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This isn't really a discussion. I'm just irritated and want to rant. I'm currently 5 minutes into tonight's episode and Cara is pissing me off. So Stephen wakes up for the experiment and tells you he spoke to his father and your response is to say "Well, you were dead so how can we know what you saw is real?" Heifa, of course he was dead!! That was the point of the experiment!! The point was for him to die and stop time so he could find his father in this other realm. What was the point of risking his life and performing this experiment with the intent to find his father if you weren't going to believe what he said when he came back?! Then why do the experiment? What was the point? I am highly irritated by things that don't make sense and it makes no sense for her to be wiling to perform this experiment and risk his life and then not believe a word he says when he comes back.
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Jan 16, 2014
I thought that too actually...it was kind of weird. Though I'll give her one thing if someone said we have to find my fathers body I would be a little bit like wtf! But with cara not believing it gave a great moment between all the boys at the end :)
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