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The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 5

All Tomorrow's Parties

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2013 on The CW
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Episode Summary

All Tomorrow's Parties

After Stephen breaks ULTRA protocol during a training exercise, Jedikiah's mysterious boss insists on meeting him. After learning Jedikiah is unable to help him Stephen turns to John who is only interested for selfish reasons.

Elsewhere Cara and John disagree on a dangerous plan when some of The Tomorrow People become desperate to attend a party in the outside world. And when Stephen again bails on plans with Astrid she decides to find out what he is really up to.


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  • besties

    Best stepehen
  • Very good, as usual.

    This is fast becoming unmissable - I am really into this show. Such a great cast, such a diverse and multi-layered storyline. This was a really interesting one with a great series of events including Ultra engineering an intricate plan to shut down the Tomorrow People.

    Meanwhile, we had a great story with Astrid and I really loved the end. It might not have been climactic, but it was special in its own way, and I am excited to see what it brings! Can't wait for more!moreless
  • Interesting episode

    Interesting episode where we find out that there is a bigger boss than Jedikaiah over Ultra - and he's one of the tomorrow people. The group decide to go for a break above ground and go to a night club, where they fall into a trap by Ultra. Stephen finally tells Astrid about his powers.
  • Because no one else has, and because ate random words in my first attempt...

    If Yahtzee Croshaw did TV reviews, this would be his episode review, so y'know, spoiler warnings and all that...

    Apparently John has been too full of himself to realize that having a group of refugees in an old subway tunnel for months at a time and being forbidden to leave is only marginally better than being at Ultra for months at a time and being forbidden to leave. Steven pitches the concept of having a night out and John decides to fight his see-through-shirt-wearing lady friend to decide whether everyone gets a night out or stays in the refugee camp working on not dying. Apparently, concepts like "democracy" and "rock paper scissors" aren't agreeable means of deciding what's what. John yells at people who want to go topside, because going topside is bad, despite the fact that he and Cara and Steven head up there on a regular basis, and presumably all the criminals go up there to steal food and supplies and, apparently, evening wear. Kurt, one of the new guys, wants to say goodbye to his mom, but instead of working out some sort of plan to do it safely, John just expects people to ditch familial loyalty I I forgot - John logic. Anyway, John loses the fight (anyone who bet on him winning clearly doesn't understand that you can't have a guy beat a girl in a fight on the CW, ever), and Cara ditches her see-through-top for a party dress sporting the season's lowest neck line, tries to convince John to come party with everyone, and he becomes all captain mope about the concept.

    Steven, who attempted to explain things to Astrid in the first episode where she wouldn't listen, and then had her find out and him then being unwilling to say anything such that not she's pissed at him, is now trying to grovel his way back into her good graces, and then ask her to the homecoming dance. Hands up if you thought Steven would actually make it to the dance, now look around the room and see the suckers. Steven clearly doesn't know what he's got, because she changes dresses three times in 90 seconds, clearly a world record. Roll your eyes all you want Steven, the rest of us would consider ourselves incredibly lucky for a homecoming date who changed dresses that quickly.

    Steven had to cut out early (apparently bothering Astrid, but never Steven's mom, who seems oddly unconcerned with the fact that her son never shows up anywhere for anything and never has a good reason), to attend some sort of "loyalty test", I assume, and by that I mean "watch all his friends get shot up" in the club, which is apparently immediately in front of the obligatory ominous abandoned building. Astrid, not one to appreciate being stood up, hops in a cab and follows the black Suburban (instead of, y'know, taking a license plate number and reporting the car stolen or something).

    We find out that the club that everyone is going to is an ambush (shocker), spearheaded by the chick in the red dress who bats her eyelashes at Russell (shocker). Now it didn't occur to anyone to listen to John even minimally and either send a scouting party to check to make sure things were kosher, or show up in shifts in order to potentially limit losses and ensure that everyone could keep track of everyone. The 'buddy system' we all learned in kindergarten seems to have been passe to everyone, because they give Ultra fish in a barrel. No one, at any point, realizes that their powers are being dampened by the magical power-limiting widget, until it's too late, and the goon squad starts taking shots, in a crowded night club, with automatic rifles...

    John ends up being the cavalry by shooting the guy who was going to shoot Irene, the new girl of the week who looks an awful lot like Taylor Swift and talks like Jenna from Agents of . She's planning on making a vaccine for Ultra's power removal serum, something that's never explored or touched on after her introduction earlier on. Still, Cara sees John shoot the rent-a-cop, is shocked, and thus we have our second conflict-of-the-lovers this week. Cara is apparently pissed at him for not telling her that he can kill, and he's worried about doing it over the look she gave him. If John could have saved people and was really concerned about them, he totally should have gone into the club packing heat and hoping he didn't have to use it. If Cara is really mad that he kept a secret from her, but she knew there was a secret, why wasn't she mad already? Beyond all that, he saved her life, and she's upset that he didn't let her know? Oh, I forgot - Cara logic...

    New guy ends up being the traitor (can't blame him), Irene gets hand-waved to a hospital (can she get a blood transfusion? Does she still have medical insurance? Why hasn't John attempted to 'five finger discount' some doctors or something?), And Steven does what he should have done a month ago - teleports Astrid to a beautiful part of New York City and THEN let her ask questions. Astrid, however, simply smiles at Steven despite the fact that ten seconds ago she was all up in his grill about how he was doing unsafe things and wasn't letting her in on I forgot - Astrid logic.

    Overall, exactly what I expected - a fun romp involving a minimum of common sense from most important parties involved.moreless
Meta Golding

Meta Golding

Senior Telepath/ Darcy Nichols

Guest Star

Simon Merrells

Simon Merrells

Leader of Ultra

Guest Star

Nick Eversman

Nick Eversman

Kurt Rundle

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    • Cara: (about his ability to kill people) This is what you've been hiding from me all these years? This is why you've been keeping me at arm's length? Do you see what it has done to us, John?
      John: What choice did I have? How do you think they'd take the news? That Jedikiah had turned their fearless leader into a freak. That I wasn't one of them anymore.
      Cara: I'm not talking about them. Why didn't you tell me?
      John: 'Cause of the way... because of the way you're looking at me right now. Like I'm some monster.
      Cara: I don't care what your secret was. It's that you kept it from me. That is what you were seeing, John.

    • Stephen: Wow. Just so you know, I took your side in all this. Ultra's acting like it's DEFCON 1 and I'd like to figure out what's going on before you guys take your little spring break topside.
      Cara: Stephen, it doesn't matter whose side you take. The problem is, I'm about to fight Cara now because you already have her, everyone down here, thinking that we can just live in the human world. Because you can.
      Stephen: You can tell me to take a hike, deal with Ultra on your own, or you can figure out how to be a leader to your people without blaming me for your problems. I'm not gonna be your scapegoat.

    • Cara: I think a night out could do all of us a lot of good.
      John: It's not worth the risk.
      Cara: John, what's the point of surviving if we don't get to really live? We're dying down here, John. All of us.

    • Stephen: Hey!
      Cara: (about his black-eye) Nice shiner. Darcy?
      Stephen: Different chick.
      Cara: Chick. No wonder she clocked you.

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