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rigid thinking (possible spiolers)

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    i doubt there is gonna be any spoilers here but hey one never knows. now here is the thing is it just me or do the writers only think in linear terms? best example the tomorrow people can't kill, what is meant by this? the writers keep coming back to the whole thing we put a gun in your hand and tell you to shoot the person which sets off the limitation, however we have telekinesis telepathy and teleportation sooooo lets look at this first example the most physical telekinesis PUSH A PERSON UP INTO THE AIR SEVERAL STORIES ( even given having to keep things secret this can be worked) now working with teleportation ooooh wow again take the person several stories up into the air teleport out and then be done with it, now my FAVOURITE of them all Telepathy oooooh hoho erase the mind of the person you want to off(forgoing ethics as this is A WAR) so to be blunt WHY DO THE WRITERS THINK SO LINEARLY ?

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