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    Hey there! I just got the series on DVD...virgin megastore in London (I think you can order online).

    So I'm watching and in "The Origin Story" (a.k.a. the pilot episode) we meet Lisa. She's nowhere to be found but never had a parting scene or a passing explanation. In Culex we meet Amy, but she doesn't appear in "Living Stones". We meet another girl whose name escapes me in Culex, but we don't see her again until "Living Stones", where she 'knows the ropes'; there's no "First teleportation, what's happening to me, there's an alien spaceship" scene with her...

    Can someone fill in the blanks for me?

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    in the origin story lisa and adam send out a signal to all the tomorrow people, so, they find out there are lots more out there.
    the storyline with lisa is over at the end of the origin story as far as we needed to know.
    in the culex experiment, we meet ami, she cant actually teleport on her own until quite later in this series (as we see from her needing adam and megabyte to teleport her out of culex's lab). we're briefly introduced to jade. we know that she lives in the same village as kevin's aunt, so, we can assume they strike up a friendship with her and she learns about the tomorrow people.
    ami sticks about for the rameses connection and monsoon man.
    In the living stones, she's in the first episode, but going on holiday with her mum. thats why she's not in this series.
    jade knows about the tomorrow people, and her first teleportation takes her inside the ship, although its clear she doesnt know about it, because she assumes she's in heaven.
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