The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2014 on The CW
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Stephen stumbles upon a clue that the Tomorrow People have been desperately seeking; John and Russell learn about a dangerous plan that Jedikiah is plotting; Cara gets a lead on a new break-out but is shocked to discover that it is someone from her past.

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  • Good or bad?

    Twisty episode where we find that Jed is a good guy, then a bad guy, then we're not sure!
  • Nice!

    A huge huge episode tonight with massive developments. This is the episode where things really got real if they weren'y already - but who's side asre we supposed to be on? The Founder of LUltra or Jedikiah? It is so hard to tell who is right and who is lying and I love that.

    Massive developments in Cara's life also - things are shaping up brilliantly and that was a really nice side story for this one.

    Overall, the show is superb. Can't believe I always see great shows getting cancelled... only 5 more to watch :(moreless
  • finally

    The show was going nowwhere the last couple of episodes, so i'm glad they made this one, but it maybe to late already ....

  • A clever title, well kinda!

    Best thrilling episode of TTP yet. Stephen's still not sure whom to trust. Will find out in the next episode.

    By the way, just a wild guess: Luca is a Tomorrow Person too :) wait and see..
Elise Gatien

Elise Gatien

Sophie Coburn

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Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan

Cassandra Smythe

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Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce

Jack Jameson/Roger Price

Recurring Role

Simon Merrells

Simon Merrells

The Founder

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    • Stephen: T.I.M, this is the best image you've got?
      T.I.M.: No other images exist of the address Cassie provided. Seems to be in some imaging dead zone.
      Cassie: It's the same technology the CIA uses to keep you from snooping on Langley.
      Russell: So we're gunning for a paranormal supervillain holed up in his secret hideout with government-grade defenses? Hallelujah!

    • Jedikiah: A little truth? Your double agent was, in fact, mine. I've known about Stephen's deception from the very beginning. In fact, I let you and your friends find him and turn him because I knew it could bring us right to this exact point.
      John: You can't! You can't paint yourself as the good guy, after all you've done. You let me think that I killed Roger. You let that haunt me for years.
      Jedikiah: Had no choice, kid. Your ignorance was part of the conspiracy.
      John: You ruined my life.
      Jedikiah: I know.
      John: You made me into something that I hate.
      Jedikiah: I know. And now, the only way to free ourselves from our past is for you to kill the Founder. For better or worse, John, it's your destiny. Please. Please, stop this war. For all of us.

    • John: Cara, what if I had a way to end this war? I mean, for good, and get us out of here.
      Cara: I'd be for it.
      John: What if it meant killing someone?
      Cara: The Founder.
      John: If Stephen's right, Jedikiah has just been doing his dirty work. Ultra, this war, it all begins and ends with the Founder. But if we kill him...
      Cara: It means our freedom. A life for my sister, outside the trenches, up in the real world? I say kill the bastard.

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