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The CW (ended 2014)
The CW has capitalized on the insult to its audience that is The 100 - quite literally the most transparently idiotic storytelling this side of Battlefield Earth---by pitting it against The Tomorrow People, a show that did not start well... but that, by anyone's estimation, has steadily improved from episode-to-episode (and never began, like The 100 has, by proudly presenting the middle-finger to anyone with a brain).

The Tomorrow People made a fatal mistake in not bringing the murky morality of Ultra and Jedikiah to the foreground with an initial, gripping story-arc - a mistake that has, much to my regret, likely cost us the potential I believe this show could have attained given time.

However: The CW has made a fatal and costly mistake in expecting profitable returns on the high-budget, unlikeable, absurdly terrible and sure-to-swiftly-fade The 100 in its place.

Place bets on your disagreements below: Next year, I look forward to being proven right.
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