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  • Season 1
    • TOMIE Forbidden Fruit
      Kazuhiko can't forget the love of his youth. So much so that he named his daughter after her, Tomie. One day his daughter encounters a girl with the same name, Tomie. Unlike the unpopular and quiet daughters, this Tomie is beautiful, but very mysterious. When Kazuhiko Meets his daughter's new friend, he is shocked by her appearance. She looks exactly like the girl he fell for 25 years ago and she has some dark secret to reveal...moreless
    • TOMIE Rebirth
      TOMIE Rebirth
      Episode 4
      Hideo and art student murders his model Tomie when she slices up one of his paintings. Later on at a party Hideo and his friends notice a girl who happens to have a facial mole in the exact same spot as Tomie. Soon Hideo is missing and the two friends notice that this girl is starting to look more and more like Tomie..moreless
    • TOMIE Replay
      TOMIE Replay
      Episode 3
      A young girl looking through her father's notes finds something written about the last experiment he worked on before he went insane. Everything in his notebook looks ordinary until near the last page, at which point his handwriting deteriorates and the name "Tomie" is mentioned several times. From that point forward his notes are written in what looks like blood. At the same time, another young girl escapes from a hospital. Who is she, and what does she have planned?moreless
    • TOMIE Another Face
      Another movie about Tomie, the girl who just won't stay dead. This film is split into three separate stories in which Tomie is at different times in her life, first as a high school student, then as a young woman who falls for a photographer, and finally as a woman engaged to be married to her true love. In each story, she is murdered after her unusual secret is discovered, but she somehow manages to come back from beyond to take her revenge.moreless
    • TOMIE
      Episode 1
      A police investigation into the murder of high school student Tomie Kawakami (Miho Kanno) uncovers a history of mysterious deaths of girls with the same name going back to the 1860s. Detective Harada (Tomoro Taguchi) tracks down a classmate of Tomie named Izumisawa Tsukiko (Mami Nakamura), an art student who is being treated for amnesia. She has no memory of the 3 month period around Tomie's death, and is starting to suspect the cause might be supernatural. Meanwhile, Tsukiko's new neighbor, her former high school teacher, Yamamoto Tanabe (Kenji Mizuhashi) is rearing a peculiar baby-like creature. Over the span of a few weeks it grows into a beautiful teenaged girl with orange eyes and responding to the name Tomie Kawakami. And Tomie will not die.moreless