The Tofus

Weekdays 11:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2004 Between Seasons





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  • This show could be WAY better...

    Title: unoriginal and boring.

    Theme song: neutral.

    Story: a family of farmers who live in the big city *yawn*...

    Art: well, quite nice I must say.

    Humour: there isn't much of it anyway...

    Characters: the main ones are two kids, hippie mom, crazy(in a bad way) dad, psycho granny and a bunch of farm animals that will annoy the crap out of you!

    Misc: Both children don't like the farm way of life, and they show it quite obiosly, so, if the elders see that they are ruining the childrens lives, why can't they just leave them alone?! There is one episode where granny makes Lola a horrible dress made from wool. Lola hated it! But why the hell didn't she took it off then?!!

    In conclusion: well, this show can teach a lot of enviromental secrets, but... Well... It's just a bit creapy and crapy to watch....
  • the TOFUS? the hell?

    presenting you, the mimmicking mockery to my dad the rockstar (minus the ass dad, and popular sister..). even my dad the rockstar sucks badly.

    i don't know what to say. i just hate it, and their checkerboard expresions are, WTF???? nonsense!pure, crystal-clear nonsense! characters do bad adventure, foolish scheming and plans, and, where's the bucket?; hurling time!

  • The Tofus are a good show for childrens but very educate for some persons.

    The Tofus is a series who feature a "least or more" family. We're the parents (Pap, Mam and Buba), too preocuppate in their back-to-nature style and we're the childrens Chici and Lulu try to live a "normal" life despite their "Bio" parents. I'm gentle like this show because that the synopsis are very current news and have some moral values concerning environnement and recycles