The Tomorrow People (1992)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Tomorrow People, Part 3

Aired Tuesday 4:45 PM Dec 01, 1992 on ITV
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The Tomorrow People, Part 3
Megabyte helps Lisa escape, but is himself captured by the government, who mistake him for a teleporter.

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    Gabrielle Hamilton

    Gabrielle Hamilton

    Lady Mulvaney

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    Charles Balfour

    Charles Balfour


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    Lou Hirsch

    Lou Hirsch


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    Jeff Harding

    Jeff Harding

    General Bill Damon

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    • TRIVIA (5)

      • The "secure videophone" image of General Damon is covered in specks of dirt, like a really dirty film print, but it is supposed to be a live video transmission, so it should not have the appearance of film.

      • When Kevin teleports to escape from Gloria, he reappears inside the double-decker bus that he teleported from at the end of part 1. But the bus is parked now, and is in a different location, so how could he know the exact location of the bus to be able to teleport into it?

      • The device Professor Galt forces Megabyte to wear on his head is similar to the "silencer band" device seen several times in the original Tomorrow People series. This was a device that could prevent a Tomorrow Person from using his or her mental abilities.

      • After Adam rescues Lisa, the ship generates two glasses of an orange liquid for them to drink. This is a possible reference to the original Tomorrow People series, in which the computer, TIM, could generate food and drink, apparently out of thin air.

      • During the secure videophone, there are reels in the background. if it's a live call, then what's the point of the reels?

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Kevin: We ought to get guns and blow those blokes away.
        (The ship glows and speaks.)
        Lisa: I don't think it'd like that.
        Adam: No. Could you use a gun to shoot someone?
        Kevin: Sure.
        Adam: No. Look, think about this. It's important. We're Tomorrow People, we can teleport, so we could get guns easily if we wanted to. But could you use a gun to kill someone?
        Kevin: Probably. Well, I don't know. I'm just a kid, aren't I?
        Adam: No, not because you're just a kid, because you're a Tomorrow Person. I found out the hard way.
        (Adam shows them a huge scar.)
        Adam: See? It's a shark bite. Had knife with me at the time, but I just couldn't bring myself to use it.
        Kevin: Oh, I would've.
        Adam: No. No, I don't think you would. Think it's an instinct of ours. I don't think we can kill, not even to save ourselves.

      • Adam: I was afraid someone would find out about us eventually and try and catch us.
        Lisa: But why? Who?
        Adam: The government, maybe. The CIA.
        Lisa: What would the CIA want to do with us?
        Adam: Lisa, think about it. I mean, we're telepathic, we can teleport. Imagine how useful that would be to them in their wars and spying and stuff. Think how scared they'd be of having us used against them.

      • (The Tomorrow People have again landed on Adam's tent.)
        Adam: Maybe I should move my tent…

      • Megabyte: I can't teleport, I tell you!
        Professor Gault: Of course you can't. You would say that, wouldn't you? Well, if you're not a teleporter how come you know so much about it?
        Megabyte: I read comics. I watch TV: Doctor Who, Star Trek. Just because I know about it doesn't mean I can do it! You know about it, can you do it?

      • Megabyte: Um… please?
        Professor Gault: What is it now?
        Megabyte: Are we almost there yet?
        Professor Gault: Tell me something: is there a rule written down somewhere that every child has to ask that same stupid question?
        Megabyte: I'm only asking 'cause I've gotta go… Really bad—hey!
        (Gloria pushes Megabyte back into the suitcase and zips it closed.)
        Professor Gault: I wish I'd thought of that.

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