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Ok, here's the thing, I like this show, I do - as a CW new show, it has potential, I can't deny it... but at the same time I'm also a little conflicted and worried...

The pace and progression of this show are extreemly quick in my opinion - which could be either a fun ride or a dangerous thing...

We're 5 episodes in and already we had a bunch of new big reveals that usually, on other shows of this genre, take a lot more than mere 5 eps.

Let's review here for a second - shall we?

- Jedekiah being Stephen's uncle and the bad guy at the same time - Granted, that pretty much a big part of the show's premise - but still. I know shows that whould have taken at least 3 episodes to land that little gem on us...

- Ultra being only a small part of a much larger orgnization - seriously, this is something that the writers could have taken at least half a season or even a season to unveil. the only time I remeber it being done so quickly is Alias, when they revealed in episode 2 of the first season that SD6 is much larger than Sidney thought it was....

- The Head of the larger secret organization being a "homo-superior" - Technicaly, we don't know the identity of the "big boss" yet, but just letting us know that he has powers like the tomorrow people is a pretty big revelation. This show could have made Jedekiah into the big bad and spent an entire season just with him - adding another unseen bad guy at this point could either open up a whole new avenue of stories, or be a case of "too muh too soon"...

- John being able to kill - again, not only did we learn about it fairly quickly, other characters in the show caught on super quick. (Forget for a second the fact that for supposedly I-dont-know-how-many-years Cara and John have been fighting side by side and supposedly through some tough scrapes before - but up until now there was never any situation in which John just had to use his ability to kill to get them out?). The writers could have easily spent several episodes showing us how hard it is for John to deal with this ability and what's been done to him - which, in my personal opinion, would have both given us insight into John's character and made the reveal to Cara that much more meaningful.

- Astrid learning the truth - Seriously? The best friend catches on in episode 5? it took Chloe Sullivan like 3 seasons to learn the truth on smallville, and even Pete had to wait for season 2 to find out...It took Alex a whole season to learn the truth in Roswell and even Maria was cluless for about 6 eps...and she was a central character!

In my opinion there are basically two possibilites here - either the rapid progression becomes too rapid and the show ends up creating too many reveals without taking the time to explore the emotional payoff of those reveals, or the show is trying to quickly run through the familiar and cliche (the formula) part of the story arch in order to be able to break in a whole different direction and start doing something original.

What do you think?
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Personally, I love the rapid pacing. I find it frustrating when a show needlessly draws things out. My problem with adopting TV as a hobby is that I quickly learned alot of the tricks & traps native to the medium to the point where I can't help but watch TV like I play chess: multiple moves ahead. When a show only has 40+ minutes of runtime, everything that happens onscreen has relevance & I find it mind numbing to have to wait sometimes entire seasons simply for some supposedly major reveal that has been hinted or winked & nodded at for months prior & have to simply settle for the specific way they act it out when they finally get off their asses & get to what's already expected.

Before the pilot, I honestly didn't expect to like TTP all that much, but when I think about it, it's been the rapid pacing that keeps me from getting bored & opens my imagination to the future possibilities so far.

For now, let's hurry up & get past Russell's unavoidably cool origin episode so we can get around to bringing on Aldus Crick!
The rapid pace is maybe the most important thing for me. I want things to happen. Even if they are not reveals, they may be action stories and (hopefully) complicated plots. I don't want long boring episodes. I hope they'll be able to keep the pace that fast because even if some plots end to be kinda insane, it will still be entairtaining to watch (unless it gets really ridiculous).
For a show that is basically telling stories that we have seen pretty much everything before in various other shows, I think they had to do it this way. I am pretty glad they did because if they took a whole season and a dozen episodes to give a simple reveal, I would be very bored. Futhermore, many shows like Alcatraz took so long to came out with any big reveal that either audience becomes bored or it was cancelled before we can get any answers (that being most frustrating).

So I am very happy with the pace and I hope it stays this way. The last show which I think did this way was Nikita and they come out with very good and new stories every season. Though Nikita is ending with a short 4 season of 6 episodes, I can say safely anyone who watch the previous 60 episodes will NOT be bored at all.
I admit it's the pace that keeps me watching. I haven't got time to wonder about when the best friend will find out about his powers so I'm glad that got sorted quickly.

One thing I've learnt about from Smallvillle is that the hero always does better when at least one bestie knows the secret.

I also like to think that getting all the clichés out of the way early means we are in for some good solid storytelling. (Fingers and toes crossed).
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