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The Tom and Jerry Show

Weekdays 1:00 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Jun 01, 2013 In Season


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The Tom and Jerry Show

Show Summary

The Tom and Jerry Show is back! This time brought to you by Cartoon Network, See all the action and adventure when you're watching the Tom and Jerry show,The series follows the antics of a cat named Tom in his pursuit of a mouse named Jerry, as they fight and go on adventures, All happening on the tom and Jerry show.

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  • Better than I expected, but still has its flaws.

    The tom and jerry show is another TV show featuring our favourite cat and mouse duo. It is better than Filmation's Tom and Jerry Comedy Show, and even Tom and Jerry Tales. It is really good in my opinion.

    the plot remains the same as ever, It retains many old characters, unlike many other Tom and Jerry reboots. Tom has his old screams back thanks to stock sound effects from William Hanna (RIP)

    The animation is pretty poor, Sadly, it was from the same company that did Out of Jimmy's Head's animation, and the Mockbuster film Chop Kick panda.

    It is a good reboot, But i would rather stick with the old ones though.moreless
  • Well... it's the closest you'll get to the old days

    The Tom and Jerry Show might not have the touch that the 40s and 50s shorts do, but at least it's not as bad as the ones before this and after the 50s ones.
  • Painful.

    It just... Doesn't have a classic moment. It's the same plot as Tom and Jerry! Tom chases Jerry, Jerry wins, butch goes after Tom and they get hurt.
  • Just like "The Looney-Tunes Show", a big, BIG disgrace to the original one! >:-(

    At first, I was interested in that show, but now I lost it because it doesn't have that 1940s & 1950s touch.
  • The Weakest Incarnation of Tom & Jerry

    The only good thing about this show is it's bright colors, it's sound effects and intro soundtrack.

    All other elements in this show are very toned down, budget-saving, lazy interpretations of the beloved and original Classic Collection. The laziness is especially blatant through the animation and writing. The animation is really chunky to watch, needlessly way too fast-paced (as if it's trying to rush through it's lost characterization) and all the characters seem to be pulling random items from their @** without reason.

    Tom and Jerry Tales was better than this and it came well before 2014, and hell it surpasses this show in every single way with the only exception of sound effects.

    It's not charming at all to watch imo and you might as well replace the watch time you spend on this poor excuse of a Tom and Jerry incarnation and watch the original at ArchiveDotOrg. Tom and Jerry The Complete Collection ( look it up on Google).

    It's free and you won't regret connecting back with the enlightening nostalgia.moreless