The Tomorrow People (1992)

Season 3 Episode 3

The Rameses Connection, Part 3

Aired Tuesday 4:45 PM Jan 18, 1995 on ITV

Episode Recap

In Cairo Tate and Scully check into a hotel, specifying a room facing the pyramids. Adam and Megabyte listen as their room is assigned and teleport up ahead of them. They hide in the bathroom to watch.

Tate and Scully begin a ritual to destroy the cartouche. Megabyte goes outside to create a distraction. The two men go to look for him; Adam switches the cartouche with a bar of soap and disappears, meeting Megabyte in another corridor.

Tate and Scully continue the ritual, not realising that the cartouche is gone.

The cartouche is engraved with a map which Megabyte deciphers. Adam figures out where they're going—the eighth pyramid. He suggests teleporting in under it; Megabyte's a little worried in case there's nothing there. He also feels as though they're being watched. Adam dismisses it.

Ami's been watching them.

They teleport into the hidden chamber, under the eighth pyramid of Tamanya. It's empty. Adam finds a gap in the wall and uses the cartouche as a key to open a hidden chamber. As the boys enter torches flare to life, revealing paintings and a tomb. Adam starts trying to open the tomb; Megabyte refuses to help at frst, but finally Adam talks him into it. They pry it open, but it's empty.

The Egyptian boy reappears, talking about 'amtoudi'. He points to one of the pictures, but disappears before they can understand anything. The boys attempt to decipher the picture, but Ami is watching and before they can get anywhere she begns telekinetically destroying the tomb. They notice her as they're leaving and attempt to bring her, but she screams, fighting them. Megabyte teleports out; Adam snatches the necklace from Ami and drags her along.

At the Ship Ami explains what's been happening. The boys reassure her that it wasn't her fault. Ami doesn't really remember anything; evil eyes, and wanting to kill them.

They take the necklace to Professor James. She tells them it's priceless and asks who they are. Ami asks about the shape, explaining they've seen it in a tomb in Tamanya. James shakes her head. She worked in Tamanya and doesn't believe there's another tomb. She can't help them without something more tangible.

Sam Rees threatens to destroy Tate and Scully for failng him. Tate talks him out of it and promises to redemn himself.

Megabyte searches the house in London. The statue is watchng him, and a snake eases towards him. He finds star charts labeled 'Amtoudi'. As he stands up he knocks a letter opener to the floor. Crouching to pick it up, he finds the snake wrapped around his neck.