Bush Hager. What are her qualifications besides having a famous last name. She seems like a nice person but it's painful to watch her host the show. The today show was hosted by professionals but no longer the case. It's become a talk show about nonsense and their personal lives.
  • to many anchors

    i am sorry but you have to many anchors, there are whole lot out there and hoda needs to learn how to do interviews, and i hope jenna does not take kathy lee's place get someone new maybe replace hoda also, or take her off the first 2 hours, the third hour they do more interrupting with their guests and i don't need to hear about their lives or what they did the night before, sorry but i watch gma a lot right now need major changes at the today show you should now that by reading all the comments here
  • Voices and wardrobe

    Good morning. I don't watch the Today Show very often. Main reason is that I can't stand Craig's voice ( in other comments I see that I am not alone). And who is Savannah's stylist? On Tuesday this week she had a really unattractive dress on. Even my husband commented about it and he never notices or says anything about that kind of thing. When the clothes are the most noticeable thing on the morning show, someone is not doing their job.
  • Today Show Strikes Out Again

    I'm proud of the way Nick Sandmann held his own today as he was being belittled once again, by the news. I am done watching the Today Show, as this is a pattern, not a one time event. This young man has shown more positive attitude after being pushed into a corner several times, over the past few days. The adults should be ashamed. I'm sure his parents are proud of him. He stands for the best we have in the USA.
  • Say What?

    I don't know why I keep watching this show! The interview this morning with Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes is a perfect example of why this show is going to the dogs! The three Today show interviewers had all these "inside jokes" and chuckles among themselves and with the guests that the at home audience was not privy to. It was like watching something in a foreign language - I hardly understood any of what was said. There is no respect for the guests, the interview process or the home audience. The Today staff needs to grow up and think about the audience instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled teenagers with giant egos who are in some kind of "in crowd,"
  • More men related stories

    I have noticed that you have less related stories for men. The chef told her story way before the Me# movement. The story on woman sagging underarms, all x-mass gifts are for woman only. You need a man as a regular to have stories for men. I am going to GMA so I can see whats going on at the border. You have a short bit on it but 15min talking to the chef on old story. {might be slightly wrong on But was way longer than whats happening on the border. Please get more stories for men related topics. Bet your loosing men viewers. Just being honest. Look at your 3rd hour round table 4 woman 1 guy going along with their stories. R. Bragg {retired Navy}
  • Merry Christmas

    Why wont' people acknowledge it's the Christmas season? yet you say Christmas tree or Christmas presents I'm sick and tired of these PC police worrying about offending certain groups BUT your not worried about offending the Christian group. Everyone of you know you say Merry Christmas but on TV you lose your backbone and say holidays. I did notice Willie did say Christmas and the others jumped in and said holidays well as a Christian I'm tired of spineless people like yourselves offending me Shame on all of you, So to all you and to every one MERRY CHRISTMAS and please because your on TV don't talk ---- because in person we know it would be different.
  • Just Checking in

    I stopped watching the Today Show a year or more ago and switched to GMA because of Tamron Hall. I had watched the Today Show for 40 years but the show has lost its message. It is supposed to be a news show and it has turned into entertainment, Al thinks he is a comedian and when they added Tamron it was just too much. She interrupts, talks over people and giggles. Nothing professional about her at all. I thought I would miss the Today Show but I don't miss it at all. I check her occasionally to see if Tamron is still on and I see she is. Sigh..........
  • Back to ABC

    Jenna is back. I thought she was history. Have to switch to ABC. All she does is watch herself on camera. All she does is talk about her father, the president and ride on his coattails. So much privilege. what an airhead. She has nothing thoughtful to say except flash phony smile.

    I love Megan Kelly. I watched the show about dressing up/ Jenna Bush is a snake in the grass. Megans comments were not that bad in the context. Knife in the back Jenna was on Today the next day taking advantage. Always talking about father-remember invading Iraq and servicemen and women dying. now, she's trying to latch on to the coattails of Savanaugh because she says she lives in same building. Jenna has nothing to offer except her privileged background
  • Great Morning Show, but not at 7-7:30 AM!

    I really love all of the today show personalities! Love their chemistry & feel like they're family to me.

    One thing that is causing me & my family to turn it off from 7-7:30 is the incessant politics!!

    It would be fine to report something if it was actually news, but the daily 20 minute rehashing is really getting to us. The danger for the Today show is will people remember to tune back in later or go onto something else?
  • So tired on KLG and Hoda interrupting each other and everyone including GUESTS

    too much caffeine or what? Why do they have to continue to interrupt when people are talking? You just want to scream into the your parents teach you when you were young? Apparently not. It is so annoying! Sam Elliott could not finish his statement about the film he was in. Believe it or not, there are viewers that would really like to hear what your guests are saying. Thank You.
  • I am so disappointed with the anchors on the Today show

    I've been watching the Today show for over 20 years and i can't believe how horrible the show has become. What are the producers thinking? Hoda is absolutely the worst. Who ahemmm, mmmmm, hmmm, through interviews. And that huge, fake smule. It is so painful to hear and watch. Producers, do you ever watch the show? Matt Lauer carried the show. Smart, funny, quick..... Hoda is a joke. Savannah is really bad. Thank god for Craig, Dylan and Carson. Please! Please, please make changes soon. I use to love waking up to the Today show. I can't anymore. And after reading many reviews, i'm not the only one.
  • Craig Melvin

    So glad NBC brought in Craig on weekdays!! He brings substance to the show. Hoda is nice, but she is not a serious journalist... She's fine on the 4th hour with her giggling and wine drinking but not for a morning news show. With Craig I feel like they are NOW trying for a serious news program. Savannah has even gone to the silly giggling, never taking anything serious. That's fine to laugh, etc. but it just seems like all we hear about is Savannah and Hoda's children's books. The show seems to only be centered around their lives... It's getting a little old. But, thank goodness for Craig Melvin he is more like the news people from decades ago (Cronkite, Rather, etc)... they didn't report their own personal feelings on the subject they actually reported the news.