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The Tommy Leonetti Show

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The Tommy Leonetti Show is a comedy and variety show from 1971 to 1973 for Channel ATN7 in Sidney, Australia. This show is the pre-runner to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and after The Tommy Leonetti Show finishes taping, Leonetti makes regular appearances. This show features musical guests as well as popular Television stars and entertainers and each episode lasts about 40 minutes. At the beginning of the show, Tommy Leonetti talks about news or current events that are happening in Sidney at the time of taping and then he will introduce his guest for the particular episode of the show. After the host and the guest make small talk for a segment, the guest will set up for playing a song for the last part of the show. If the guest is not an entertainer, there will be more than one guest to fill the full running time of the episode.