The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 20

A Sort of Homecoming

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2014 on The CW
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A Sort of Homecoming
Everyone becomes concerned about the consequences if the Founder learns that Roger may return. Meanwhile, Stephen tries to destroy the machine the Founder has been using to train him; and Russell loses hope that the Refuge will ever be found and chooses to head out on his own with some other Tomorrow People.moreless
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  • Utterly over the top reactions

    Utterly over the top reactions when the TP's fall apart at the seams because Roger 'abandons' them to go for dinner with his family.
  • Breathtaking!

    Only two episodes to go after this and I am cringnig at the thought of never seeing this show again because it is insanely good. It has been spectacular for some time now nad this was no exception as the storyline continues with Roger's return and reuniting of his family, while trouble brews underground and at Ultra,

    Hilary continues to play both sides until she finally has to choose, leading to the more special part of the episode with an explosive ending... literally.

    I am so in love with this definitely incredible show - can't wait to see how it all ends, even though I definitely don't want to see it go!moreless
  • All my favourite characters

    Ok so I love the relationship between Roger and Jedikiah and I love John. I am so devastated by this episode. I liked Hillary so much and I hate that she is gone. John must be crazy powerful to need 3 doses of the cure, I'm convinced he is a synergist, he better get his powers back.
  • Why John?

    I liked this ep, but I don't like the way the writers forces John to take responsabilty. He shouldn't get caught. And Cara has to grow up and be with John, Stephen is just a idiot teenage!
  • It Was Decent

    The overall episode was decent but not as tense as I would have expected. The few things I didn't like were the out of nowhere rebellion in favor of Ultra. It seemed like out of nowhere at a simply flip of a switch folks were ready to not only trust Ultra but rebel to do so. I'm sorry I understand not enjoying being on the run but immediately trusting an agency that's been rounding up, experimenting on, and killing you just because they declare a truce and show a few signs of "good faith"?

    And I didn't understand the chick's attitude against humans when her situation was horrid based on what ULTRA had been doing to them, not humans. Why would there be racist levels of hate for a group of folks that really hadn't been doing too much against you except for understandable freaking out but be in love with a group that you'd think would understand you but has instead been hunting you down????

    The last thing I didn't like was the whole boom at the end. What sense does it make to have the COMPLETE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE only to mouth off your plan to kill to the most powerful superhuman KNOWING that he has the ability to teleport??????

    I know tv/movies love to focus on death speeches (especially when it's bad guys who have good guys dead to rights but have to talk so damn much they kill their own opportunity) but here this chick should have known better and just did what she needed to do. I'd be shocked if they actually had The Founder die so her death was a big waste.moreless

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    • John: Well, the man they thought was gonna lead them just left. I guess they feel a little lost.
      Charlie: But you and Cara are leaders now.
      John: Roger was the one... they thought was gonna come back and save them from this life. And now that he's left them all over again...
      Charlie: They only believed in Roger because you did. You're my hero, John.

    • Astrid: Listen, Hillary, this better be for real. Stephen is my best friend and he's a very special guy--
      Hilary: I'm aware.
      Astrid: I'm still talking. He's got a lot going on right now, and he needs someone he can trust and rely on, and if that happens to be you... then great. But if it's not--
      Hilary: I'm in love with him. Does that answer your question?

    • Natalie: So, what now? Is he gonna throw on a cape and take us straight to the Refuge?
      Russell: Natalie, the dude just thawed out. One miracle at a time.

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