The Tomorrow People

Season 1 Episode 15

Enemy of My Enemy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2014 on The CW
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Julian returns with a vengeance but when he's caught by ULTRA he is forced to strike a deal that could cost him and Stephen their lives.

John disobeys Cara's orders again when he learns Julian has discovered the location of The Tomorrow People's lair.

Meanwhile still plagued by nightmares from her near death experience Astrid turns to John for comfort and support.


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  • Julian promises Jedikiah he will find the TP lair

    Julian promises Jedikiah he will find the TP lair, but ends up kidnapping Stephen after Jedikiah stuffs a bomb up his nose.
  • Another impeccable hour!

    This show simply does not fail to deliver and today it gave us an extraordinary hour and we tied up some loose ends with the Julian sotryline while also moving Astrid closer to normality and getting John back underground to the lair.

    I enjoyed the last line Stephen delivered to Jedikiah a lot - that was perfect about how he doesn't know the first thing about being human. Meanwhile the episode ends with a mini-cliffhanger! Juts what was that item? We will find out soon I bet.

    Looking forward to more! Great episode!moreless
  • The Clever Title

    Not sure how Russell managed to rescue Charlotte so easily.. but another excellent episode this was.

    Good sequence of moments with different people, at different places, and at different times (past and present) to put the episode on a good connection at the end.
  • Why you no review

    Despite the limitations and logic holes of the show and the fact that given these kind of powers it would make for a pretty short war for organised guerrilla fighters against Ultra and humanity, the interactions and shows between the characters keep me hooked.

    John and Astrid helping each other with their fears was as vcivi below said, really cute [loved it, was a sweet side story], I also really dig John's protectiveness to the little girl who many of the tomorrow people wanted to exclude until Kara found a use for her psychic screaming. Julian was a nasty piece of work and a formidable enemy, given his enmity and history with Kara, his beatdown of Glen and the fact of his desperation with nowhere to go and no-one to follow him.

    This show despite having the usual romantic links between beautiful leads also has other great themes to question (whether intentional by the writers or not) the concept of leadership and what it means, the power rivalry between John and Kara. The line of loyaltys and duties Jed and Stephen shakily walk on a daily basis and what it costs their humanity. In any case their is some overarching war and strategies at play and I appreciate the show.

    Despite being a human I say go tomorrow people, loved Kara's plan that gave the Julian and the kill squad a taste of their own medicine although while I do get tomorrow people are an advanced species, is all the dreadlocks or blue and green hair really necessary? I guess they don't have to worry about day jobs so why not? Seriously though when your not at the constant rave in the Matrix's Zion you may as well hang out in the underground lair of the tomorrow people. :-)moreless
  • Fantastic!

    This episode was awesome! The writers did a great job!

    Loved the whole John and Astrid cute and so sweet of is the perfect boyfriend isn't has powers, can cook, is always there for ...

    Julian is really a great bad plays his role really nicely...

    Glad that John is back, Glad that Astrid can go outside again...

    feel like astids heart is going to be John and Cara has found each other again..moreless

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