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**I was expecting a review for this episode but we got none, not even a thread to discuss about it. So I decided to open this thread and make an attempt in writing a review. I’ll review the review by admitting that it’s nothing special. The writer doesn’t have good knowledge of the English language. However, it is accurate for the most part. Feel free to deride it!**

I liked this episode a lot not only because it offered as an overly enjoyable hour but also because it was really educational. You don’t know what I mean? Don’t worry, I will explain.

At the start of the episode Stephen hunted a Neo with his supervisor, whose orders he ostentatiously ignored. While he was about to succeed in capturing the Neo, he froze because the Neo was a girl, thus Stephen got caught off guard. The Neo nearly killed Stephen but thankfully (or not?) this was just an Ultra’s exercise. Then this happened:

Real Life Lesson no.1: Guys should definitely hit girls.

After that we got to learn that the females in Stephen’s life appear to love him just as much as the majority of the audience. Specifically, Astrid admitted that she would like to punch Stephen in the face too, after being informed that a girl has hit him and Cara pointed out that the punch was well deserved because Stephen referred to the girl as “a chick”.

Real Life Lesson no.2: Girls don’t like being called chicks. Seriously, don’t do that.

We were also introduced to a new character. Meet Irene who is a 17-year-old Genetics Expert. She apparently graduated when she was 14 and was about to finish her PhD a year ago. How can someone finish a PhD in 2 years is beyond my imagination. They could at least say that she is 22, it would still be extreme but she could have finished high school at 14, university at 16 and spent 4 years for her PhD. Now it’s just impossible. But anyway, let’s not try to put logic in it and ruin the fun!

Besides being somewhat cocky, Irene seemed like a fun person. What she proposed was that Stephen should take a rip-powers-serum to her so she can analyze it and find an antidote.

And then we got introduced to a second new face. Now, they were calling him Curt or Kurt. To be honest I don’t know how this is written so I’ll just call him Mr. Idiot and we shall hate him. Mr. Idiot visited his mother so as to let her know he is alive, jeopardizing everyone’s safety on the shelter.

All this leaded to an argument between Cara and John. Cara was of the opinion that they should sneak out more often and have fun because surviving means nothing if you don’t get to live, while John reckoned that they shouldn’t risk losing their lives just to entertain themselves. No one mentioned that parting is not the only way of living which leads to the following inference:

Real Life Lesson no.3: Life is nothing if we don’t party with strangers.

Regarding the stealing the serum plan, it wasn’t so hard a challenge after all. Apparently, they always have a second serum bottle available because… because… no clue really. But they had two bottles so it was easy for Stephen to get the one without anyone noticing. Obviously, they never notice small things like a missing serum bottle. I guess it should be easy and cheap to produce.

Then Cara and John decided to solve their problems by fighting. The bet was that if Cara won, everyone would go to a club and party, but if John won, Cara would never mention going topside again.

Real Life Lesson no.4: If you can’t solve a problem with rational points, then you should definitely fight.

For some reason this

is escapable.

But this

is not.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t know the rules of this fighting club. The point is that Cara won and everyone would go party!

This dynamic fighting scene was followed by a boring one where Astrid tried several dresses for the school dance. Stephen and we had to endure her stupidity as she continued complaining about Stephen not telling her the truth. Thankfully, this ended soon as Stephen had to go to the Head Quarters. The surprise was that the big boss is a Neo, who sneaked into Stephen’s brain and possibly learned something. Stephen shared his concerns with Cara but she assured him that everything was under control.

Then Jedikiah stole Stephen from Astrid for the second time in this episode. Astrid wouldn’t let that go that easily, so she followed them. However, she backed off when she met Darcy. That’s when the Tomorrow People realized they had no powers inside the club and we found out that Jedikiah lured Stephen into the very same club so as to watch his own species’ genocide. It was so weird to watch the Ultra killing the Neos in cold blood. Stephen saved the day by shutting down the electricity. The Ultras couldn’t hit in the darkness as they were afraid of accidentally killing their partners. Thus, the Neos managed to escape with only 3 losses on their side (and many injured people). But for John to save his and Cara’s life, he had to kill one of their hunters, so his secret was revealed to Cara.

Honestly, I was expecting that Jedikiah would be present when Cara was about to teleport away, so she would have to choose between risking her life by staying or exposing Stephen. It would be interesting to see what she would do. But I guess this may happen in a future episode.

Everyone who was still alive teleported back in the shelter. Irene didn’t look well. For some reason John insisted that they shouldn’t get her to a hospital. Like it would be too much of a risk to just drop her there and teleport back. Fortunately, Stephen ignored him. When he returned from the hospital, each one was being interrogated by Cara as they were searching for the traitor. Mr. Idiot confessed his crime before his turn comes. His defense line was that the Ultras were threatening his family and the deal was for him to betray only John and not everyone. Like you can trust somebody that threatens to kill your mother (who is a human) that he won’t hurt any of your friends but John (who are Neos). Everyone was pissed but more that anyone, Cara. She got the serum and was determined to rip Mr. Idiot off his powers. Only Stephen defended him pointing out how hard it was to steal this bottle.

But he didn’t manage to convince her so she did inject the serum in Mr. Idiot and followed her action with a threat. Now, you may have got distracted by the incessant movement of her earing and haven’t heard the threat. What she basically said was that she would magnify his pain and drive him crazy. And then all I could think of was: CAN SHE REALLY DO THAT?

I mean, I really thought that our brain was like a computer. More than one people could access it for read only but only one could write. So, as long as the brain is in use, no one can edit its contents (but maybe Mr. Idiot is an exception because he didn’t appear to use his brain). Until now we had no signs that the Neos can do anything more than reading thoughts and communicating telepathically. Nevertheless, it was nice to see that Cara had this side too.

Everything was over and Stephen decided to return to his house but Astrid was waiting like a ghost in his room (again) and demanded the truth (again). I didn’t really catch the whole dialog because in my head I had only 5 words on a loop (can she really do that), but it turns out that Stephen decided to share his secret with Astrid. However, if he is planning to tell her that he is a double agent, can’t Ultras just sneak in her brain? Moreover, they will most likely kill her, just like John’s surrogate father.

- What did you think of All Tomorrow's Parties?
- Do you think that Stephen will risk telling Astrid the whole truth including that he is on the Neos’ side?
- Can she really do that?

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