The Tomorrow People (1992)

Season 3 Episode 10

The Living Stones, Part 5

Aired Tuesday 4:45 PM Mar 08, 1995 on ITV

Episode Recap

Adam and Megabyte are at the spaceship trying to work out where they've seen that image of the stone angel in front of a mansion before. They finally realize that it's Byron Lucifer's mansion and teleport over there and search the place for any sign of Beth and Jade. They find them tied up in the boiler room in the basement just as the place is about to blow up. Adam unties Beth and teleports her outside safely, but Megabyte gets knocked out by a falling beam as he unties Jade. Jade doesn't know what to do and accidently teleports both of them to the spaceship just as the boiler room explodes. Beth, thinking Megabyte and Jade are still inside, rushes to get them, but Adam holds her back.

Over at Mrs. Toms's house, General Beaumont-Savage is interrogating her because he thinks that she's an alien. They hear the blast from Byron's mansion and realize that they've been at the wrong place this whole time and drive off to the mansion, leaving Mrs. Toms tied to a chair in the middle of the road.

Megabyte finally wakes up after Jade has had time to wander around the ship. She asks them where they are and Megabyte tells them they're in a spaceship. She doesn't believe him until he tells her that it's the headquarters of the Tomorrow People, and that since she teleported them there, she must be one, too. She's absolutely thrilled that her dream has come true and they both teleport back to the mansion to tell Adam and Beth. They have just enough time to explain to Adam when Beaumont-Savage and his troops show up. Beaumont-Savage takes them all inside so he can interrogate them, then he proposes that they form an alliance so they can beat the aliens before they enslave everyone on Earth. Despite everyone's protests, Adam agrees to the alliance and tells Beaumont-Savage what they know. Together they realize that the trucks with the pods are going to Byron Lucifer's concert in London tonight to possess the thousands of fans that will be there. Beaumont-Savage tells the Tomorrow People the wrong location of the concert, knowing that they will try to intervene. Adam tells Beth to go to the hospital to look after Megabyte's father, General Damon, while they go to London. The Tomorrow People teleport to the middle of a race track and almost get run over, while Beaumont-Savage brings his troops to the correct location.

At the hospital, Damon finally wakes up and Beth tells him what Beaumont-Savage is planning. Damon, confused, demands to know why Beaumont-Savage is in charge, and Beth tells him that Beaumont-Savage has a paper that Damon allegedly signed, giving him control over the operation. Damon says he didn't sign anything and they race to London to stop him. Damon contacts his troops via radio and finds out where they are.

The Tomorrow People teleport to the right place. Adam tries to dismantle the generator and an old possessed woman tackles him and beats him with her cane until they both get electrocuted and the alien leaves her body. Beaumont-Savage starts setting off bombs around the stage to kill all of the people, but Damon gets there in time and tells the troops to stand down, that he never signed over control to Beaumont-Savage. The aliens start leaving the host bodies and converge near the ceiling, ready to strike. Megabyte remembers that bright lights destroy them, so he and Adam turn on all of the stage lights until all of the aliens have disappeared. Everyone goes back to normal, and Jade officially joins the Tomorrow People.
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