The Tom Green Show

MTV - Music Television (ended 2001)


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  • this was way before viva la bam and way better

    Tom green to this day is still so funny i wish this show was on dvd cause this was like the best show i laughed so hard at the stuff he did to his mom and dad and they werent all that funny like vito and phil on viva la bam they were just sorta regular parents and he made them so funny i have no idea why this show didnt work out if it would have came out later on a few years down it might have still been on the air thankfully tom green has his own late night show online which i like but i think he should be on tv as a late night host cause him and glen are the best lol funny!!!
  • outragousely funny

    tom green really took relaity shows to whole nother level in the late 90's and early 2000's. who else had the nerve to got out in public and do the things he did which was what made the show extremly funny. older people, his best friend glenn humplik and even his parents where his main target. but one of the stand out shows for me was when he offerd to take some of the audience members home personally and when thay got to thair house's he tried to get them to let his friend phil take a shower. thay all turnd him down except one whos parents let phil take a show in thair bathroom. if theres one show mtv needs to bring back its indeed the tom green show.
  • His poor parents . . .

    I remember the episode he showed up at his parents house in Canada with a car that he's spray painted with a porno scene on it. And another instance where he gave them a statue of 2 people having sex. I really don't see how they put up with him. After a while, the shock value of his stunts, and the boredom of the in studio segments tanked this show. It was never really that funny, it was just so insipid that you couldn't look away. But then, the haze cleared and effect wore off.
  • great show!

    what a show. this had so many moments, especially ones involving glen. glen was such a great character, not that he was actually acting or anything, but just everything he did was so great. anyway, tom and his parents could have had their own show anyway. watch this show if it remains today
  • boringgggggg

    it is a cool show cuz it keeps me informataiv about what is going on inb the world i love it it is so cool and i could watch it a million times cuz it is so cool like that ha but it's just they have a good chemistry yes
  • Sick humor at its best!

    The Tom Green Show is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. The original version is one of the few shows that I watch from the MTV channel. Tom has a sick edgy humor and always makes me want to chuckle milk from my nose. Tom Green does a fantastic job along with his best friend Humplick whom is mostly the victim of all his little games. Tom does hilarious things like milking a cow from his mouth, being super friendly with a curious alien, have weird conversations with people on the street, and many other strange behaviors that are hilarious. He is one a kind and definitely a trend-setter because this program gave rise to other shows in MTV with pranks, but none will ever compare to the man Tom Green!