The Tomorrow People (1992)

Season 2 Episode 1

The Culex Experiment, Part 1

Aired Tuesday 4:45 PM Jan 04, 1994 on ITV
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The Culex Experiment, Part 1
Kevin witnesses an abduction, is bitten by an insect and falls into a coma.

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  • Kevin is in danger from a new villain who's into bugs. A new Tomorrow Person is introduced.

    This new adventure begins with the inside of our unknown villains lair: dark and full of weird bugs. Proper habitat for an evil villain. The running scientist whose kidnapping Kevin witnesses is not explained. Why was he important? Inspector Platt, who is assigned to investigate Kevin's attempted kidnapping, has got to be one of the worst inspectors in that city. He seems to be apathetic and considers Adam and Megabyte to be lying kids because of the circumstances. I enjoyed this opening episode and the introduction of Ami, the newest addition to the Tomorrow People. She relives Kevin's attack as if it were happening to her. Her mother is a real piece of work. A bit self-centered and gives her daughter the silent treatment when she runs out all of a sudden. The effects in this episode show noticeable changes from the Origin Story. The sounds of teleporting are different and the Tomorrow People's linking effect is better the previous one. Too bad that Lisa Davis is absent. I enjoyed her and her absence is not explained.moreless
Roger Sloman

Roger Sloman

Inspector Platt

Guest Star

Adam Blackwood

Adam Blackwood

Dr Poole

Guest Star

Deborah Vale

Deborah Vale

Twin #1

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Sally Sagoe

Sally Sagoe

Mrs Jackson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • If Dr. Poole did such a thorough check on Kevin's body, why didn't he notice the large bug bite on his neck?

    • When Dr. Poole is first asked for the descriptions of his attackers he says that his memory of them was very vague. Yet a few seconds later he is describing both of them in great detail.

    • In this episode Megabyte acts like he knew all along that he was a Tomorrow person, yet in season one when Kevin was explaining how he's always felt different and could hear voices, Megabyte says he's never experienced anything like that.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Ami: He's been bitten.
      Dr. Poole: Excuse me. What?
      Ami: Kevin.
      Ruth: Do you know him?
      Ami: No.
      Ruth: So, how do you know his name?
      Dr. Poole: I'm sorry. Did you say he was…
      Ami: Bitten.
      Adam: That's right.
      Megabyte: Yeah, he was.
      Dr. Poole: Bitten by what?
      Ami: I don't know. Something evil.

    • Culex: (about Kevin) The boy on the bike. He's seen too much. Get him.

    • Ami: Eat up your fruitcake, fruitcake.

    • Inspector Platt: So, let's see if we've got this right: Your little friend was being kidnapped, was it? by two aliens out of a flying saucer…
      Megabyte: They weren't aliens—I never said that!
      Adam: He never actually said that they were aliens.
      Inspector Platt: All right—men in space suits.
      Megabyte: Like space suits… protective clothing!

    • Adam: You're a Tomorrow Person.
      Megabyte: Yup, it's true!
      Ami: I'm a Tomorrow Person… Well, that answers everything.
      Adam: It does though, doesn't it? It explains everything. The strange feelings you've been having.
      Ami: What "strange feelings"? I haven't been… Who are you guys?
      Adam: You felt somehow drawn to Kevin, didn't you?
      Megabyte: You know why? Cause he's one of us, too.
      Ami: This is nuts…
      Adam: Yeah, but you know it's true, don't you? You've always felt different as far back as you can remember. We all have…
      Megabyte: Yeah, I used to think I was going out of my mind!

    • Ami: I don't understand…
      Megabyte: Let's take her to the spaceship!
      Ami: The space… ship?
      Megabyte: Well, yeah! I mean, once you've seen the spaceship—
      Adam: Thanks, Megabyte… That's just wonderful. I was trying to break it to her gently, you know, one thing at a time?

    • Dr. Poole: I'm extremely concerned about my patient. I want to know why someone wasn't assigned to guard him! You're responsible for this!
      Inspector Platt: Well, we're not all mind-readers, Doctor.
      Dr. Poole: You were told that he'd been the victim of a kidnap attempt. The boy's life is in danger!
      Inspector Platt: Dr. Poole, sir, I wouldn't presume to tell you how to stick on a Band-Aid, so please don't lecture me, all right?

    • Inspector Platt: So let's see if we've got this right: You were in the boy's room getting a sample of blood?
      Dr. Poole: Correct.
      Inspector Platt: And then what happened?
      Dr. Poole: Then I got hit on the head.
      Inspector Platt: Yes, that's right. And?
      Dr. Poole: And then what, Inspector?
      Inspector Platt: After you got hit on the head, then what?
      Dr. Poole: Then, I presume, I fell on the floor. I don't remember—I was unconscious at the time!

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