The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 15

Enemy of My Enemy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2014 on The CW
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Julian returns with a vengeance but when he's caught by ULTRA he is forced to strike a deal that could cost him and Stephen their lives.

John disobeys Cara's orders again when he learns Julian has discovered the location of The Tomorrow People's lair.

Meanwhile still plagued by nightmares from her near death experience Astrid turns to John for comfort and support.


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  • Julian promises Jedikiah he will find the TP lair

    Julian promises Jedikiah he will find the TP lair, but ends up kidnapping Stephen after Jedikiah stuffs a bomb up his nose.
  • Another impeccable hour!

    This show simply does not fail to deliver and today it gave us an extraordinary hour and we tied up some loose ends with the Julian sotryline while also moving Astrid closer to normality and getting John back underground to the lair.

    I enjoyed the last line Stephen delivered to Jedikiah a lot - that was perfect about how he doesn't know the first thing about being human. Meanwhile the episode ends with a mini-cliffhanger! Juts what was that item? We will find out soon I bet.

    Looking forward to more! Great episode!moreless
  • Enemy Closing In

    This was a very good episode to the show, there's not a whole lot I can say it's a bit straghtfoward suspense story but that's sometimes the way I like it.

    Once again Julian rears his ugly head, I really like the fact that despite Jedekah knowing he's their best chance to find the lair, he doesnt' like the guy or even trust him. Even if they take away Julian's powers that would just give Julian the freedom to do what he's always wanted to do, kill.

    I even like that moment where we saw a silght hint of humanity in Jedekah. As he is seeing Julian torturing Charlotte, he comes in to stop it. I just thought that was another interesting thing about the villain is that he knows his limitations. And it shows there is a difference between both of them, Jedekah despite how ruthless he can be he opporates on certain rules that exist; Julian opporates with no rules which is part of why he has no conscious.

    However what really powers the episode are both John and Kara. I love the fact that John comes back and does what he has to do. I liked how we see how determined and dedicated he is to protecting everyone but most importantly Kara, as his plain was basically a last stand where he would fight them all out. And on a sidenote there was once more a little depth as he was opening a box which contained most of Rogers gadgets and inventions, which shows Roger has more going on. The gagets supposedly might give them all a step up in the game, but unfortunately most of them were incomplete and John has been unable to figure out how to puts some of them together and only know a fraction of how some of the gagets work. Hopefully latter on we'll see the Tommarow People start using gagets since that was one of the best things about the original show.

    But of course Kara talks him out of it and score another hit in her leadership as she has a plan. I even liked seeing some more back story on both Kara and John, how they first met but also it was I felt part of the theme of the episode which is about the importance of being a unit.

    The problem with Kara even John with that last stand plan was at going at things alone. Both were good but their not that good some sittuations require more than one player, as we see in the flashback Kara was in deep crap and if John didn't come in to level the playing field she wouldn't be standing here right now. And if none of them went with Kara's plan John and the rest wouldn't be standing.

    I really like how we see Kara beat Julian though trickery. It makes sense, despite beating him in physical confrontation once, she couldn't do it second time around; let alone Julian has a kill squad backing him up which makes things a lot harder. We see John, Steven, Kara, and Rusell constantly appearing in different directions of the lair pretty much misdirecting and decoying them, all to lead them into a trap. And I really like the last things Kara said to Julian before he blew up, which I thought was kinda cool and just cemented the fact that Julian has no power over her anymore.

    And in the end we see John comes back to his rightful place and with Kara once more, which I'm fine with their a soild couple they have a lot of history together. I know theres that whole thing about Steven and Kara being connected but I'm beginning to think it could just be a chemical reaction, as in one episode he felt a similar feeling to another in one episode; so Kara might not be the one. However we have another revolving mystery surficing as we see Steven pick up a piece to a unfinished gadget and it then activates in his hand. It's just one piece of the puzzle that is part of a whole.moreless
  • The Clever Title

    Not sure how Russell managed to rescue Charlotte so easily.. but another excellent episode this was.

    Good sequence of moments with different people, at different places, and at different times (past and present) to put the episode on a good connection at the end.
  • Why you no review

    Despite the limitations and logic holes of the show and the fact that given these kind of powers it would make for a pretty short war for organised guerrilla fighters against Ultra and humanity, the interactions and shows between the characters keep me hooked.

    John and Astrid helping each other with their fears was as vcivi below said, really cute [loved it, was a sweet side story], I also really dig John's protectiveness to the little girl who many of the tomorrow people wanted to exclude until Kara found a use for her psychic screaming. Julian was a nasty piece of work and a formidable enemy, given his enmity and history with Kara, his beatdown of Glen and the fact of his desperation with nowhere to go and no-one to follow him.

    This show despite having the usual romantic links between beautiful leads also has other great themes to question (whether intentional by the writers or not) the concept of leadership and what it means, the power rivalry between John and Kara. The line of loyaltys and duties Jed and Stephen shakily walk on a daily basis and what it costs their humanity. In any case their is some overarching war and strategies at play and I appreciate the show.

    Despite being a human I say go tomorrow people, loved Kara's plan that gave the Julian and the kill squad a taste of their own medicine although while I do get tomorrow people are an advanced species, is all the dreadlocks or blue and green hair really necessary? I guess they don't have to worry about day jobs so why not? Seriously though when your not at the constant rave in the Matrix's Zion you may as well hang out in the underground lair of the tomorrow people. :-)moreless

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