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I thought Julian would succeed at pushing TTP out of their underground home, and the subsequent episodes would focus on them living out in the open (I know they had a safe house, but for how long? Especially if they just teleported right back into the secret lair after Julian was killed) and adapting to new challenges in constant vulnerability. It'd be a nice change to them locating breakouts before Ultra every episode, and Stephen would have no choice but to choose between TTP and Ultra, if they weren't hidden anymore. What do you guys think? Did you like the "happy" ending of this episode, or did you have something else in mind too?
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I thought something like that would happen too but maybe it's too soon. I think it might happen in a subsequent season and for now they wanna focus on finding Stephens dad and what not. And can I just say how much I almost died during that shirtless John scene. Damn.
haha yes that was satisfying
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