The Tomorrow People (1992)

Season 3 Episode 7

The Living Stones, Part 2

Aired Tuesday 4:45 PM Feb 15, 1995 on ITV

Episode Recap

Jade's mum finally comes out of her room, but she's wearing sunglasses and is acting strangely, closing all of the curtains. Jade figures she's just having another one of her migraines and doesn't give it another thought. But when Jade's mum refused to let her dog back into the house, Jade realizes something is wrong with her. Adam and Megabyte are at the spaceship trying to get some rest after being up all night. Adam can't get Jade's words about the meteors really being pods out of his head, and tells Megabyte that they need to go back and investigate. Megabyte is reluctant, thinking Jade only said that because she wants to spend more time with them, but agrees to go. They teleport to Jade's town and wonder why no one's around, even though it's Saturday afternoon. They go to Jade's house and ask her if she'd be able to identify the pod if she saw it again. After they leave, Jade's mum makes a phone call to the old man, the first one to be possessed by the pods. Adam and Megabyte take her to their friend Beth Halliday, a botanist. Beth shows Jade many pictures of pods, but none of them are anything like what she saw. Beth is sorry she can't be of more help, and invites them all to a lecture she's holding that night on the effects of sound waves on seed germination. At the base, word is received that another meteor pod has been found and General Damon's team goes out to get it and bring it back for testing. The pod happens to be in the Jade's town, and Jade, Adam and Megabyte watch as the research team fishes it out of the water. Jade begs Adam to let her be a Tomorrow Person, but Adam tells her it's not up to him--if it's meant to be, it will happen. Jade excuses herself when she notices that an old woman is acting suspicious and decides to follow her. Jade follows the old woman into the woods and to a cave where it seems everyone in the town is there with dozens of pods. There is a mysterious green light emanating from the pods and controlling the townspeople. Jade recognizes her mother and runs away before anyone notices that she was there. Back at the base, General Damon's team is running tests to determine what the meteor is made from. Adam suggests to the General that they consult Beth Halliday, but he shoots it down--what would a botanist know about rocks? Megabyte tells his father that they think the meteor isn't a rock at all, but a plant pod. "Pods from outer space? That sounds like pure science-fiction to me," says Damon, and Adam quickly points out that not too long ago the existence of the Tomorrow People would also seem like science-fiction. Damon agrees that maybe talking to Beth is a good idea, and Adam and Megabyte teleport to her lecture to get her help. Meanwhile, the General's top researcher, Bradley, makes a discovery. He finds that the inside of the meteor is lined with thousands of seeds, making it a pod afterall. He calls the General to tell him the news and the pod possessed him before the General can come down to the lab. When Damon comes in the possessed Bradley attacks him and they wrestle around until Damon manages to knock Bradley out with a blow to the head. The green light leaves Bradley and goes into the air vent. Damon orders that the base go into lockdown. Everyone puts on Haz-Mat suits and tries to find the green light with radiation detection techniques, but find nothing. Adam and Megabyte are waiting for Beth to finish her lecture when they notice that several people wearing sunglasses keep coming into the lecture hall. Two of them put a bag over Beth's head and take her out of the room. Adam runs out to catch them, but the old woman from earlier hits him over the head with her cane, knocking him unconscious. From his hospital bed, Bradley tells Damon that the meteors are pods, because of the thousands of seeds they have inside. Adam, recovering from his head injury, gets a strange feeling that they need to get to Jade, that she's somehow involved in all of this. They teleport to her town and find it completely deserted. Since Jade's not home they decide to wait for her until she returns, but someone grabs them from behind!
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